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wire diagram for 06 dodge 2500

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Topic: wire diagram for 06 dodge 2500

Posted By: bubbaman06
Subject: wire diagram for 06 dodge 2500
Date Posted: November 26, 2006 at 1:08 PM

i cant seeemto figureout the wires for the speakers in my 2006 dodge 2500... the back wire colors are grey w/ a dark green chaseradn the ohter is grey w/ a light greenchaser..i duno which is whichthey both seem tohave powergoing to htem.. andyone kno what this is about??? or have an answer to my problem?????


Posted By: oscarnl86
Date Posted: November 26, 2006 at 3:11 PM
Battery GRAY/RED (+) RADIO HARNESS posted_image
posted_imageAccesory "CAN" DATA BUS (+) RADIO HARNESS 
posted_imageGround BLACK/ DARK GREEN (-) RADIO HARNESS posted_image
posted_imageIllumination ORANGE / DARK BLUE (+) RADIO HARNESS 
posted_imageAmp Turn On DARK GREEN/ RED (+) RADIO HARNESS 
posted_imageLF Speaker (+) DARK GREEN 
posted_imageLF Speaker (-) BROWN / RED 
posted_imageRF Speaker (+) VIOLET 
posted_imageRF Speaker (-) DARK BLUE/RED 
posted_imageLR Speaker (+) BROWN / YELLOW 
posted_imageLR Speaker (-) BROWN / LIGHT BLUE 
posted_imageRR Speaker (+) DARK BLUE/WHITE 
posted_imageRR Speaker (-) DARK BLUE/ORANGE 
posted_imageRadio Security YES

i know some stuff and what i dont know ill make it up feel free to ask

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