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Rap Songs with Bass

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Topic: Rap Songs with Bass

Posted By: hottness
Subject: Rap Songs with Bass
Date Posted: March 05, 2006 at 6:48 PM

Im trying to put together a CD or 2 with all the songs with Maddd!!Bass!!! So i dont have to put in one cd just for one song..

These are ones i know are Above the Rest im tryiing to add some more to it...

#1  C-Murder - All Yall Heard of Me        THUNDEROUS knock !!! Nothing Compares to this one ive heard yet

#2 Nelly - Here Comes The Boom

#3 Bun B - Gimme Dat

#4 36 Mafia Paul Wall - Ima Playa

#5 C-Murder - F** Dem other N`s

#6 Ludacris - Uzz a Hoe

#7 36 Mafia - Who Run It

.. Anything you think tops "ALL Yall Heard of ME" pleazzzeeee feel free to share.



Posted By: hottness
Date Posted: March 05, 2006 at 7:04 PM
ive heard most of 36 mafia`s songs and i know the best ones they have and late night tip isnt touching who run it .. so add some others plz

2 15 inch Polk audio subs in comp box , 2 1200 watt kicker amps on zero gauges.

Posted By: coppellstereo
Date Posted: March 08, 2006 at 3:50 AM
Lil Jon - Da Blow
Young Buck - Shorty wanna ride
Camron - Killa Cam
Ludacris - Blueberry Yum Yum
Pastor Troy - Boys to Men
Ludacris - Number one spot
Three 6 Mafia - Rainbow Colors
P$C - I'm a King
David Banner - Play
Young Jeezy - Soul Survivor
Young Jeezy - Air Forces
Dem Franchize Boyz - Lean wit it rock wit it
Busta Rhymes - Touch it
Clipse - what happend to that boy
Juvenile - In my life

there you go for starters!


Posted By: joelw2005
Date Posted: March 08, 2006 at 9:55 PM
D4L hass some maddd bassss


Posted By: zues79
Date Posted: March 09, 2006 at 7:30 AM
Chamillionaire Frontin
David Banner Play
Youngbloodz Another Level
Youngbloodz Presidential shhh
any lil jon (Get Low Pounds in my car)
Ying Yang Twins(i yi yi, twurkulator, Saltshaker, etc.)

Posted By: coppellstereo
Date Posted: March 21, 2006 at 8:29 PM
Juvenile - Keep Talkin


Posted By: mappu19
Date Posted: March 23, 2006 at 5:02 AM

Several of the Bloodhound Gang song, while not strictly rap, have some pretty serious bass in them.  My picks would be Three Point One Four, Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss Uhn Tiss, Fire Water Burn, and of course, The Bad Touch.  Depends on your taste a fair bit tho.

Posted By: prophesybh
Date Posted: March 27, 2006 at 11:32 AM

Twista - get it wet

Juelz Santana - alot of the songs of his new album, What the games be missing 

Don't Ask Questions When You Already Know The Answer!!!

Posted By: pogothemonk3y
Date Posted: April 15, 2006 at 2:13 AM
You guys are forgetting the classic song by Cypress Hill called Dr. Greenthumb

Posted By: the4biddendonut
Date Posted: April 19, 2006 at 2:31 PM
Here's a few songs that work if you like bass.

Atmosphere - Trying to Find a Balance
Beastie Boys- Triple Trouble
Big Tymers - Still Fly
Bonecrusher - Never Scared
Bonecrusher Feat. Ying Yang Twins - Shake It
Cypress Hill - Low Rider
LiL Wyte - Oxy Cotton
Lil Wyte - Acid Rage
Nelly - Pimp Juice
Sisqo - Thong Song
Ying yang Twins and Lil Jon - get low (feat Lil Jon)

I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it. - Jack Handy

Posted By: firelizard
Date Posted: April 20, 2006 at 2:55 PM

Nas - U.B.R. (Unauthorized Biography of Rakim)

Nappy Roots - Headz Up

Lady Sovereign ft. Adrock - A Little Bit Of Shhh (Smallstars Remix), this is one of my favourites, it just pounds non-stopposted_image

Posted By: rosstafarian
Date Posted: April 27, 2006 at 8:55 PM
I would definetly suggest getting Bourbons and Lacs by Master P it is really good!

