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Tahoe Sub Box Build up

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Posted: January 07, 2006 at 12:16 AM / IP Logged  
Remnants are your best friend... Also, I dont really understand why everyone wants to buy really thick fleece and just SOAK and SOAK it with resin first? Why not buy a less dense fabric that you can actually kind of see through when stretched tight. That way, when you put your mat over it, the resin will soak right through anyway. Everyone wastes so much resin soaking it into the fleece. Why not let the mat do what its suposed to, just use one more layer :)
Have fun!
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Posted: January 07, 2006 at 10:59 AM / IP Logged  
I always go to joanns fabrics but it's like a mile away from my apartment. they have REALLY good fleece that stretches great. Oh, and the reason you want to resin the fleece first is because if you stick the mat onto fleece that hasn't been resined yet and try to dab it (which is the best way to lay fiberglass; don't brush it) it will stretch the fleece and you will loose shape.
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Posted: January 07, 2006 at 3:27 PM / IP Logged  
I prefer to have a thicker fleece to have a thicker base.  Yeah, it might take up more resin, but to me, it makes it easier.  Makes laying the matt really easy.  Everyone has their own thing.  Me personally, i go to a boat store for Resin, a plastic shop for the Matt, and auto store for everything else.  When looking at prices per sq. ft remeber there is a karge range of matt thickness.  The bondo brand bagged 8sq ft is only 4 bux, but its also paper thin.  So if you are going to be doing the whole sub-box.  I would suggest getting a thicker matt making it a lot less layers.  You are going to need a thick matt regardless when it comes to speaker, especially woofer enclosures!
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Posted: March 08, 2006 at 7:53 PM / IP Logged  
That is a nice setup. Post some pics of your progress. I am thinking of doing something similiar to that in my Yukon where the factory sub goes.
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Posted: March 11, 2006 at 11:27 AM / IP Logged  

like i pointed out in a previous thread..there is no need to use fleece...especially thick fleece all it does is add ridiculous amounts of weight to your doesnt matter how thick the stretched matreial is..once you resin it, it will be hard then you lay up your mat..and like someone said use and extra layer of mat if you have to..fleece has pretty much no strength to it anyway..

as for this project..i think i remember seeing the build of it a long time ago...rear panel was removed and discarded..

a piece of MDF was cut for the back that matched up to the shape of the window/ and whatever else was in the way..Wheel weel comes to mind. (that will have to glassed in the next step)

a piece of MDF was also cut for the bottom, and i think for each side as well...and a 4" tall piece for the front..

recessed speaker rings were made, fastened to the oval face board and then trimed with a larger MDF ring for the trim...

any interior pieces that had to be glassed were don prior to stretching the fabric...interior was completely sealed..

speaker ring/ trim panel were placed with dowels and glued in at appropriate angles.

Fabric was strecthed and stapled into rabbit joints on the back of the MDF, and the front rabbit joint on the top portion along the window.

glassed...mat, mat, mat, mat, mat, mat, sand, sand, sand, prime, sand, sand, prime, sand, paint,

the cover was made out of the cut out from the trim ring...besure you do a nice job cutting out the hole or you will have to waist more wood making a new piece..the cut out piece itself was basically turned into a ring and then had grill cloth stretched over it...i believe they used snaps to secure it in place..

Fiberglass Guru.
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Posted: March 11, 2006 at 11:45 AM / IP Logged  

oh yeah and this box done by yourself sould cost you....

1 4'x4' sheet of 3/4" MDF                                                          = 20.00

1/2 gallon resin                                                                          = 2 quarts- 35.00 or 1 gallon 45.00

2 meters of vinyl                                                                          = ~15.00

3 meters of grill cloth or similar permeable fabric               = 15.00

1 quart of Duraglass type product                                           = 18.00

1 quart of Rage gold filler                                                          = 15.00

assorted sandpaper ranging from 40 - 600                          = 10.00

spray adhesive                                                                            = 8.00

roll of aluminum foil                                                                    = 2.00

10 1.5" crappy ass brushes                                                      = 10.00

25 count box of laytex/ vinyl gloves                                           = 5.00

can of primer (i suggest Proform 649)                                   = 10.00

paint code and 1/4 pint of factory matched paint                  = 25.00

20 pack paper respirators                                                        = 5.00

staple gun & Staples

16 bolts with those nuts that have the teeth in them to hammer in the back of speaker rings

Speaker wire terminal

someone with a torch that can weld a couple nuts to the frame of the truck, then you can either bolt through your box (with either silcone or rubber washers) or you can bolt from the side or bottom...whereever is easiest for you to get at.

SO after you buy the bolts and funky nuts you looking at about 210.00 bucks to build this yourself...should take a beginner about 4 to 5 days of hard at it screwing up to do this...experienced person could wrap this up in 2 to 3 days...basically a weekend full tilt on it.

i priced it in Canadian money so if your in the states it will be a little less..and i assumed a gallon of resin since once your done this you will either want to redo it or do something else with is an adiction..

good luck wit isnt overly difficult to do and you will have pics and any more questions you may have..

Fiberglass Guru.
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