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Adding LEDs to Existing Circuit and a Failing Body Control Module

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Topic: Adding LEDs to Existing Circuit and a Failing Body Control Module

Posted By: jordanlee43
Subject: Adding LEDs to Existing Circuit and a Failing Body Control Module
Date Posted: March 17, 2021 at 6:26 AM

Hello all,
I am new here to the forum as a registered user, but have been using this site as a resource for several years. Thank you for all of the great content.
I have a 14 Ram 1500 that I suspect has a failing body control module. Presently I have lost control of my right rear window control, dome light, headlight switch, cargo light, and dimmer. I am tired of not having a dome light so I have decided to add a few led's and install everything on a toggle switch.
The only light on the original circuit was the dome light. I have sense added 4 12v led strips inside of the door jams to act as valet lights. The dome light and valet lights work as intended when the door is opened. I was considering tapping into the same circuit that triggers the valet lights and dome light and just adding 12v toggled power in order to turn everything on and off as needed.
Is there any concern with having two 12v feeds to the dome at the same time? In the event I forgot to turn off the toggle switch before opening the door. I would think that it would be totally safe as the 12v source is the same battery, however, my concern comes in when considering the canbus system.
Any and all help is appreciated!


Posted By: cpalmer
Date Posted: March 22, 2021 at 12:50 AM
I would diode isolate, the 12v from the factory circuit is coming from a circuit that does go to sleep in the BCM. It may not matter I just would want to play it safe and not feed power into the BCM.

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