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Avic N1 and Pioneer Upgrade - FYI

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Topic: Avic N1 and Pioneer Upgrade - FYI

Posted By: btspac
Subject: Avic N1 and Pioneer Upgrade - FYI
Date Posted: April 25, 2008 at 1:05 AM

-Beware- I had all the symptoms of the flex cable failure on my AVIC-N1. Most of you know, by now, that this was a significant and common problem. Buttons, touch screen, sound and many other symptoms could be effected with this issue. In fact, Pioneer lists on their site the symptoms consistent with a flex cable problem. I sent my problematic unit into them because I was told that they would not sell the part in order for me to fix locally. Once it got there, they told me it was not the flex cable and it would cost $200 flat rate for repair. Here's the kicker...the customer service rep said I could not speak with a technician. "They only do work..not talk to customers" I was then told that the malfunctioning flip screen had nothing to do with the flex cable. They would provide no documentation of diagnostics. They apparently CANNOT send any replaced parts back to the customer. I got the unit back after an uninstall cost $65 (locally) plus shipping costs and $200 at Pioneer. The thing still does not work correctly. Now the XM does not work, my audio CD got stuck with the first use and the flip screen shut down. My caution to all of you is...expect the "free upgrade" AKA pioneer avoiding a recall on a faulty part, to turn into some other diagnosis and a flat fee of $200 which will certainly cover their cost for the FREE flex cable upgrade. It happened to me, my friend and three other guys at the local installer that I worked with. On the bright side, Pioneer said today that I can ship it back (uninstall and shipment at my cost again) and they will look at it. For the record...the installers are great, and it worked without problem for 3 years after initial install. The reinstall was not done improperly. Good luck all.


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