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car door problems

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Topic: car door problems

Posted By: devante
Subject: car door problems
Date Posted: September 07, 2007 at 1:13 AM

I have a 1992 Honda Civic DX.

It has an alarm that also locks/unlocks the doors.
I have the following door/lock related problems.

1) The driver door stopped unlocking automatically. I have to use the key to unlock it. It still locks automatically. Happened within the last 6 months.

2) The passenger door stopped locking & unlocking automatically. Happened within the last 6 months.

3) I can't lock the passenger side with the key anymore. I can unlock it (although I can never get it locked to test for sure). It started doing this last week. Hasn't been locked since.

4) If I start the car the doors automatically lock (as designed), but when I turn the car off, it won't unlock the driver door. I have to leave the driver door open before I start the car.

5) Now I use seperate keys for the ignition and the doors. I'd like to somehow make them use one key.

Does anyone have any advice on what is causing these problems, and what steps I can take to fix them? I'm pretty good at figuring stuff out, especially if pushed in the right direction.

Reading online, one problem could be the door motors have gone out. Does that sound right?

Thanks for any advice!

.x[ Devante ]x.


Posted By: i am an idiot
Date Posted: September 07, 2007 at 6:41 AM

(5)   If both keys are cut on the same blanks, you can go to a locksmith (where they still have the ability to manually cut a key) and get them to cut one key on one side and the other key on the other side of the blank.  If it does not work a lock turn the key over.  It will work only one way.  File a notch in one side for orientation mark.

Posted By: eurobink
Date Posted: September 07, 2007 at 10:15 PM

im sorry about your problem.. kinda funny,, but i can definitely see the frustration..

  • if the passenger door locks and unlocks with the ignition, then you know the motor is fine.. try wd40 and see if they key works.. or get it rekeyed
  • on the driver door, check to make sure everything inside the door is kosher.. older vehicle.. maybe linkage issue..

good luck

Posted By: devante
Date Posted: September 07, 2007 at 11:47 PM
Thanks for the answer.

Let me say that the doors were working fine a few months ago, then all these problems happened at once.

Also, the passenger door does NOT lock/unlock with the ignition.
It doesn't work at all. :/

The only thing that works is the driver side locks automatically.
But even that doesn't unlock unless I use the key.

.x[ Devante ]x.

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