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The 12 Voltís Port Calculator

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Topic: The 12 Voltís Port Calculator

Posted By: lineman26
Subject: The 12 Voltís Port Calculator
Date Posted: May†26, 2022 at 2:07 AM

Question, when using this websites round or slot port calculator that determines the port length after inputting the port surface area, the box volume and frequency you want the box tuned to. Am I correct in assuming that the correct box volume that is used is the gross volume minus only the speaker displacement as the port displacement will depend on the results of the calculator??? Or are you supposed to estimate the length in order to calculate the port volume, then put the true net box volume in the calculator?

Also, I found this site when searching for a sub box calculator that takes the sub TS details then displays the specific sub and box designs output frequency slope graph, allowing you to see how any type and size of box will sound with any sub. Anyone know of something like that

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