Posted By: saturnsubohio
Date Posted: May 07, 2006 at 9:22 PM
I will have to throw out.

MC Chris - Geek.

Also if you want some Tight High Bass.

Swollen Members - Steppin Through

2006 WRX STI
Electrical Engineer
Ohio University Alumni

Posted By: specialaudio
Date Posted: May 08, 2006 at 4:16 PM
Almost anything by lil John... The "dirty south" is all about huge bass

93' Cutlass

Posted By: Aruman
Date Posted: May 08, 2006 at 11:55 PM
hope this will help.

Bass Mekanik
"chicken head" three 6 mafia
"sugar" trick daddy
"bin laden weed" three 6 mafia
"trip to the bass" bass connection(crazy double bass)
THX Ultimate woofer test
A lot of "Westside Connection" songs
"Ride with me" Young Buck
mac dre- california bear
mac dre- dipped when they see me
mac dre- hotta den steam
mac dre- crest creeper
mac dre- too hard for the f*ckin radio
mac dre- err thang
mac dre- thats wusup
andre nickatina- killa whale
too short- going dumb
turf talk- hubba rock
turf talk- turf talk is back
the team- its gettin hot
young dru- yadida whaa whaa
j. nash- beat that
ya boy- turf to the club
keak da sneak- what it do
keak da sneak- super hyphy
Mac Mall
Tech N9ne
King Spade
Kool Keith
Bass Mekanik
Old School I.C.P.
Marc Live
Kotten Mouth Kings
Method Man - Tical
Nine Inch Nails
Beastie Boys
Luniz - I got 5 on it
Busta Rhymes
Esham - since day one
Esham - boss up
Natas - Multikillionaire
Ghetto Boys
2 Live Crew
China Man
Jacky Jasper
Dayton Family
Brotha Lynch Hung
DJ Paul
Juicy J
Three Six Mafia
Public Enemy
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Anybody Killa
UltraMagnetic MC's
grey goose-ying yang twins
under pressure(remix)- young droop ft. TECH N9NE
Late Nite Tip- Three 6 Mafia
Whats Happenin'-Ying Yang Twins(Ft. Trick Daddy)
J.O.D.D- Trick Daddy Ft. Khia Tampa Tony
You dont know me- T.I.
Thugged Out- TECH N9NE(take a look at this one)
Be Warned - TECH N9NE (OOOOOO dayum)
Imma Tell- TECH N9NE(good but not as good as the one above)
Demons- TECH N9NE(ft. Eminem,Trick Daddy, and Money Reet) (OF ALL THE ONES OF THESE PLEASE JUST TAKE A LOOK AT THIS ONE THIS IS THE ONE THAT I LIKE APART FROM ALL THE REST FOR BASS just listen to the first couple of seconds and ull get dragged into the whole song cause of the bass.)
Heavy Chevys-T.I.
If I Want To- Postaboy ft Nelly,Murphy Lee
Dammit Man- Pitbull Ft. piccalo
Freak A Leak- Petey Pablo
Sacred Vows-Outlawz(Feat. Stormey) (decent song)
Real Talk-Outlawz (nice swoops but not that much bass)
Roc The Mic(Remix)-Nelly(Ft. Freeway)
I Agaisnt I- Mos Def ft Massive Atta.(sweet bass)
Round Here-Memphis Bleek(Feat. T.I. & Trick Daddy)
Full Effect-Freeway(Feat. Young Gunz)
Thug Pound- 2pac, Daz, Kurupt
If you can find this its an awesome bass song
Gluckman's Election Rap- Malibus most wanted...dont underestimate how much bass this has its pretty sweet but its not really a song...
Boys in the hood-Dem Boyz
Wait-Ying Yang Twins
G.A.M.E.-Czar Nok(from fight night 2)
Bow Down- Westside Connection
Outta Control-50cent ft mobb deep
Do Yo Thug Thang-Yukmouth/Outlawz(sweeeeeeeet if you have good subs too hear the lows with)
la raza-kid frost(youll like this if you liked demons from above)
