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2006 Denali DVD to Nav and Backup Camera - FYI

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Topic: 2006 Denali DVD to Nav and Backup Camera - FYI

Posted By: 4ebirep
Subject: 2006 Denali DVD to Nav and Backup Camera - FYI
Date Posted: July 25, 2006 at 10:03 PM

I wanted to post this to possibly save someone else some time on their project since I found conflicting info on these forums.  My goal was to add a backup camera and also route the factory dvd to the factory navigation. I used a Soundgate vidgm2 ($270) module to into the nav unit. There was no wire splicing but you do have to crack open the nav unit and replace a ribbon cable on the inside which was a bit hairy. Secondly I used a Visionhitech Boyo license plate cam ($150) on ebay. This cam looks great almolst factory on the car and has good video and night vision quality. Lastly I hooked the factory dvd to the soundgate module using a shielded video cable I grounded the shield to a screw on the dvd players chassis and used the dark blue wire coming out of the plug going to the screen. It is definitely the dk. blue and not the lt. blue wire that I have seen on other posts. I did not use the parking brake interlock instead I put in a switched ground allowing me to send the dvd video to the nav unit at any time. The back up camera  video is triggered automatically when the vehicle is in reverse. It took a bit of time but I saved $1000 over what the local shops wanted. All and all I am pretty happy with the vid quality on the factory nav and the back up vid quality. Hope this helps someone.......8D

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