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Programming Avital Remote Start

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Topic: Programming Avital Remote Start

Posted By: newshockerguy
Subject: Programming Avital Remote Start
Date Posted: May 06, 2018 at 1:31 PM

I just installed an Avital 4003 remote start along side with my Avital 2101 keyless entry from a couple years back.

Everything is working on the remote start as it should... zero issues. I simply want to change some settings. IE: Change the tach mode from virtual to actual tach. Lights I want to blink rather than stay constant. Nothing crazy. It only has 2 menus, but multiple options in each menu.

This has to be one of the most frustrating things I've ever encountered...

This is what the directions state:

1. Turn on igintion then off.
2. Press and hold valet button, unit will blink once for menu 1, blink twice for menu 2.
3. Choose within 10 second which feature you want to select from menu. Press valet switch the number of times that feature you want, then press valet switch and hold it down. This will confirm you are in that feature.
4. Activate input, each time the valet switch is pulsed the feature will blink. So if it has 2 options, pulsating the switch should switch between those two options.
5. Release. The valet button can be released.

I've tried EVERYTHING. I have no issues going into steps 1-3. For example. The Parking light option. Is is menu 2, feature 3.
So I do the following.
Turn ignition on, then off. Hold the valet switch until it blinks/honks 2 times. I am now in menu 2. I hit the switch 3 times, THEN hold the switch down. It now blinks/honks 3 times indicating I am IN the right menu feature.

When I hit the valet switch again nothing happens, no led, no honk... nothing. Indicating to me it's not switching. What is considered "pulsed" is it a quick, tap of the switch, IE. like you are ringing a door bell? do I hold it in..etc. I have tried every possible combination and nothing is working. On step 5 of Release why is it saying I can now release the valet button... indicating I should have never let it go in step 4??

I'm sorry if this is very basic question and it seems silly for me to even ask. I don't consider myself an idiot but the wording on some of this is not clear in terms of duration...

What am I possibly doing wrong? NOTE. That I can switch to features in the same menu... if i click the valet switch and hold it I can go to feature 10, 11...etc. But once I am in said feature no matter what I do to click on the valet switch the led does not blink on/off nor does my horn honk so I am quite confused on why the directions make it seem super simple to switch an option feature yet I am having such a difficult time...

Any help on this would be great. The wiring programming feature of this compared to all the wiring that was done seems 100x harder than actually wiring everything up which should not be the be the

Thanks much,



Posted By: geepherder
Date Posted: May 06, 2018 at 6:04 PM
Is this the manual you are using?:

If so, to change a feature, you pulse the white/blue wire (briefly touch to positive or negative depending on the position of the programming jumper), not press the valet button again.

My ex once told me I have a perfect face for radio.

Posted By: newshockerguy
Date Posted: May 06, 2018 at 6:19 PM
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! That works 100%. Not sure why I didn't understand the pulsate I just figured it would be the valet switch. Now I really do feel like an idiot. But thank you!! It's much appreciated. All works great now and everything is properly set!!



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