u cant fu** wit us-dsgb(ANOTHER SWEET BASS SONG PLEASE TRY TO FIND THIS ONE TOO)plus its actually a cool song.
Until the end of Time(Breathin)-2pac
better it get-outlawz
rock the house- Gorillaz
Boyz in tha hood-Easy E
Smiles for me now-2pac ft Scarface &Johnny P
quit hatin(sped up) too short ft. lil jon
usually when u dl is already sped up
southside niggaz -sillk the shocker... hits really hard
doubt me now -lilwyte... sounds like a xmas song lol
get some crunk in yo system -trillville
im a playa -paul wall
112 - Peaches And Cream
2 Pac - Hail Mary
50 Cent - Don�t Push Me
50 Cent - Poor Little Rich N!gga
50 Cent - In Da Club (remix)
50 Cent - P.* . M. P
50 Cent - Wanksta
50 Cent - We Dont Play That ***** S**t
50 Cent- Many Men
50 Cent- Magic Stick
50 Cent- My N!gga
Big Tymers - Big
Big Tymers - Oh Yeah!
Big Tymers - Still Fly
Big Tymers - Get you roll on
Bone Thugs N Harmony - Body Rott
Bone Thugs N Harmony - Change the World
Bone Thugs N Harmony- Crossroads Remix
Bone Thugs N Harmony- Ghetto Cowboy
Bone Thugs N Harmony- Don�t Hate On Me
Busta Rhymes - Light ya azz on fire
Busta Rhymes ft. Kelis-What It Is
Bubba Sparkxx- Ugly
Crime Mobb- Ellenwood Area
Cypress Hill - Cisco Kid
Cypress Hill - Lowrider
C Murder-Yall Heard of Me
Dead Prez - Hip Hop
DMX - Aint No Sunshine
DMX - Here Comes The Boom
DMX - Party Up
DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem
DMX - X Is Comming
Do or Die - Do you wanna ride
Do or Die- Po P*mp
Do or Die- 6 Million Ways to Die
Eminem - 8 Mile
Eminem - Business
Eminem - Cleanin' Out My Closet
Eminem - Go To Sleep
Eminem - Lose Yourself
Eminem - Rabbit Run
Eminem - Without Me
Eminem - Say what you say
Eminem- Marshall Mathers
Eminem- My Name Is
Eminem- Kim
Ghetto Boys- Azzazzins
Jermaine Dupri feat. Snoop, St.Lunatics, P Diddy - Welcome To Atlanta(Remix)
David Banner ft. Lil Flip- Like a P!mp
Ice Cube- Ghetto Bird
Ice Cube- Check Yourself
Juelz Santana- There It Go ( The Whistle Song)
Lil Flip- Game Over
Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz- Kings Of Crunk (whole cd)
Ludacris - Block Lockdown
Ludacris - Catch Up
Ludacris - Get The *uck Back
Ludacris - Go 2 Sleep
Ludacris - Growing Pains
Ludacris - John Madden 2000 Theme
Ludacris - Move B!tch
Ludacris - Phat Rabbit
Ludacris - Roll Out
Ludacris - Saturday
Ludacris - You's A Ho3
Ludacris - You's A Ho3(Super Bazz Remix)
Ludacris - Catch up
Ludacris- Area Codes
Ludacris- Southern Hospitality
Mobb Deep - shook ones pt 2
Mobb Deep - survival of the fittest
Mike Jones- Still Tippin
Mike Jones- Guess Whos Back (Swisha house)
Nappy Roots-Ballin on a Budget
Nappy Roots - Gon Off Dat Weed
Nas - Grand Finale
Nas - Hate Me Now
Nas - If I Ruled The World
Nas - Nastradamus
Nas - One Mic
Nas - Oochie Wally
Nas - Rewind
Nas - Rock And A Hard Place
Nas - Shoot Em Up
Nelly - #1
Nelly - Air Force Ones
Nelly - Country Grammar 2
Nelly - Country Grammar
Nelly - E.I
Nelly - Nellyville
Nelly - Oh Nelly
Nelly - Work It
Notorious B.I.G ft Bone Thugs N Harmony - Notorious Thugs
Notorious BIG - Hypnotize
No Limit- We Cant Be Stopped
Obie Trice - Fallow My Life
Obie Trice, 50 cent, Eminem- Luv Me
Outlawz- Let It Burn
