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Make dash mold without damage

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Topic: Make dash mold without damage

Posted By: turbosaab
Subject: Make dash mold without damage
Date Posted: February 03, 2017 at 7:38 PM

Hey everyone! I need help!

I have a 1999 Saab 9-3, and I'm planning out a custom gauge cluster. I'm not a huge fan of A-Pillar gauge pods as especially in this vehicle they create a pretty huge blind-spot. There is NO good place to mount gauges in this car, and in all of Saab's wisdom, they produced a high-pressure turbo car without an OIL PRESSURE gauge! (It has an idiot light...but that isn't cutting it.) I also picked up a 52mm oil temp gauge. In the photo you'll see what I'm thinking of doing. HERE'S where I need help!

I need to make a mold of the dash curvature so I can build a cluster out of the vehicle. I REALLY don't want to destroy my dash, nor do I want to drill holes in it. My plan is to mount a bracket on the inside of the glove box and have a single mount-point where it can't be seen. *(YELLOW) [[stock photo, not my interior]]

Here's my main question... What's the easiest way to make a mold of the curvature of the dash without destroying the dash? I don't really like the idea of painting fiberglass resin ANYWHERE inside the car. I don't want to destroy the interior. I'd like to sculpt a custom enclosure for the gauges in my workshop and fit it afterwards.

Does anyone have any suggestions or ideas? Maybe I'm going about this a completely ineffective way, and if that's the case...what should I do differently?

Thanks everyone for any ideas or suggestions! Cheers!



Posted By: 12volt burnout
Date Posted: March 30, 2017 at 7:48 AM
The only way I know how is to foil tape everything then apply your resin and maybe a thin coat of chop mat till its stiff..then pop your hardened resin off your dash then you have a exactty contured duplicate dash section from there build onto it. Foil tape is key protects dash and resin don't stick to it

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