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What got you into car audio?

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Topic: What got you into car audio?

Posted By: dwarren
Subject: What got you into car audio?
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 3:02 PM

The big question! I ask myself this ever so important question and seem to come up with a number of reasons. Well I'd like to hear what other people have to say. How old were you? what prompted you and why? any other opinions welcome!



Posted By: haemphyst
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 3:11 PM
As a reformed basshead, I wanted to have the MOST BASS I COULD GET... I quickly realized that was not easily possible in the house, so when I got my first car, in high-school, (a 1972 Olds Delta 88 - this was about djkgf years ago) I saved *EVERY FREAKIN' DIME* I made at the local Radio Shack, put 4 Cerwin-Vega 18's in the trunk, with an old-school Alphasonik 2250 bridged to each one. The seat, of course had to go... LOL Didn't care about damping, didn't care about SQ, all I wanted was LOUD!!! Then I grew up, and realized there was more to life than bass...

It all reminds me of something that Moličre once said to Guy de Maupassant at a café in Vienna: "That's nice. You should write it down."

Posted By: russ lund
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 3:15 PM
I can't really tell ya!Electronics always came naturally to me.Always have loved music.So why not mix both things I like together.What a kind of mess that has made!


Posted By: kgerry
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 3:31 PM
i didnt know what i wanted to be when i grew up..... and after 25 years of doing this i still dont......

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Posted By: supradude
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 3:50 PM
To me, it is the one thing that I can do that I really enjoy. I've been tinkering around with systems since the late 70's, when I was 15 years old. The everchanging world of car audio never stops, so it keeps you learning something new every day. It used to be all about the bass for me too, and I still love the feeling of great bass in a system, but it is very important to have equalization between all ranges of audio in a vehicle now. You sort of get hooked on it and can't ever let it go.

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Posted By: auex
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 4:01 PM
Well I was always into car audio since I got my first car, 77 Ford LTD aka "Land Yacht". I figured it would make a good part time job while going through college. Guess which one won?

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Posted By: xaudiopipex
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 4:08 PM
Ive got 2 Audiopipe "Eye Candy" 15's in a ported box.  Ive got an MA Audio 1800W MONO block amp running then ot 0.5Ohm mono.  For a head unit I decided to get a FUSION 250.  It plays every type of cd possible, except DVD.  I have still not got new full range speakers.  Allthough when I do I am going to got with a FUSION 5X7 component speakers up front and a pair of 5X7 in the back.  All of this is in a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport.  So far my highest SPL has been 144.4db, thats without a dry-cell battery and without dynamat.

Posted By: xaudiopipex
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 4:12 PM
When I first got into car stereos i was 17.  I went to the local fair, Music Masters Electronics had their 1985 Grand Prix demo car there.  I loved it.  It was sooo loud, it had tv's everywhere, neons, speakers, subs.  It was the coolest car i had ever seen....I wanted that in my car, and i am slowly working my way to it...

Posted By: dr. righteous
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 4:17 PM

It was a fasination with electronics and audio that got me started.  Worked in the electronic service business for several years and I got exposed to some very nice and high end equipment.  The coolest thing was buying a dead amp and repairing it.  The nice ones I always sold because I needed money. 

In those days a 30W+30W amp in your car was big power.  Factory radios were still mono with 5w of power.  The first car amp I ever saw was a Pioneer GM120.  A poor excuse for an amp by today's standards  but what a departure from the Kraco "Power Boosters" that most people considered a car amp. 

