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DEI 4103r wont crank 556u bypass

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Topic: DEI 4103r wont crank 556u bypass

Posted By: coletrain777
Subject: DEI 4103r wont crank 556u bypass
Date Posted: December 27, 2016 at 7:18 PM

Hello all, my name is Cole and I am having difficulty with a 4103 install on a 2004 Mercury Mountaineer. I have all wiring hooked up correctly (I believe) and verified with a volt meter. I am using a 556u bypass with a dealer coded and cut key placed inside. The vehicle start fine using the ignition, but does nothing when the remote start button is pressed. I currently have the brake wire switch hooked up correctly, the hood switch and neutral safety switch are both grounded, and the following wiring is hooked up as listed below:

Vehicle Battery Positive Wire (+): Yellow connected to H2/4 and H2/6 red wires

Vehicle Ignition Wire (+): RED / Green connected to H2/1 pink wire

Vehicle Accessory Wire (+): GREEN/ Light Green connected to H2/3 orange wire and H2/5 pink/white wire

Automobile Engine Starter Wire (+): Red Connected to H2/2 purple wire

Car Key Sense Wire (-): GREEN/ Violet not connected

Car Neutral Safety Wire (+): WHITE/ Red currently run to ground

Car Tachometer Wire (-): Pink/White connected to H3/2 violet/white tach wire

Car Speed Sense Wire: Gray/Black   not connected

Car Parking Lights Wire (+): Brown   connected correctly

Car Horn Wire (-): Yellow/Light Green    connected correctly

Satellite harness 4 pin connector; blue status output wire to blue 556u bypass wire

hood pin switch wire connected to ground

also normal grounds are hooked up correctly

The strange thing is that when i ground the H1/4 blue/white input activation wire the vehicle still doesn't crank, or even send voltage down the purple wire connected to the vehicle starter wire.

i don't have either + or - keysense wire hooked up as from what I have read it is not needed. I also don't have the pink wire from the 556u bypass hooked up ( +ignition input)

What do i do with the H1/3 wire that is listed as "+ignition out to alarm"? not sure its needed or where it goes.

Thanks in advance for any help, just to clarify after a long message... the remote fobs lock/unlock the doors, but the vehicle will not crank with the fob or the input wire grounded???


Posted By: coletrain777
Date Posted: December 27, 2016 at 7:20 PM
Also, after not getting anywhere after 8 hours of checking and rechecking, I did try another 4103 brain and bypass module just to make sure mine werent bad out of the box... no change at all.

Posted By: chev104275
Date Posted: December 27, 2016 at 8:07 PM
Remove the gray hood wire from ground. If it's grounded it thinks the hood is open and won't start.

If i Can't Install it    I Don't need it   Joe

Posted By: coletrain777
Date Posted: December 29, 2016 at 8:44 PM
thanks, that did the trick!

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