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Newbie, Head Units, Wiring

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Topic: Newbie, Head Units, Wiring

Posted By: itolond
Subject: Newbie, Head Units, Wiring
Date Posted: July 23, 2020 at 10:40 AM

Hi Forum

I am a little lost when it comes to best approach for head units. I am rebuilding a 4x4 which pretty much has a custom loom with a number of upgrades (still no data bus or ECU FYI)
Here is the setup so far:

I have a full set of kicker speakers (4 of them located in the cab as well as a sub woofer) - installed and hooked up to the amp
the Amp is is a MB Quart NA540.6 Nautic Amplifier, 6-Channel 540-Watt which has power and earth sorted - remote turn on wire run to dash along with 3 x RCA cable pairs.
Also have a set of DKMUS Universal ISO Car Radio Wire Cable Wiring Harness Stereo Adapter Connectors (not wired/used yet)

= leaning towards a double din apple play unit probably Pioneer ....(TBD)

I can work through the wires - they seem relatively straight forward for the most part...(more on this)


Head Unit Harness:
1. Do I cut and splice in the RCA leads to the the ISO connector or buy adaptors RCA-> wire?
2. Wait until I have decided on the head unit use that connector supplied?
3. wire in the ISO connectors - guessing it is easy to to get an ISO- head unit adaptor?

Any guide on wiring in the AMP to the head unit (e.g. pioneer) - or is this pretty straight-forward?


Posted By: itolond
Date Posted: July 25, 2020 at 5:42 PM
Hi Forum,

I am considering installing a Apple play heed unit (perhaps a pioneer avic-w8400nex)

Given I have is a custom loom - I wished to wire in an ISO connector kit, however it looks like the advanced (Apple play units) have a bunch of wires which are not part of the standard ISO set.

few questions around this

is there a guide for what the advanced units need in terms of beyond ISO - so i can get the loom ready?
  1. is there a guide for what the advanced units need in terms of beyond ISO - so i can get the loom ready?
  2. I have run RCA cables from the Amp, the iso head unit wire looks a lot thinner - is there any (noticeable) degradation of sound - give this is running via and Amp?

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