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Semoic 433HZ Remote Programming?

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Topic: Semoic 433HZ Remote Programming?

Posted By: darth1
Subject: Semoic 433HZ Remote Programming?
Date Posted: February 16, 2021 at 2:31 PM

Has anyone used one of these? I bought one off to play around with but I can't find how to program it anywhere. Of course it came with no paperwork at all!


Posted By: lectricguy
Date Posted: February 16, 2021 at 7:19 PM
I've never used one of those, but looking at the pictures and reading the description (quite a poor translation), it appears to work as follows:

Hook up:

12VDC input is supplied to the 2 position green terminal. Polarity is shown on the PCB silkscreen on the bottom of the PC Board. The output appears to be a set of relay contacts on the 3 position green terminal, with contact locations silk screened on the PC Board: Normally Closed (NC-equivalent to pin 87A), Common (Com-equivalent to pin 30), and Normally Open (NO-equivalent to pin 87). Look at the relay section for more detail.


The relay is controlled by the included remote. It can be used in 1 of 3 modes:    jog/unlocked, Interlock/Lock, Auto Lock/Auto Lock

It appears that the modes operate as follows:

Jogging/unlocking, press and hold a button to activate the relay, release the same button to deactivate the relay.   (Channel switching requires a remote control button)

Auto lock: momentarily press a button to activate the relay, momentarily press the same button to deactivate the relay. (Channel switching requires a remote control button)

Interlock/Lock: Press one button to activate the relay, press another button to deactivate the relay. (One channel change requires 2 remote buttons)

Remote Programming:

1. Learning method: Press and hold the learning code button on the PC Board for 3 seconds. The indicator light will go out, then release the learning code button. Press any button on the remote control to send a signal, the indicator will flash 3 times, and then the method of learning success will be displayed normally.

2. Delete/Clear Method: Press the Learn button for about 8 seconds, the indicator will remain off, indicating that your saved information has been successfully deleted.

This is my best guess. Experiment with it and see what you find.

Lectric Guy

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