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Posted By: Ravendarat
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 5:24 PM
After I graduate high school I took a post secondary course to be a computer Tech. I got done the course in about half the time it was suposed to take but decided while I was taking the course that I hated computers and didnt want to work with them my whole life. In fact I did not even have a computer for about 3 years after wards because I hated them so much. I was working at superstore, which is kinda like a walmart for about ten months and decided I wanted to move on to something better while I tried to figure out what I wanted to go back to school for, so I tried to get a job at a local electronics store and after appling 4 times in one week I finally got into see the regional manager and he hired me on the spot. I am still not sure why he did but he seemed to like me. At the time it was still just a job to me. After selling small shelf systems and discmans, computers (uhg) and digicams, dvd players etc, I finally got into selling the car audio equipment. I found that I really liked dealing with that apect of the store so thats where I focused most of my training and effort ( the other catagory I worried about was Big screens because I still needed to make money and they were about the easiest thing to make money on :) ). After working there for two years a friend that was an install manager at a big box store asked if I wanted to get into the install side of the job and within a couple hours I decided I would so I gave my two weeks at my old job and went to work for the competion. I have never looked back and have been installing professionally for 3 years now. I am still trying to find something to go back to school for but until something jumps out at me I am completly content to better myself at this as its something that I truly enjoy. I have not had a day yet where I got up and did not want to go to work. Sometimes by the end of the say you just wanna get the hell out of there, but I am always ready to go back the next day and I consider myself lucky to  have found a job that can give me that kinda satisfaction.

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Posted By: /R7
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 5:25 PM
my first taste or recalled taste of aftermarket car audio was when i helped an ex-boyfriend of my sisters install a cdplayer into his car. i was about 14maybe he was 17-18? maybe i was a bit older... cant quite remember to well- we used my dads new shop and even with all the luxerious room and tools up the yahoo, he never managed to get it working. i dont know what it was now but he wasnt happy.

but that was only my introduction to aftermarket audio. ever since i've been young, music has been in me. when it came to getting my parents buick off them, i needed tunes, i needed more sound quality, and i wanted to learn everything about car audio because of that. although i love bass, im not an SPL junky so pushing 400watts is plenty for me.

I hope this hobby moves into home audio. when i do decide to build a house, i want to design my sitting/living/tv room souly for acoustics, or at least have it designed so it isnt a bad room for acoustics ;-)

Posted By: jeffchilcott
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 7:11 PM
well, After having an internship at a radio station in high school, I really got used to having great sound in the booth and in the studio.. My first system consisted of polk audio 6.5 ex components all the ay around the car with 2 12 inch ex subs.   not to bad for a high school kid,   Now there are not to many name brand manufacturers that I havent tried.   I went to my first USAC show in 1999. I was hooked from there, I was around to see the change to USACI and probably be around if there is another....One thing that has stuck with me, is as much as I love enough bass to shake windows withen 3 cars of me, I have to have the interior up to par as well, I guess you could call me a SQ guy, But when you are hitting mid to high 140's on the term lab, thats kinda out of the park for SQ

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Posted By: flynntech
Date Posted: December 21, 2004 at 9:29 PM

I just wanted music in my car.....

1000 watts of full range is plenty for me ;)

Posted By: Kirbo
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 12:53 AM

One day i went to a pawnshop and purchased some real decent JVC 3-way theatre speakers for AU$20. I needed power but from where? I decided to use the amplifier out of my computer speakers (tiny crappy drivers) for the JVC's. This was fun, so i compiled all the computer speakers i could find to rip out the amps. I manually wired 3 sets of amps together (only the input cables, not the internal circuitry) and vala! I had 6 channels of 2W to feed some speakers. Good old P2P and a 56K modem = lots of MP3's back in the day.

Since then I have upgraded to a decent logitech 2.1 for HL2 and DOOM.

I left it at that for quite some time until i obtained my licence and bought my first car. Did some reading on the web and started a cheap install on that. After almost 3 years of fiddling im starting to get a little more serious. I just purchased a Fusion 15inch powerplant subwoofer. The box is going to be 3cu-ft with twin 24" ports. I cant wait till i have the time to build it! Ive had two alpine 12" subs before but they just dont go hard. Ive heard this 15 and it eats both alpines for breakfast, for its size its very punchy when need be also. I guess at the age of 19 i have a little bit of unqualified experience, im a computer technician by trade so this will only ever be a personal hobby.

