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Donít Use Epoxy Resin for Subwoofer Enclosure - FYI

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Topic: Donít Use Epoxy Resin for Subwoofer Enclosure - FYI

Posted By: jackal285
Subject: Donít Use Epoxy Resin for Subwoofer Enclosure - FYI
Date Posted: August†19, 2020 at 12:00 PM

Just an FYI for all of you in hot states like Texas or those who intended on making a SEALED fiberglass enclosure. Do not use epoxy resin. Epoxy resin will begin to melt in the range of 135(slow cure)- 160 (fast cure) degrees unless you get high temperature resin which requires specific cure instructions, such-as oven curing. I learned of this AFTER I purchased two gallons of epoxy resin. I just wanted to save a few of those more fortunate souls. Yes, in Texas summer your car can reach these temperatures out in the sun. As for a sealed enclosure, it can reach up to 80 C or 176 F inside of the box due to heat from the magnet. I don't think that you want epoxy dripping on your subwoofer. Sorry, but you must use either Vinylester (my choice) or Polyester for a custom sealed enclosure. If you live in a colder state you can use Epoxy resin for a sealed enclosure, but only if you reverse the subwoofer (magnet out). I can't do this with my woofers as the design of the mounting ring does not allow it.posted_image

I wish I got the blue screen of death. I'm just stuck watching the freakin wheel.

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