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Headrest How-To, 06 Chrysler 300C

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Topic: Headrest How-To, 06 Chrysler 300C

Posted By: xscash
Subject: Headrest How-To, 06 Chrysler 300C
Date Posted: March 24, 2006 at 7:18 PM

ok here is a different way to do the same thing.

06 chrysler 300c headrest install


things needed, tv shroud, roll of tape and a sharp razor

first determine if the tv will fit deep into the headrest by pushing on the back about the depth of the tv.


center the tv on the headrest and make a outline with tape


cut the material slightly smaller than the taped outline start at all corners rounding them and then connecting them together like in the next two pictures.


pic of the rounded corners....this prevents the material from ripping when streched...i leave a small tab for the tv to pinch under it

next pull the material off to the side and slice the foam in the same shape as the tv

after all slices are made around the edges ...scoop with your fingers and pull the core of the hole out.


this is what it should look like. the foam should be removed so it is deep enough to accept the full tv


test fit the shroud in the hole. it should fit below the surface. make any adjustments at this time.


this is how it should look with the shroud installed. now figure out which side the wire needs to come out of and using your finger ...push a hole in the foam from the inside to one leg of the headrest.


push the wire thru the channel in the foam and out the headrest at the spot where the post enters


its time for the moment of truth.  press the tv evenly into the hole starting from the bottom and pressing in the top,  pinching the material between the shroud and the headrest.   if it is leather you could use a little windex to make it slide in .  if the fit seems too can crack the corners of the shroud ...if you must do this , you may have to use velcro on the back of the tv to insure that it doesnt vibrate out.

installing in this manner will allow the customer to push on the headrest  without a fear of pulling the material away from the monitor. and provides a tight clean look


this is the time to make sure you  have square the tv and it isnt on an angle.  flush the tv as much as you wish by removing or leaving the foam in the headrest


now on to the seat back.  we need to bring the other end of the wire out of the seat top oppisite side of the wire on the headrest.  


remove the plug from the seatback , in most cases the plugs on the seat are just popped in. if you reach in from the bottom of the seat you can squeez the bottom of the plug and push it out.  now you cant use the same path the plug goes in but push the wire up the foam and out the hole at the top and replace the plug.


with the headrest back in place...plug the wire in...this method allows the headrest to move up and down without kinking the wire...and in the down position the wire is completely hidden.


all that is left is to route the wire under the seat bottom and connect sure to check for full movement of the seat without pulling or binding the wire in the track.

good luck,   XS


Posted By: Ween
Date Posted: March 24, 2006 at 10:53 PM


great job, very informative.

i've used A&D ointment / petroleum jelly to help fit the monitor in if the headrest covering material is a bit tight.  leathers are usually a bit thicker than vinyls.  wipes off without a problem / residue. 


Posted By: bigrobinhtown
Date Posted: May 15, 2006 at 4:53 AM
thats it ok i think i get but doi need a vido amp? i am going to be running three screans


Posted By: nordjohn
Date Posted: May 23, 2006 at 3:54 PM

XS, thanks a lot! I'll try and write the result here ;)


Posted By: boxster_italy
Date Posted: June 02, 2006 at 3:47 PM

Hello, my name is Daniele from Italy,

i would ask..

how i can to pass cable through my seat to connect headrest's cable?

sorry for my poor english language..

Posted By: soultinter
Date Posted: August 05, 2006 at 11:21 AM
Go to your local building supply store and buy a monster zip tie, cut the square end off and voila, you have a semi rigid "poker" to use to pass wires with.

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