Outkast - Back Of The Bus
Outkast - Elevators
Outkast - Speakerboxxx Intro
Pitbull- 305 Anthem
Pitbull- That�s Nasty
Pastor Troy - This Tha City
Pastor Troy - Vice Versa
Petey Pablo - Raise Up
Petey Pablo - Vibrate
Petey Pablo - Freek- A - Leek
Project Pat - Cheese and Dope
Project Pat - Chicken Heads
Project Pat - Ridin On Chrome
Project Pat - Whole Lotta Weed
Project Pat- Chopperz
Project Pat f. Big Tymers - Choppers
Project Pat ft. Gangsta Boo - Ballers
Project Pat--25 Lighter
Project Pat- We Gonna Rumble
Roy Jones Jr. - Cant Be Touched
Snoop Dogg- Whats My Name
Tech N9ne- Demons
Tech N9ne- Now Its On
T Pain- Im Sprung
Three 6 Mafia- Tongue Ring
Three 6 Mafia - 2 way freak
Three 6 Mafia - azz and t[]tties
Three 6 Mafia - all or nuttin
Three 6 Mafia - baby moma
Three 6 Mafia - break da law 2001
Three 6 Mafia - dis b!tch, dat ho3
Three 6 Mafia - im so high
Three 6 Mafia - land of the lost
Three 6 Mafia - late night tip
Three 6 Mafia - tounge ring
Three 6 Mafia - weak azz n!gga
Three 6 Mafia - who run it
Three 6 Mafia- Late Night Tip
Three 6 Mafia - break the law
Triville- Some Cut (chopped and screwed)
Trick Daddy- Im a Thug
Trick Daddy - Shut up
Trick Daddy - Take it to tha house
Westside Connection- Bow Down
Westside Connection- Gangsta Nation
Westside Connection - West Up!
Warren G. - Regulator
Wu Tang Clan- Chrome Wheels
Xzibit - Alkoholik
Xzibit - Front 2 Back
Xzibit - Multiply
Xzibit- Heart Of Men
Xzibit - Rimz and Tirez
Xzibit - X
Xzubit- Chamber Music
Xzibit-Get Your Walk On
Young Jeezy- Soul Survivor
Young Jeezy- Old School Chevy
Young Jeezy- Gangsta Music
Young Jeezy- Thug Motivation 101
Youngbloodz - 85 South
Youngbloodz - U Way
young gunz-same sh*t different day
bone thugs - crossroads
david banner - like a p*mp
eminem - rock bottom
lil flip - game over
lil jon - bia bia
outkast - rosa parks
three 6 mafia - stay fly
trick daddy - let's go
young gunz-set it off
camron-killa cam
kanye west-gold digger
lil wyte-oxycotton
the diplomats-s.a.n.t.a.n.a
Tech N9ne- Be Warned
Tech N9ne- Now Its On
Tech N9ne- Demons
Tech N9ne- Here Comes Tecca Nina
Tech N9ne- Im a Playa
Tech N9ne- Lets Get Fvcked Up
Tech N9ne- Thugged Out
Tech N9ne- Red Necro\
50 Cent - Outta Control Remix ft. Mobb Deep
David Banner - Play
Diplomats - Dip Set Anthem
Diplomats - Juelz Santana - There It Go
Dizzy Rascal - Stop Dat
DJ Hype - Ready Or Not
DJ Magic Mike - Bounce
DJ Magic Mike - Ultimate Sub Woofer Test
For Shaunne - Round Here
Jay-Z - Hey Papi
Jin - Peel Off
Jurassic 5 and Xzibit ft. Aphrodite
Kanye West - Diamonds Are Forever
Ludacris - Blue Berry Yum Yum
Ludacris - Cry Babies
Oxide & Neutrino - Hands Up
Oxide & Neutrino - Dem Girlz
Pharell ft. Gwen stefani - Can I Have It Like That
Potential Bad Boy - Girls
Raggae - If I Was A Rich Girl
Rihanna - Pon De Replay Remix (Feat Elephant Man)
Sean Paul - Temperature
Sean Paul - Yardie Bone (Ft Wayne Marshal)
Shy FX - Shake Ur Body
Snoop Dog ft. Pharrell - Drop it like its hot
Sub Focus - Soundguy
Tech N9ne ft. Twista - Ride Till We Die
Twista - Hit The Floor (feat. Pitbull)
Twista & Usher - Nice And Slow (Remix)
D4L-"Laffy Taffy" (song sucks but good bass)

