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2014 Ford F-150, No Ambient Temp Display After New Head Unit

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Topic: 2014 Ford F-150, No Ambient Temp Display After New Head Unit

Posted By: ranger_rick
Subject: 2014 Ford F-150, No Ambient Temp Display After New Head Unit
Date Posted: August 09, 2021 at 10:21 AM

Hello everyone - My vehicle is 2014 Ford F150 STX with SYNC and steering controls. I recently purchased a Pioneer head unit Pioneer MVH-S622BS (and separate Sirius module). It was supplied with a wiring harness from the retailer that was steering control compatible (PAC RP4-FD11 Wiring Interface)

After the install the FDIM screen (horizontal monochrome data screen upper center of dash) - was no longer functional. 90% of the screen information was radio/cd information so I expected there wouldnt be much information displayed on that screen after the installation but its completely dead. I dont even get "built ford tough" on start up or ambient air temperature. The retailer supplied harness and module were not Sync compatible and when i asked the retailer regarding the dead screen issue the told i need an iData link compatible deck and iData link module. I questioned this a couple times and was told that regardless of the interface the screen would be non-functional. Its frustrating and i am hoping for some reliable information.

It's just odd to me that while the OM deck was malfunction or after it had dies I still had outside air temp and "built ford tough" on startup but now nothing. Does anyone have a fix other than scarp my new head unit or buy a used ford head unit??.

Thank you in advance RR


Posted By: cpalmer
Date Posted: August 16, 2021 at 8:10 PM
Wrong interface, according to PAC audios website.
Suppose to be for base model trucks only , look at the compatibility notes.

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