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Cutting ABS Tricks? 96-99 Deville Kits?

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Posted: June 17, 2003 at 9:28 PM / IP Logged  

Hello fellow installers,

I have had to make more then expected dash kits lately in the install bay, and I was wondering what everyone uses to cut ABS, I have been using a dremel w/ just a small drill bit, but it doesnt work very well, what is the best kind of but to use? I have even tried a small router bit, and everything seems to melt the plastic more then cut it? do you guys use cutting wheels to cut or what?  Seems like everyone has a late 90s deville and wants a kit made... should would make my life easier of metra would make a kit, but hehn I wouldnt get the $90 labor :)

Here is how I've been making the kits for these cars if anyone cares to know or if anyone has any other way that thinks it may be better I'd be glad to know!

this is the dash that I'm talking about if your not quite sure...


this is what I do..

Step 1, take off the trim piece remove the radio

Step 2, cut a piece of ABS that snaps into the 4 clips on the trim piece

Step 3, put the ABS into a vice (long way) and with a heat cut, heat up the ABS and tighten the vise little by little until the ABS get to the curvature of the trim piece

Step 4,  pre drill holes in the 2 clips on the right side

step 5 , put in the ABS in the trim piece, secure it bu putting 4 1" screws in the  clips to hold it against the front

step 6,  put velco on the left side of the trip and the other half of the velco on the dah

step 7, put the trim piece on the dash, screw in 1.5" screws from the inside of the glove box into the clips that u predrilled (not, make sure u hit the clip, make sure u hit the hole that u predrill or the clip will break then ur fuked)

step 8, mount the CD player

This is how I have been doin it, the kit is fairly secure, BUT I dont like the left side being supported by velcro? anyone know how to deal w/ that? its kind of a tricky car... well there is my 2 cents. hope that may help someone earn some extra labor ;)

anyway, back to my main question, what is a good dremel bit that rips through plastic like  a hot knife through butter?



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Posted: June 17, 2003 at 10:14 PM / IP Logged  
Best Kits has a dash kit designed for the 96-99 Deville.  It is the bkgmk260.  Go to and check it out.
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Posted: June 18, 2003 at 3:10 PM / IP Logged  
Think about useing a hot knife? its a exacto knive that is heated like a solding iron. I have never delt with it or ABS plastic. so i couldnt tell ya if it works or not.
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Posted: June 18, 2003 at 4:20 PM / IP Logged  

American International also makes a kit for the Deville.

With regards to bits, I use a 1/8" carbide drill bit in a pneumatic die grinder instead of a Dremel tool.

When making kits and bezels, I use Kydex instead of ABS plastic. It's much easier to cut and cuts clean, doesn't gunk up or turn white when you cut or file it, it's available in lots of colors, comes in 4' x 8' sheets and different thicknesses, and it's much stronger than ABS plastic. The front side it slightly textured and you can use a heat gun on the back side to bend/form it.

Cutting ABS Tricks? 96-99 Deville Kits? - Last Post -- posted image. the12volt • Support
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Posted: June 21, 2003 at 9:23 PM / IP Logged  
I agree Kydex is the best to use, we get ours from the same shop we buy our plexi from. Also another good way to cut abs , and this works really well if you are having to do a lot of the same shapes, forms etc, is to make a jig out of wood, then use some cheap spray glue to temporarily stick the ABS to your jig and use a flush trim router bit on the router. Also if you are just having to cut straight lines you can take a metal staight edge ruler and drill a hole on each end, screw your straight edge onto a wood table top with the abs sandwiched in between and score the abs with a fresh box cutter against the straight edge a few times and you should be able to snap it off, sometimes it helps to heat it up a little bit with the heat gun if it is thicker ABS.

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