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Can’t Find Box for Alpine S-W10D4 with Correct Cutout Diameter

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Printed Date: October 15, 2021 at 7:05 PM

Topic: Can’t Find Box for Alpine S-W10D4 with Correct Cutout Diameter

Posted By: kenwood_nut
Subject: Can’t Find Box for Alpine S-W10D4 with Correct Cutout Diameter
Date Posted: April 09, 2021 at 10:04 AM

The time has come to replace the Rockwood powered 10" sub with a REAL sub! After weeks of my famous spec comparisons on 10's and 12's I've narrowed my final choices down to either the JBL GT5-10D or the Alpine S-W10D4. After looking closely at the cheesy speaker wire connections of the JBL compared to the high-quality terminals on the Alpine, I've come to my final decision of the Alpine. Sure, it's $40 more but probably worth the extra money.

NOW comes the hardest part I would have ever expected; finding a box that accepts this smaller-than-usual cutout diameter! I would THINK that a 10" subwoofer would take at least a 9" hole or even a tad bigger but no... the S-W10D4 requires a cutout diameter of 8-13/16"!!! After hours on eBay, Amazon, Crutchfield and Sonic, I have NOT been able to find a box with this small of cutout diameter!

What makes matters worse is how Crutchfield shows "accessories" of sub boxes in their listing for this sub, yet NONE of them will accept this sub! I'd pay all that money only to have the sub fall inside the hole!

Does anyone know a specific brand or model number of a sub box that would have the correct 8-13/16" cutout diameter? I don't care if it's sealed or ported, but the wedge type would be better if possible because I'm limited to space in my trunk. Here are the specific requirements for this sub straight from the owner's manual:

Sealed box: 0.58cf     
Ported box: .75cf to 1.13 cf
Vent size recommended: 10”x1”     
Mounting Depth: 4-11/16”
Cutout diameter: 8-13/16”
Box size: 12”x12”x10.5”
Optional grill: #KTE-10G.2

I'd prefer a sealed box for the tighter bass, but a ported or vented would be okay since it would give more volume ability. All I know is after several hours online this morning I still can't find a box that has this small of cutout for a 10" sub! All I found were a couple sellers of this sub already in a box, but all the reviews say the box is super cheap and falls apart fast.

ANY SUGGESTIONS??? I'm sure there are hundreds of forum members who run this sub so I'm hoping someone can tell me where to find a box for it. Thanks much!

If I can't find a box to order within the next day or two, I might be forced to either go with the same model of 12" OR go back to the JBL idea. If nothing else, I could buy a box for an 8" sub and just cut the hole bigger! LOL, yes, but running out of options fast!


Posted By: kenwood_nut
Date Posted: April 09, 2021 at 11:08 AM
And 3 hours of searching for a box for the SWS-12D4 that is discontinued but still available results in the same exact problem! I can't find ANY box with a 10-9/16" cutout diameter for a 12" sub! WHAT IS UP WITH ALPINE? Can't they make a sub that fits most standard cutouts? This only proves their cones/diaphrams are NOT 10" or 12", so you're not REALLY technically getting a real 10" or 12" sub. At least it seems that way.

I can't even find adapter rings! Guess Alpine might be out of the question! If it's this hard to find a box, it's not even worth all the effort. There are too many other brand and model choices out there in DVC subs to make this a week-long search, but I'm still open to suggestions!


Posted By: kenwood_nut
Date Posted: April 10, 2021 at 9:37 AM
Well, since nobody chimed in with a solution, I'm going to just buy a box with the sub already in it. I can get the 10" Alpine in a wedge box for $145 and the 12" Alpine in the same type box for $168. For the small price difference, I'm just gonna go with the 12 after all. My Eclipse amp puts out 240 wpc RMS into 2 channels at 4 ohms bridged, so I'm guessing that means a bit more when you bridge it into 2 ohms to 1 channel. Not easy to figure out since the amp is older, but I did find the manual for it. I can either run my current Nakamichi 4-channel or the new (barely used) Eclipse 4-channel to the sub, but I'm sure the Eclipse would be a better choice.

What I find weird is when I look at the specs of every speaker box I can find on eBay, I can't find ONE with the right cutout diameter for the Alpine 10's or 12's, yet SOMEBODY obviously did because they're selling the subs preloaded in Atrend boxes! Weird. Oh well, if this is the only way to go, this is what I have to do.


Posted By: kenwood_nut
Date Posted: April 10, 2021 at 11:08 AM
NOW even that LAST idea is out of the question!!! Just googled the eBay seller's name to try to find their phone number since they don't post it anywhere in their listings. And you can't send them a message because they disabled messaging due obviously to their horrible ratings and reviews and feedback. I was shocked when one of the first google hits that came up was from the BBB with a warning against doing business with that company! I really all 26 complaints, and most were about getting the wrong item sent or the item coming damaged, including a lot of subs in boxes! And with 115 negative feedbacks in last 12 months, I think I'll continue my quest to just find an empty box that I can use for these Alpines OR a different sub brand.

I never imagined in years that finding a subwoofer AND a box to match would be such a difficult task!

Yes, I guess I could just by a preloaded sub in box from famous makers, but all I'm finding are single voice coil preloaded boxes besides the Alpines.


Posted By: kenwood_nut
Date Posted: April 10, 2021 at 1:15 PM
Determined to get one of the Alpine S series 10's or 12's (still deciding, but probably the 10), I've come up with a solution to the cutout diameter being too small. I think I'll buy a box with the closest volume requirements, either sealed or ported/vented, then just get a piece of MDF and cut it to the size of the front mounting surface on the box. Once I get the square cut, I'll take it to a sink installer or countertop place where they can cut the hole to any size I ask! Makes perfect sense to me! And apparently it's the ONLY way I'll be able to mount any S-series Alpine! Once I get the square size cut the the right hole diameter cut out, I'll cover it in matching fabric and screw it to the front of the box, right over the original hole!

More on this subject later! I just can't understand how Alpine sells SO MANY of these subs, when SO FEW boxes have such small cutout diameters!


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