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Sticky Packing peanut volume measurement

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Posted: February 28, 2005 at 6:56 PM / IP Logged  
What happened to plain peanuts? Unless you guys are doing a perfect competition enclosure .001 cu.ft. won't make a difference for you guys i promise. You will be more worried about the air pressure more than if your box is off by ten thousandth of a cu. foot. IMO.Sticky Packing peanut volume measurement - Page 3 - Last Post -- posted image.
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Posted: April 05, 2005 at 7:49 PM / IP Logged  
umm exactly when are you guys doing this "peanut packing" is this before you soak the fleece or after?
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Posted: June 29, 2005 at 12:03 AM / IP Logged  
This is a reply to the original subject about volume.
Lets say someone has a strange shapped box (like me).
First you can make a full scale foam mockup of the box (using either expanding foam or whatever). Then get your mockup and a 1 gallon bucket(milk jug) and go into your bathroom. Fill the water up to a level where you can submerge the entire mockup, then mark the side of the tub with a sharpie, add a gallon, mark with sharpie, add a gallon, mark with sharpie, etc.... unti you have marked enough to match the desired volume. (Ex: 5.5 gallons = .75 cubic ft). Now submerge the mockup and see where you stand with your volume. Is it too big, then sand it down, too small them add some foam until you get it perfect.
Now wrap that beyotch in foil and start laying up your fiber glass. This way you can get an acurate volume before you start building the box, instead of measuring it after and hoping you got the right CU FT.
I hope this helps,
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Posted: July 27, 2005 at 9:38 AM / IP Logged  
dont forget to subtract your material thickness bracing ext. it adds up quick
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Posted: September 06, 2005 at 4:55 PM / IP Logged  
Alright I know I am about 3 months late with this but maybe the next guy will get it, You have to do all of the things but screw the bag trick, Take the area your going to use for your enclosure, inside your car/truck/bus whatever. Measure that area IN THE VEHICLE. you'll get an outside measurement larger than you could make the enclosure. Build what you can out of wood acounting for any variences, such as displacment, bracing, seat belts? mach up fitment , make rings/squares, double check volume is larger than needed, paint ALL the wood with 2 coats of resin being sure to seal any corners with caulking 1st and allowing to dry. Then streatch in cloth fleese/grill cloth. Take a quick measurment of the contraption trying to get the best idea of what you've got going on. Now if satisfied that your enclosure if definatly LARGER than needed by about 1/2 cube or so maybe better. Go ahead and be sure it still fits where you want it to go. Now, resin up the cloth a few times NO MORE THAN 3 resin is weak when applied without matting. Now you have an air tight/water proof enclosure. The peanuts wont tell you about air leaks, and if you crumble up a bunch of peanuts you'll fit alot more in the same area as the new ones,   (I am a firm disbeliver in the peanuts deal) now get your self a shapie, a few empty gallon containers a helper and about 30 min free time. Start filling that baby up with water marking down each gallon as you go, (If you design has holes every where cover them up, seal them or dont cut out the holes till after the volume is calculated.)
Okay your done and you have 17 and a little fro the last one gallons in their, drill a few holes to let the water out ( i'd take this one out side) Do the math if your good go for fiberglass, if your over get some expandable foam, (its light weight) spray in what you need and coat it with resin after it drys. Repeat the water steps if your trying for perfect volume, or at least one more time if this is ported, slot ported, band pass, as those are a bit more particular on the volume, for reasons such as tuning and shiot, well im done with the book, have fun and get a good gallon of acetone or moms finger nail polish remover you'll need it!
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