- Pioneer deck w/ 6cd stacker
- Clarion 5" Splits (off deck)
- Clarion 6" Splits (off deck)
- JVC 6x9's (off 2ch amp)
- 1x pioneer 2ch amp
- 1x 460RMS amp
- 1x Fusion 15" Powerplant Sub
- Large 120A reset fuse, gold connectors, shielded RCA's, 4ga cables, dist block with 8ga output, 6x9 brackets with 30Degree lean etc.

I intend of getting another amp for the splits (4 Channel) so i can tune them and of course feed them more power than the deck. posted_image

Without the 6x9's and then amplifying the clarions I have a potential SQ car.
Right now its very loud! Has bass and highs but lacking a little mid range.

My mates love riding in my car, as do I.

Posted By: Lizardking
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 1:29 AM
Music it's that simple for me!

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Posted By: spootydlux4
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 1:50 AM
MUSIC, indeed. i ve always had a deep passion for music. and when i was like 13 i  wanted  more bass from my 5 speaker book shelf surround sound system, so now its a 7.2, 7 speakers with a 12 inch sub and a 6 inch mid i robbed from a pc and wired those up to a home theater amp i found in my attic. then when i turned 15 i started learnin about car audio so i could install my system as soon as i got my truck.  and now im 16, with a an alpine mrp 350, and swr-type r 10. i've installed about 6 of my friends systems, built a console for 2 10's, and became obsessed with car audio. can't wait till after xmas i think im gettin an Resonant engineering SE 12. and some other stuff!

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Posted By: rt2party
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 7:42 AM

i like gardening as a hobby (not cool for a 19 year old guy) so i needed a hobby with more street cred. to kinda balance things out. i LOVE music and i LOVE building things (wood, plastic, fiberglass, whatever) and car audio gives me a chance to build things that let me listen to music and proove im not completely metrosexual. *grunts and scratches crotch* lol. I <3 big speakers. ~Ryan

Posted By: SoundFX411
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 9:33 AM
My first car was a 1977 Chevy Monte Carlo. I heard a car that pulled up next to me and I was inpressed. From there I went to a local installer and had my first system installed. A Kenwood h/u with kenwood speakers all around and two 10" PLYE subs. I thought this was great. Until I heard that car next to me again. I started reading books and then started playing with the setting and rewiring things until SMOKE APPEARED.I bought new equipment and installed it myself. I entered my first show in 1990 and it's been all about car audio for me since then. I'm currently an elevator mechanic with 3 years to retire. I have my stereo buisness in the backround doing very well and can't wait till I'm done with my elevator career so that I can dedicate my full time to car electronics.I've been installing for about 16 years now (as a side thing)and learn something new everyday.
This is the greatest site I've ever seen. There are plenty of knowledgeable people here and I feel confident with the answers that I get from you all.
Thank You very much for all the help



Posted By: wheelerdr
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 10:31 AM
Iwas  about 13 in abilene texas and at a soundoff comp back then i think, the texas tremmor was there, when we open the door to the arena it seems like my close started to quiver from the base from the texas tremor and the lanzar minivan. thats when I new this is what i want to do, i started at 16 working in a shop in abiline called abilene car audio, and have been installing ever since, now make custome enclosures in just about any vehicle. my favorite is the fiberglass enclosure you can shape it almost like you want it and paint it to match.


Posted By: pimpincavy
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 11:34 AM
Im only 17, and I really got into car audio earlier this year when I got my lisence. From when I was young I could always hear bass and would serch to find the car it was coming from. I always thought to myself "when I have a car im going to have a system that can be heard from a mile away". Then two summers ago I started going to a cruise night nearby and heard some really good systems, then I was hooked for good. When I got my car I was all set to buy a pyramid amp and one of those dual 12" audiobahn bandpass things. Then I found this site and learned how terrible those products are, so thanks guys for setting me on the right path. I currently have the loudest/best sounding system in my town (not really saying much). I may not be heard a mile away becasue to get that loud would cost more money then I currently have. But it still puts a smile on my face when im going to someones house and when I get there they say they heard me coming posted_image


Posted By: kfr01
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 8:43 PM
Why did I get into car audio? Hmm.

