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2010 Suburban OEM System Has 2 Channel IR - FYI

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Topic: 2010 Suburban OEM System Has 2 Channel IR - FYI

Posted By: i am an idiot
Subject: 2010 Suburban OEM System Has 2 Channel IR - FYI
Date Posted: May 08, 2010 at 3:19 PM

I do not think it is common for an OEM system to have 2 channel infrared transmitter.  This vehicle does, the B channel is for IPOD and Factory XM.  The Bchannel is always on, even when one of these sources is not selected.  Customer wanted another overhead / wireless headphone installed for the 3rd row seating.  Problem was, it hte headphone could see the OEM monitor, there was interference coming from the B channel of the OEM transmitter.  This was an easy fix for most with some decent soldering skills.  I do have pictures to show the process, I will compress them tonight and post them.  On the OEM monitor, you can see the 8 LEDs through the lens.  The LEDs are wired in series and alternate AB AB AB AB AB  You have to remove the one at the beginning of the chain.  Remove it, bend one of the legs so it is now straight, reinsert the LED into the board, the one leg that you did not alter.  Solder a small wire into the cirtuit board where the leg you bent used to go.  Solder another small wire to the leg you straightened out, run those wires to a switch.  The switch will simply turn the OEM B channel off.  Customer can now watch OEM monitor on A and aftermarket  monitor on B.

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