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2011 Ram 2500 Audio Upgrade

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Topic: 2011 Ram 2500 Audio Upgrade

Posted By: smokeshow
Subject: 2011 Ram 2500 Audio Upgrade
Date Posted: December 29, 2017 at 6:20 PM

Hello. I'm slowly gathering parts to upgrade the audio in my 11 ram 2500 CCLB. So far I have a Pioneer Avic X950BH head unit. It's nice but not enough. I have a Kenwood KFC6895 6x9 on the way to replace the rear 6x9s. For the front doors I'm in a bind. There seems to be a depth issue when mounting most 6x9s. There's only about 3" available behind the speaker opening. I'm looking at a SOUND STORM EVO2900.5 amp that will power both sets of door speakers and a single 10" sub under the rear seat.   Whats a good 6x9 componet set? I was looking at the Rockville RV69.2C 6x9 but at a tmd of 3.35 it won't fit unless I use a 1/2 spacer then there could be clearance issues with the door panel. For being such a massive truck you'd never expect it to have no room for something. Especially when it comes to audio equipment.


Posted By: smokeshow
Date Posted: January 02, 2018 at 3:19 PM
Looks like the front door speaker only has a 3.1" mounting depth. The Kenwood 6x9 speakers I got have a 3.2 tmd. Going to make some spacers out of some 1/2" plywood and see if they'll work without hitting the door panel.

Posted By: nubiannupe
Date Posted: January 02, 2018 at 6:07 PM
At my shop, we've installed numerous JBL Club 9600C's in those Ram's with no clearance issues whatsoever. They're not an overly expensive speaker (about $100 on Sonic Electronix website), and they handle a decent amount of power (90 watts RMS/270 watts peak). And BEST OF ALL, is that they have a 3" mounting depth! WhooHOO!!

G. Rick (aka; Tha "R")
**Peter North is my idol***
MECP-Certified 1st Class Installer

Posted By: smokeshow
Date Posted: January 02, 2018 at 6:21 PM
The Kenwoods claim 115w rms each. I've started on the spacer but won't finish with them until tonight

Posted By: smokeshow
Date Posted: January 02, 2018 at 8:59 PM
The spacer was a no go. Looks like there's only about 1/4" from the speaker to the door panel when their installed. I'll run these in front until I save up some money for my component set. Looking for some 6.5" speakers now

Posted By: smokeshow
Date Posted: January 03, 2018 at 1:17 PM
Forgot I actually have 2 brand new Boss 6.5" speakers. Nothing fancy but they'll work for now. Just have to get some adaptors for the 6x9 opening to mount them.

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