Growing up my parents liked the house quiet. As a result, I used my good old sony cassette walkman to listen to most of my music growing up. Once I could drive I realized that the car was the perfect opportunity to listen to my music out in the open. This is when I learned the value of headphones. In my car, on the stock tape deck, the definition was gone, there was very little bass, and distortion was all over the place on the 3.5" drivers that happened to be in the car at the time. I bought a new head unit and the obsession began.

You all know what I mean by obsession. Especially after growing up on headphones, my audio nirvana bar was set fairly high. I'm sure you all know this hunt for audio nirvana. Every upgrade makes a difference, but there's always more room for improvement. And so it began, the never ending cycle of upgrading and replacing.

I've never been interested in SPL. If people heard my music outside my car I'd hate it. Disturbing people in their homes is not something I am at all interested in. I frankly can't stand when I can hear the low boom from some kids car when I'm trying to get some sleep. I always think to myself, "congratulations, you sound like an idiot permanently damaging your hearing."

The challenge of obtaining the best quality sound given the budget I allocate to my car stereo is MUCH more appealing, difficult, and interesting to me. I believe in low watts, few drivers, no rear fill, quality box design, installation, and constantly educating myself on the question "why."

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Posted By: mobile E
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 8:47 PM
simply car toys prices... and absolult love of music...

everything stolen :(
Workin on a new system :)
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Posted By: bassrider20hz
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 10:33 PM

hello i want to share my story:

im bearly turned 16 ive always liked electronics/computers since i was small i like cars alot and my dad is a mechanic. it all started one day when my dad bought an HU,equalizer, amp, speakers, and subs. he knows that im into electronics so he told me can install the system so he wont have to pay. i told him i did. he left me the car the next day and i got to work. i instaled the whole system the whole day without the help from nobody i only needed the manual and my knowledge.   WOW i cant believe that i actually put a whole system on a car. then there it is when i began to get more into car audio. i have instaled in more than 5 cars and i troubleshooted my friends car.

i like to call myself bassrider because i have a 85firebird that is like the one in knight rider.  so  knight rider+ bass   ==BASSRIDER

PLEASE tell me what u think

Posted By: stevdart
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 10:38 PM

There is a powerful phsycological aspect to having a car audio system.  The car is a personal domain for the owner, and all passengers are captive.  The audio is at fingertip reach.  A slight turn and your seat starts to vibrate like a Barcolounger...your favorite music at levels that can be felt as well as heard.  The combination of personal car and great audio approaches the pinnacle of self indulgence.  The guys of age who have not yet gotten their feet wet in this field just don't know what they're missing out on.  We are approaching the day when jumping in your personal car to take a long drive will be a thing of the past...cranking up a great musical masterpiece in our own self-created auditorium....someday will be just a memory that old-timers will be telling their grandkids.  We have to realize that now is the time to relish the freedom and go for all the pleasure we can get with our cars.  I hate to think of myself as one who has to wear headphones while standing on a train......shudder!

It's funny and sad at the same time when you get into somebody's car and he has a crappy factory system and he turns the volume up to hurt, smiling and acting like it's the shiznit.  Makes you want to jump out at 55 mph.  This was mostly like it was while I was growing up, at the age where you want to get into this kind of thing.  There wasn't much available, and what there was nobody knew anything about.  So nowadays at a not-so-young age with kids in college and one already graduated, I rediscoverd the joy of personal car audio at a higher level than "premium" OEM systems.  So it is my and all of us here's destiny to help and lead  others into the light of true car audio.  Don't worry that you may someday be partly responsible for some hearing loss suffered down the line....that hearing loss will come whether they have enjoyed their own great sound system or whether they spent their young lives with AM and Aunt Thelma's chatter.  I know, because I have partial loss in my right ear attributed to a trio of female vocalists in a local nightclub who all hit a high note with gusto while I stood too close to the speaker.  Now, I just have to turn it up a little louder, eh?

