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Viper 4115v vs Avital 4113LX

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Topic: Viper 4115v vs Avital 4113LX

Posted By: jameselantra
Subject: Viper 4115v vs Avital 4113LX
Date Posted: March 04, 2016 at 12:17 PM

Ok people here seem to really know DEIs products.

Is there any difference what so ever between Viper 4115v vs Avital 4113LX other than branding???

ANy at all?

I ask because I have a 4 month old AVital 4103LX which is apperantly the 4113 with a different remote. I want to swap the remote to that of a 4115v, However if the 4115v is better Ill change the whole thing.

Someone told me the 41x3 series is buggy and 41x5 series is fixed but I honestly think 4113 vs 4115 is just branding right?

Esentially if I get a Viper 7111v remote and pair it to my avital 4103LX it will be 100% the same as if I swapped to a 4115v right?

Im doing this move as I was thinking if I stayed on my OEM fob and had a one button rs for start and unlock only I wouldnt notice all the bugs Im noticing and ide be happy.


Posted By: Mark Mizenko
Date Posted: March 04, 2016 at 10:32 PM
all the same module, just different remotes. And maybe a different antenna on the viper, but doesn't make any difference anyway.

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