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Short, now engine whine

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Topic: Short, now engine whine

Posted By: suspence429
Subject: Short, now engine whine
Date Posted: November 12, 2003 at 4:54 PM

:errr:i had a tiny amp short out while testing it, now my other amps have engine whine? Is it the RCAs  that were connected to the amp sorting out something in the RCAs or something, it is only located out of the AMPs which are connected to the RCAs... I think the noise is coming from the RCAs and there is no power wire near it...



Posted By: DeathsJester12V
Date Posted: November 12, 2003 at 10:38 PM
Engine noise is usually associated with a bad connection, usually ground....however, I have seen it caused by crappy set of RCA's to ( meaning the RCA's were not shielded for anything ). It doesn't matter, how careful you are in installing, somewhere along the line, power, and RCA cross. Whether it's a factory power, or what not, that's why shielding is important ( in my opinion. )....Here's what you do...First Check the ground connection. Make sure it is bare metal and CLEAN. Use a wire brush to rough up the area a little. Make sure that if you used a Crimp Type connection it is good and solid. Than Check the connection on the amp. If after all that, you still have it. Get another pair of RCA's. Don't bother hiding them yet, just plug them in and see if that fixes the problem. If it does hide 'em. If not, Time to service the amp...
Outta curiousity...How did you blow the amp?

Date Posted: November 13, 2003 at 11:15 AM
I am using a set of monster cables and had the same problem. My cables were the older model that has the metal. on the entire rca plug. when the rca's would touch I would get engine noise so I tape the entire rca plug and I have not had any problems since. if this isn't your problem then there are a lot of sites that have troubleshooting. If you go to crutchfields website they have one that is a flow chart. Hope this helps

Posted By: suspence429
Date Posted: November 13, 2003 at 8:40 PM
Thank you guys for you help... I installed a new CD Player and it works fine now, what i think happened, was the short with the small amp, shorted the isolater of the Pre-Outs in the deck... so it sounded as if i grounded the RCAs to the vehicle almost...

to DeathsJester12V:
I was curious on this small amp since it had 2 black wires to choose of which was power and ground, i chose it right the first time... and there were small letters on each; one white and one red, i only saw the white so i hooked it up with white letters positive... worked great, slammed, then i said thats weird and notice the red stripe and said maybe its reversible [red is (+)], and even if not... it is a lil $5 amp and newbies do this all the time and say "it didn't work when i hooked it up", i wondered what happens... stupid me not to unhook my 4volt preout Clarion deck, so now it will be sold, built in amp works great, like usual... so maybe my x grlfriend who doesnt want subs, just a cd player... and if she does want subs, she can buy a gound loop noise suppressor

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