Pharrell-"Can I have it Like that"

Trillville-"Man Up"

Reggea Tego Calderon-"Cosa Buena"

Bone thugs - land of tha heartless
Triple 6 - late night tip
Triple 6 - dis b!tch dat hoe
Dirty - Hit da floor
Dirty - The weed song
Pastor Troy - Representin'
Twista - Adrenaline Rush
Young Jeezy - Get em Jeezy
Young Jeezy - Over Here
50 cent- I'm supposed to die tonight
Trick Daddy - laffy taffy
T-Pain - I'm in love with a stripper
Will Smith- Switch
50 cent- outta control ( remix )
Lil Jon - throw it up
Mike Jones - I need a dime
Nelly - Grillz
Ying Yang Twins - WHisper song
3-6 mafia - pusey got ya hooked
3-6 mafia - Lets plan a robbery
3-6 Mafia - Stay fly
Dj Magic Mike-feel the Beat
Three six mafia's sample of Feel the Beat
Anything by DJ MAGIC MIKE,
Anything By Tripple Six Mafia
Bass Patrol and DJ FURY,
Tripple six Mafia,
DJ Laz,
DJ Paul & Lord Infamous Come with me to Hell-Its Cummin,P*rno Movie Pt.1
Techmaster P.E.B-Computer Love
SoSo Def Bass allstars Vol 1-3,
Dynamix II,
2 live Crews Ghetto Bass,
Beastie Licenced to Ill,
Bass Mekanik,
The Boom Boys-thunderdome Bass,
Juicy J Chronicles of the Juice Man 94'-Killa Klan
Pepper - Stone Love
Pepper - Are You Down
Pepper - Punk Rock Cowboy
Pepper - Tradewinds
Sublime - Caress Me Down
Sublime - 40 Oz to Freedom
Sublime - Summertime
Sublime - What I Got
Slightly Stoopid - Wicked Rebel
Slightly Stoopid - Mellow Mood ft G-Love and the Special Sauce
Less Than Jake - Dopeman
Less Than Jake - Science of Selling Yourself Short (also just a bad@ss song)
Less Than Jake - We're All Dudes (more trumpet ska)
mike jones - Still Tippin
DJ Drama & Lil Wayne - Bass Beat
Petey Pablo - Vibrate -This song will beat the
trunk off your car!
Timbaland & Magoo - Can We Do It Again
Late Nite Tip- Three 6 Mafia
Wait (The Whisper Song)- Ying Yang Twins
Ellenwood Area- Crime Mob
Still D.R.E.- Dr.Dre Featuring Snoop Dogg
Splash Waterfalls- Ludacris
ATL Eternally- Ying Yang Twins Featuring Lil Jon & Pastor Troy
J.O.D.D.- Trick Daddy Featuring Khia & Tampa Tony
F*ckin' Around- Trick Daddy Featuring T.I., Young Jeezy, & Kase 1
Let's Go- Trick Daddy Featuring Twista & Lil' Jon
F*ck You- Lil Wayne Featuring Big Tymers
Still Tippin- Mike Jones Featuring Slim Thug & Paul Wall
Loud Pipes- Lil Wayne
Cash Money Millionaires- Lil Wayne
I Don't Give a F*ck- Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz
By Myself- Ying Yang Twins
Forgot About Dre- Eminem Featuring Dr.Dre
Bourbons & 'Lacs- Master P
Superman- Eminem
24's- T.I.
Hail Mary- 2Pac
This Dat Beat - Kingspade
Still Tippin' - Mike Jones,F/ Slim Thug, Paul Wall
Take It To The House - Trick Daddy
Slow Jamz - Twista, F/ Jamie Foxx, Kayne West
U Dont Know Me - T.I.
What They Do - T.I.
This is How We Do - The Game F/ 50 Cent
Overnight Celebrity - Twista
Pump It Up - Joe Budden
The Bounce - Jay-Z F/ Kayne West
Tipsy - J-Kwon
Stunt 101 - G-Unit
Static X - Push It
Black Betty - Spiderbait
Thats My Name - Sly Boogy
Da Blow - Lil Jon & The East Side Boys
Rage Against The Machine - Testify
Rage Agaisnt The Machine - Bulls On Parade
I Like That - Houston

