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SMD DD1 Distortion Light Solid Then Goes Out

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Topic: SMD DD1 Distortion Light Solid Then Goes Out

Posted By: mohpro
Subject: SMD DD1 Distortion Light Solid Then Goes Out
Date Posted: June 07, 2016 at 4:44 PM

I have 2 questions. Before I ask the questions, yes....I had all the head unit and amplifier settings on the appropriate levels before using the DD1 to detect distortion on the HU and set the gains on my amplifiers. My HU is Kenwood DNN992. I have 2 NVX 1200.1 amps and 1 NVX 800.4 amp. The HU pre-outs are 5V. I tested all RCAs and they read about 5.28V when the HU was at maximum undistorted volume. This is a lengthy post, but I know the more details the better. Thanks for any help. Here are my 2 questions...

1.) On the 4 channel amp, when setting the gain, the gain knob was turned about a little less than a 1/4 turn, then the distortion light on the DD1 came on a bright solid red, and stayed on if i turned the gain knob up anymore, so i backed it down to the point where the distortion light goes out. Gain set no problem. On my subwoofer amplifiers, when setting the gain, i would get the usual dim quick blinks of the distortion light as i turned the gain up. When i got to about the 3/4 point on the gain knob on my subwoofer amplifiers, the distortion light on the DD1 came on a bright solid red and stayed on for a good solid second or 2 then went out. I then continued turning the gain up, and there were no more quick blinks of the distortion light from the 3/4 point to the all the way up point, and the light never came back on solid either from the 3/4 to all the way up point. I used track 5, 40hz -10db. Out of curiousity, i used track 3 and i was also able to turn up the gain all the way without the distortion light staying lit, but with the solid one or two seconds of the light staying on before going out, and with track 3 this happened a little before the 3/4 point, which was where this happened when using track 5. What should I do, stop at the point where the light stays solid for a couple seconds then goes out, or turn the gain all the way up, since the distortion lihht does not come on when the gain is all the way up. Also, since the 4 channel amp and the subwoofer amps are all the same brand and series, all with the same voltage range on the gain knob, and all RCAs are getting 5V, shouldnt the gain of the subwoofer amps be right about where it is on the 4 channel amp?

2.) Should the AC voltage at the speaker outputs on the amplifiers match the voltage of the RCAs? My RCAs read about 5.28V AC, so is this what my speaker outputs on the amplifiers should read? If not, what should the speaker outputs voltage be?


Posted By: i am an idiot
Date Posted: June 07, 2016 at 11:31 PM
It amplifies the voltage. The voltage coming out will be greater than the input voltage.

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