Posted By: quick4321
Date Posted: December 22, 2004 at 11:40 PM
Im 27 and what got me into car audio was a few friends I met in highschool (at 14). They taught me the trade and got me started. Before long I was installing for friends and making a lot of new friends with my new skills. Theres nothing better than staying up all night throwing together a system so you can have some sounds on your way to the beach! I haven't pulled an all nighter in years but Ive definitely moved up in the world. Now Im into Autophile sound, custom glass,  and a little motorization . MY signature is my baby, my 94 Mustang GT convertible. My only hangup is I love convertibles and ervery shopowner Ive worked with thinks Im nuts for trying to to run SQ in a convertible. 

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Posted By: specialauto
Date Posted: January 07, 2005 at 12:46 PM

russ lund wrote:

I can't really tell ya!Electronics always came naturally to me.Always have loved music.So why not mix both things I like together.What a kind of mess that has made!

hes got the same idea i got..
i just want to drive down the street and cars on the other side of the road shake cuz of the bass coming from my car.. other than that i just love music and electronices..

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Posted By: vinspo
Date Posted: January 07, 2005 at 2:19 PM

I was raised in a house full of aspiring musicians, so that sort of set the seed. When I bought my first car in 1983, a 1970 Plymouth Cuda 340, it still had the factory 8-track player which was pretty useless. I replaced it with a cheap cassette deck and some 6x9 with the "big metal plate" that held the tweeters. Ohhh, what memories bring back, if I only knew then what that car would be worth now! That was many cars & many systems ago.

Now I strive for the best, SQ is a priority, but I don't want the sound of a recording studio, I want to feel the "Concert "!

Posted By: Sweekster
Date Posted: January 07, 2005 at 3:53 PM
Uh...I got tired of tapes and wanted a CD player in my car and didn't want to pay someone to do it. SQ is also a priority for me. I want the inside of my car to sound like a really good pair of headphones and just pull you into the music.


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Posted By: chris_h
Date Posted: January 07, 2005 at 6:09 PM

Much like stevdart, I think your car is your personal domain. Similarly, I believe that a car can be a reflection of self, and can really tell you something about the owner. When you are in someone else's car and there are fast-food bags on the floor and only half of the [factory] speakers work, this tells you something about the person IMO. I like to think that when I invite people into my car, it is reflected that I put 110 percent into all work I do. I see no point in doing anything half-ass, or ever having to settle for something when you know you can make it better.

I was always the kid that would be called in when a relative or friend got some new piece of electronic equipment and couldn't figure out how to set it up or work it. By those standards, I was the guy who knew everything, but after joining this forum I realized how much there is to learn, and I'm loving that.

Even before I had a car I was researching audio for one. I figured, if you love music, why not make it better? If you can't make it better, then go to and find out what you're doing wrong!

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Posted By: uthinkuknoaudio
Date Posted: January 07, 2005 at 7:50 PM
Well i am insane... Lets see, what got me into car audio... Well, it would have to start off when i was a young one (Around 13 years old) and i started listening to music a little louder and i wanted more out of my music. I talked with those geeks at school with the big glasses and they said that i could by better speakers (What help they were)... but still it inspired me to look and ask around. And before you know it, i got my first JBL home audio system. And man i was stylin for a 15 year old in the 80's. I had the girls and all over the house, but i remember i threw this crazy party with everyone invited and one of my friends wondered if they could put a car audio system in his car like the one in my house. Well, i stalled and stalled and he bought PYLE audio lol (Different story-look through archives)... Later, i got into car audio when i got my first car, 1992 Ford Explorer baby! I've rode with explorers ever since, as i got a 2002 explorer now... but anyway, i wanted to upgrade. I wall chillin with my new alpine head unit i got from this place called the gramaphone in downtown Detroit, and i got all my other stuff from them too. I got the pink noise distributor (pimpin pimpin pimpin)... and i loaded up with two JBL woofers hooked up to a/d/s amplifiers and ads components that would make your ears still bleed to this day. I just got really curious about car audio and i followed it to an extreme, eventually turning me into an SQ competition freak, in which i've won 11 competitions (Sorry, no pictures available)... Those were back in the whole hayday (1996-2000). Around 2001 i sold all that stuff and got some money and bought my new explorer. Being a nut, i had to by the new Nakamichi head unit out at the time, the CD-45z and i was styling once again. I had the whole car done in silver and black, as well as the interior and the rims, in honor of my Oakland Raiders (5-11 this year bah).... Nevertheless, i loaded up in 2004 with my new components, 2 sets of CVL-6K by Cadence, followed by 2 of cadence's amps (The ZRS-4, AND THE ZRS-9 !!! 2000W @ 1 ohm .044% THD) and of course 2 Adire Audio Woofers (Brahma 12''s). When i get some of my other tricks up my sleeve done to the car, i will get everyone pics and of course i will run again in my first SQ comp in 5 years. How will i do? I don't know, but i hit 143.4 legal already and that is without what i'm going to alter! I'm not going to compete in SPL, but still if i did, i'd put up a good fight for 2 12''s. Thank you to Custom Car Audio for building my custom enclosure! lol.... But yeah, It was all about a crazy party and listening to music louder. Good times.