Shaking The Neighborhood

Posted By: jt824
Date Posted: May 13, 2006 at 5:08 PM
If you can find cd's from DJ Majic Mike he has some serious bass.  His CD's came out back in the early 90's.  If you want some impressive bass  then it would be well worth it..

Posted By: bassplayer24_7
Date Posted: June 08, 2006 at 9:45 AM
theres some songs on Lil Wayne's The Carter that pound, like #4 (Birdman Jr).

(2) 12" JL W3V3
(1) 6" JL W0
Phoenix Gold Octane R 8.0:1
Phoenix Gold Octane R 2.0:1
Phoenix Gold Octane R 5.0:4
Clarion Crossover
JVC Head Unit

Posted By: 93cavdemon
Date Posted: June 24, 2006 at 1:06 AM
i agree with most every one tech n9ne, 36 mafia, santana, alot of new music has heavy bass too but u guys are forgeting the old doodie too

beastie boys -intergalatic
beastie boys-body movin

reggatone has alot of bass too ive been bumpin d-block latino lately

trick daddy- i fotget the album name its the green disc track # 12 and the last trck

Posted By: Melted Fabric
Date Posted: July 05, 2006 at 5:19 PM

I am sorry guys, there are a few songs on my mind right now that has an insane or heavy pattern of bass. 

Busta Rhymes - Hop

DJ Green Lantern Ft. Eminem, 50 Cent - Bump Heads (INSANE FAWKING BASS)

Missy Elliot Ft. Mike Jones - Joy (Produced by Timberland)

I know there are a lot of songs on here from different , but I promise those three will not disappoint, as long as your subwoofer setup is on point.

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.

When you do not know what you are doing and what you are doing is the best -- that is inspiration.

Posted By: theyoungone
Date Posted: July 13, 2006 at 1:20 PM
woot!! Tech Nine fans, wow, i thought i was the only one! Another on is definitely Lil Wyte Drop it Off

I @m a B@D []D.[].[]\/[].[]D

Posted By: bangmaniac
Date Posted: July 26, 2006 at 9:58 PM


Young Jeezy -Thats How You Feel  had an 12" L5 when i turned it up i couldn't go through thee whole song without smelling the voice coils get hot and a point it shut off so i just turned the radio off then back on good thing i didnt burn the coils

Young Jeezy- Trap Or Die

Lil John- Throw It Up  <----will not dissapoint  

TI- Top Back

Posted By: tha bounce
Date Posted: August 04, 2006 at 1:15 AM
Start off your CD with one of the following
Petey Pablo - Vibrate
(Definitely start the CD with this song, it SLAPS!)
Ray Ca$h - Bumpin' My Music
(Starts Off Slow, but picks up, sweet chorus also)

Nelly - Grillz
(Very Poppy, but it works with bass)

Chamillionaire - Turn It Up & Riding Dirty

Too Short - Burn Rubber

Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulders

Rick Ross - Everyday I'm Hustlin

Young Joc - It's Going Down

Posted By: placebo-pete
Date Posted: August 04, 2006 at 5:19 AM

Hi guys how bout

The Game Feat 50 Cent This Is How We Do Or Beastie Boys Intergalactic

I got done for disturbing the peace with these songs

Posted By: placebo-pete
Date Posted: August 04, 2006 at 5:21 AM

Might I ad I was in Ireland at the time just recently moved to Canada

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