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08 Honda Accord Radio Removal - FYI

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Topic: 08 Honda Accord Radio Removal - FYI

Posted By: StealthEs
Subject: 08 Honda Accord Radio Removal - FYI
Date Posted: January 27, 2008 at 10:59 PM

Did an 08 Accord the other day, hardwire radar and SCFM1. Tried searching for a how to on removing the radio. Didn't really find anything so I decided to list. This is for the none Nav radio. Might be the same or very close for nav. Very close to the last body style with a few differences.

1) Remove trim surround shifter. All one solid piece leading into the center glove box. Have you pop up at glove box other wise you will brake that part.

2)Once that is fully removed you can now remove 2 screws from the center pocket down low. On the upper of the 2 pockets if you look in the pocket and up you'll see two more screws that need to be removed. Once you have the 4 screws out you can now pull the pockets out.

3)Once the pockets are removed you can now get to the 2 8mm bolts under the radio.

4) On either side of the radio that will be trim panels that need to be removed. The are held in pace with clips. Be careful with this, they seem kinda bristle. Fully remove both.

5) Remove both screws exposed once the trim bezels are removed.  One on each side of radio .

6) There are a few clips around the radio. I found it easier to get a panel popper under the radio to help with pushing the radio out.

It uses the new Honda antenna adapters.  Unfortunately there isn't a standard antenna junction below the radio like the previous body style.   FYI don't use the American International ones, the one that plugs into the factory antennas is slightly to big that the antenna itself. Get the Metra ones and you won't have a problem.


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