"I don't play games. I play Nakamichi and that for real yo" - Probably some japanese kid said this in the early 80's trying to sell stereo out of his trunk lol.

Posted By: bluetruck
Date Posted: January 07, 2005 at 9:14 PM
i was hoping i'd meet chicks if my car went boom. (it didnt work yet)

Posted By: redchevy99
Date Posted: January 09, 2005 at 2:52 AM
I was 16 and my friend down the street got his first system and ive been addicted every since then. im on my 5th different set-up. always tryin to get somethin better. but if bass was a narcotic i would be addicted.

Posted By: phuzun
Date Posted: January 09, 2005 at 7:33 AM

My friends brother got some kicker boxes for his pickup when I was like 13.  Thing was damn loud for what I'd heard back then.  Kinda got me into it, my first car, I got a 15" mtx terminator in a ported box, and refurbed phoenix gold amp.  Then I moved onto 2 15" eclipses.

I've not seen alot of systems, as none of my friends really have them.  Though one person I knew locally worked at a car/home audio place.  He put 12 12" rockford's with gobs of power into a jimmy.  Loudest thing I'd ever heard, was knocking the windshield loose, and moving metal.  I sat in it for less than a minute and was deaf.  You could hear this thing for a few blocks.

Though I've never wanted anything that loud, I really would like to get a nice 4 way setup in my vehicle sometime, with some quality sound.

Posted By: thapimpfromchi
Date Posted: January 09, 2005 at 9:53 AM
my passion for car audio is deep rooted. Growin up as a kid, you like ur music loud. Very loud. but I couldnt have that in my house, cuz my parents are retarded. I always had head phones. Growing up in chicago, u listen to rap mainly, so those tiny wal-mart headphones werent doing much. So i purchased a set of 30 dollar koss headhphones (studio style) big difference. there was BASS. Then i started getting into some of that electronic stuff, and i realized my old man had a pretty sweet set up in the front room that was never used. so, when he wasnt home, i'd hook my cd player up to it. it was nothin special, but it went loud as hell and had plenty of bass. so yea, i loved it even more. eventually i got my car and a few people had systems, so i had to be the loudest. didnt work well the first try. i had some idea as to what i was doing, but nothing major. But now, i've got a mediocre setup in my car, and i am the second loudest kid around here. sad thing is he spent around 5 times more than i did, and he's only about 5 db louder. :)

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Posted By: thapimpfromchi
Date Posted: January 09, 2005 at 9:58 AM
needless to say, its gone from car to home as well, i have a nice 6.1 surroud sound system in my bedroom, i have a 2.1 set up on my computer, but when im playin good games, i use the receiver to get 6.1 also. and the car, well, u can read the sig. all of them drive the old man nuts. and that, alone, puts the biggest smile on my face. posted_image ya, kinda like that.

