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Remote Start Not Working, Car Finder Does, DEI 4X03, 2011 Nissan Altima

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Printed Date: September 18, 2021 at 9:05 AM

Topic: Remote Start Not Working, Car Finder Does, DEI 4X03, 2011 Nissan Altima

Posted By: bob4689
Subject: Remote Start Not Working, Car Finder Does, DEI 4X03, 2011 Nissan Altima
Date Posted: April 01, 2021 at 10:31 PM

Hello this is my first time on this forum and I am having some troubles with my car. I just discovered it has an aftermarket remote starter receiver. It is a directed electric 4x03 and its on a 2011 nissan altima 3.5 V6 SR, automatic, push start. I ordered a one button remote for it as it didn't come with one. That is a 7111L. I found the valet button and programmed it successfully. According to the instructions that I found online, it's the 4113 1 button series manual, it shows a picture of the 4x03 so I believe that's the correct manual. Anyways according to the manual, if I press the button, on the remote, for less than 3 seconds it should commence remote start, and for more than 3 seconds it will trigger the car finder feature. I pressed it for longer than 3 seconds and the car finder did work (flashed parking lights 5 times). But when I pressed the button on the remote for less than 3 seconds, nothing happens, no lights no clicks no nothing. The remote does flash its indicator light showing that it's transmitting, but the car does nothing. From there I looked through the manual and also found that there is a remote start Shutdown diagnostics. I got that to work, which then had the brain box flash its led 6 times which indicates a brake switch Shutdown. I'm not sure whether that was done when the previous owner last used it or if that's why it's not attempting to remote start. I put my multimeter on the brown wire (H3/3) and grounded the other end. There was no voltage whether the brake pedal was pressed or not. So I thought it might need a 12v signal there, so I ran a wire from the brown wire to a 12v source and that unfortunately did not change a single thing, still have car finder but no remote start. So now that you've read my epistle, if you have any advice or see anything that I've overlooked, that would be awesome! I just really want this remote start to work. Thanks!


Posted By: chev104275
Date Posted: April 02, 2021 at 4:15 AM
You should have another box somewhere under the dash, The 4113 wont start that car on its own. See of you can find that and post when model it is.

If i Can't Install it    I Don't need it   Joe

Posted By: bob4689
Date Posted: April 02, 2021 at 7:55 AM
Yes I did find the other module, there were many numbers so I'll just give them here.
Then there is a large string of numbers and letters
Also that B might be an 8 in the long string, not sure. Even if that matters but hope this helps.

Edit: I figured out why the DBALL part doesn't work. It doesn't have power. Now that's where I'm stuck again, the 4x03 has power and works obviously but the DBALL doesn't. All of its harnesses are plugged in, including the D2D harness to the 4x03. Not sure where it receives power from but it's not getting any. I press the little button on the DBALL and nothing happens.

Posted By: mgoetz74
Date Posted: April 02, 2021 at 2:43 PM
the d2d port is what power it. If I remember correctly red green black blue wires? red was the power and black the ground blue/green was data from remote start. If its the original dball its probably from 2013/14 and is time to replace it. I just had to do that on my 2012 altima pts, I had the original dball in it and it would work some times and over the summer started to drain my battery. Took it out and battery issues stopped. You could alway try starting the vechile push the remote start button on viper key fob turn off the car and see if it stays running. If it does your RS is fine just need to replace the dball

31 years as a installer. Favorite thing to install/topic are remote starts/car alarms. Stop using test lights!!!

Posted By: bob4689
Date Posted: April 02, 2021 at 10:21 PM
Okay I tried that and the car did not stay running. I started it (pushed the button), then pressed the button on the other remote (remote start), and then pressed the start button again, which shut off the engine. Not sure if I did that right. So I unplugged the d2d connector on the dball and measured voltage. 0 volts across all 4 pins. Then I unplugged the d2d connector from the 4x03. Also 0 volts across all 4 pins. Is there a setting that the 4x03 has to be in to supply voltage? Maybe it got reset when the previous owner sold it? I'm wondering if that's my issue.

