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CM6000, Confirmation Of Passive Arm Function

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Topic: CM6000, Confirmation Of Passive Arm Function

Posted By: ace_boy2099
Subject: CM6000, Confirmation Of Passive Arm Function
Date Posted: February 18, 2021 at 10:41 AM

I have 2 vehicles with cm6000's in them. On one when I turn on passive arm/lock (on the remote) the vehicle does nothing after I shut it off and walk away (in my test I just unlocked the vehicle and didn't touch the vehicle). No arming or locking occurred.passive via remote works in terms of being able to use the remote while enabled, it just doesnt passively arm/lock.
Note: dome supervision is set to auto, I dont know how to make the dome lights shut off instantly when the doors are shut like the other vehicle does. This one is a 2005 Ford F350.

The second vehicle (1999 Ford F150) when I turn on passive on the remote. The remote becomes unusable, it does passively lock in that time but I cant lock or unlock with the remote until I turn off passive via the remote (status que works though). It shows no signal to the remote when I try to lock/arm with passive active, turn it off and full bars signal strength.
Note:I believe dome supervision is also set to auto on this one, but i dont recall and didnt think to check.

On an old cm5000 i had if i turned off the vehicle and walked away it would flash the lights every 10 sec and then at 30 sec (3rd flash, huh math... lol) it would lock/arm. This is how I believe it should work. It would also do the same thing if, like in my test, I unlocked the vehicle and didnt touch it, again count down and then lock/arm....

I dont recall the settings on the 5000, but I just verified the settings on the 6000 modules 1-8 is set to opt 2 (passive arm and lock), and 1-10 is set to I think it was 2 (30 sec) on both.

On both when I tried to activate passive via drone (X1R I think) it would give me and error if "smart lock" was off and it would turn on smart lock without enabling passive, I then try again to enable passive with smart lock on and it works, when i turn off smart lock after passive is enabled it turns both off.

If it is supposed to work like the 5000 did, what could be wrong that it isnt working on the 6000s? If they changed it on the 6000s what did they change it to, just while running?!

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