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Audiovox CCS 100, 2001 Toyota Echo

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Topic: Audiovox CCS 100, 2001 Toyota Echo

Posted By: dk0607
Subject: Audiovox CCS 100, 2001 Toyota Echo
Date Posted: June 04, 2019 at 9:13 PM

I had a Audiovox ccs 100 installed on a 2000 Toyota Echo with an automatic transmission. I reinstalled this cruise control on a 2001 Toyota Echo with manual transmission and it doesn't work. I checked the voltages at the servo and all seam normal but the red LED light never comes on. I do not know if the red LED worked on the old car, I never checked it. I checked ohm readings on the tachometer and vss wires and all are good. I do not know what the jumper does that you remove with standard trans but I did remove it per instructions. The on set resume and brake teste at the servo all work. Is their any tests that I can perform to find out why it is not working.
I corrected the problem by unplugging the seven pin connector when changing the DIP switches now the cruse control works up to 60 MPH, it will not set at any higher speeds. How do I correct this.
DIP switches
1. on
2. off
3. off
4. off
5. off
6. off
7. off


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