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09 Dodge Charger, Remote Start - FYI

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Topic: 09 Dodge Charger, Remote Start - FYI

Posted By: gquinn69
Subject: 09 Dodge Charger, Remote Start - FYI
Date Posted: December 21, 2008 at 3:43 PM

OKay, this car is kind of a pain. I did the police car version or should i say have started it. Parts needed for RS must have all 3 and nobody knew this before i started!



expresskey for new gm/chrysler

I was told the canmax400 from dei would work.IT DOES NOT!  You have to install the chwfr into the actual ignition cylinder MAKE SURE YOU PUSH IT ALL THE WAY ONTO THE CIRCUIT BOARD BEFORE SCREWING IT DOWN!! You can get the ignition switch out by un screwing the one phillips head out of the dash below it about 4 inches and pulling it back to make room after unscrewing the 4 phillips first. Parklights are in pass kick WHITE/ violet +

Brake lights in harness to left of dash opening everything else was data.

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