1990 Honda Civic HB:
Clarion DXZ545MP H.U.
2- 6.5" Power Acoustik interiors
Diamond Audio 600.1 amp
Diamond Audio 15" M6MKII
Pyramid PB881X 4 CH. Amp

Posted By: altoncustomtech
Date Posted: January 09, 2005 at 11:35 AM

Hello Everyone...  I'm new to posting in the forum although i've been reading through it for several weeks now.  I must say that there is a wealth of knowledge compiled together here with everyone and the resources given and I have to give thanks to all you on behalf of all car audio enthusiasts.  Sites and insites such as this are a eutopia for those with a thirst for knowledge for doing things the right way.  With that said, I'll introduce myself.  I'm 25yrs old, from a podunk town in Southern Indiana, and started messing around in stereo's in my early teens like many of you.  Me and a couple friends just had to have our simple, gotty, sorry excuse home stereos getting as loud as possible.  Being from a poor family most of what we compiled was Goodwill giveaways and the like.  Though I still have a pair of Matrix Electronics 12" 3-ways a friend of my dad gave me that are still pumping out some good old school sound.  In high school was when I discovered CAR AUDIO.  My first vehicle was a 1970 Chevy PU and the first system I had (if thats what you want to call it) was a pioneer tape deck, audiovox 6x9 3-ways, and 2 12" Thump's in a box that i weatherproofed and put in the bed of the truck facing the cab, tho firing against the front of the bed (wasn't gonna cut up my baby).  yeah yeah laff all ya want, for a poor kid it worked, just wish I never traded the USAmps A50HC I ran the Thumps with.  Where did I get the money for a badass amp like that you ask while you think to yourself "poor kid??!!!"??  Computers and electronics have always been a big part of my life.  One of the kids I went to school with had an awesome system but his head unit smoked on him.  I physically repaired the unit and he gave the the A50HC for doing the work.  Of course it had a couple problems too, but after a little time I had it rockin'.  Anyways that started me into doing car audio installs and repairs, I now own a small side business designing and installing systems for the financially less fortunate like I was growing up.  I've learned to do alot with a little, and websites such as this one keep idea's flowing fast.  My current system is in my company supplied work truck, so I wasn't looking to spend alot of money on it in the first place in fear it would just get tore up anyways.  The components of the system aren't worth much on anyone's list but it manages to put a smile on customer's faces when they hear it and then see the total price for it.  I'm getting ready to put a system in my wife's van (tax check!!).  I'm looking at putting a Pioneer Deh-P8600mp HU, Alphasonik PMA2300A, PMZ6002A, PMZ3002A amps, Audiobahn ABC6003Q & ABC6002Q component sets, and a pair of MTX T8512-44's.  Not the best stuff in the world by far but it should be right on target for a modest setup, most expensive one I've done for myself yet @ $1500 total.  Well, I'm sure I've bored you all to death by now.  Thanks for reading, keep up the good work and I hope to be a viable part of the website someday too.  Have a good one!!

2004 F-150:
Pioneer DEH-P2000
Profile Clarus CL440 & CA600M
Audiobahn AS68Q 5x7 (2 pair)
Audiobahn AS1051SE 10"
EFX Scosche 4 Guage 2 amp kit

1998 Chevrolet Venture Van
Pioneer DEH-P670MP

Posted By: aggie altima
Date Posted: January 09, 2005 at 9:26 PM
In 1996, my bro got a system installed into his Eclipse, 2 10" RF's powered by an RF amp. Not much power, but damn did those subs slam in that car (hatchback type car, figures little power would sound loud). Ever since those times of playing Beat Dominator in his car, I was hooked. I was about 14 at the time, so without a license, I built the system I wanted on paper. When I got my first car at 16, I immediately tossed in my bro's RF's (which he replaced with 12w0's) powered by a Kenwood amp, and I became one of the first people at my high school to have bass. As the years went on, I learned more and more about car audio, and I also began to appreciate sound quality as well as bass. So here I am, the one my friends or friends of friends turn to for anything car audio related. I love it.

Don't like rockford subs? Then don't look at my car =)

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