Edit: the manual does say it's default is bitwriter mode not d2d mode. Can this module be reset if the car battery is disconnected? As in, could it have factory reset itself when the battery was disconnected previously?

Posted By: mgoetz74
Date Posted: April 03, 2021 at 9:44 AM
there was something years ago where you unplugged power to the RS, taken the white/blue wire and grounded it and plugged the power back in. Now this is all if I remember it correctly, been alot other problems with viper in those years so maybe some will chime in on it. Ill see if i can come across it.

hey i was right, this was from

4x03/5x03 D2D/ESP2 programming
Newer 4x03 and 5x03 platforms require programming the 4 pin red multiport to ESP2 or D2D protocol
communication. Affected units should contain an addendum packaged in the box, however if this addendum is
missing the following procedure can be used to change the multiport protocol.
These units are set in ESP2 mode by default. To change to D2D protocol, perform the following steps:
1. Verify system is powered down (main 12V(+) and ground are disconnected)
2. Ground the White/Blue Activation input and power the system up (connect 12V(+) and ground)
3. The LED will flash for 5 seconds to confirm protocol change from ESP2 to D2D
In order to change the system from D2D to ESP2, repeat the above procedure, the LED will illuminate steady
(instead of flashing) to confirm change back to ESP2 was successful.

31 years as a installer. Favorite thing to install/topic are remote starts/car alarms. Stop using test lights!!!

Posted By: bob4689
Date Posted: April 05, 2021 at 12:27 PM
Apparently I broke something more. Now my remote won't even activate car finder and the 4x03 module is not responding to anything. Not even the valet button. I also found that the only 2 wires connected on the "primary" harness are the black(ground) and white(light flash output) but it looks like the remote start portion is wired all in. What I'm guessing is that they wired it so the dball would do all the remote start part through the d2d port. Now back to the 4x03. Where is the main 12v source that powers it? I looked all over the diagram and the only one I saw was the high current 30A inputs on the "heavy Guage relay" portion. So I'm baffled on how it could've lost power cause everything is still plugged in.

Edit: okay I'm really confused now. I went and checked all the connections. They are all still good. The purple wire on the heavy Guage relay is not wired up. I'm assuming because the dball does the starting or because it's a pts. But all the other connections work, red 12v 30A (2) always have 12v. Orange Acc and
Pink ign and pink w/white ign secondary all have 12v when ignition is turned on. Nothing else feeds this thing 12v. Did it just fry itself when I looked at it funny or something? Or am I wayyy overlooking something that is staring me right in the face?

Posted By: bob4689
Date Posted: April 06, 2021 at 7:32 PM
I decided to unplug the 4x03 and wait. So I'll let you know if it starts working once I plug it back in later. I also unplugged the d2d cable on the 4x03 side and powered it from an alternate 12v source. The dball fired right up so I'm thinking that it should be good to go. I'll just have to get the 4x03 working or worst case scenario I think I can plug and play a new one.

Edit: sad day I unplugged the 2 12v connectors on the 4x03 and left it for about an hour. Plugged it back in and nothing. Tried to reprogram the remote and nothing. Not sure what happened. Maybe I did something wrong and I'm just not seeing it? Not sure, any help from here would be appreciated.

Posted By: mgoetz74
Date Posted: April 08, 2021 at 12:07 PM
just have to make sure the 2 reds have 12+ going to them and the black wire on the primary harness is to a ground/metal. You wont be able to get a newer RS that will just plug into the wires there. That RS is from 2012 and harness have changed and even viper doesn't make a lot of RS other than the ds4+ anymore. Which you could by the ds4+ and a t harness and most is plug an play but you'd have to flash the ds4+ with the car info (make/model/year) and that's only available to retailers.

31 years as a installer. Favorite thing to install/topic are remote starts/car alarms. Stop using test lights!!!

Posted By: bob4689
Date Posted: April 08, 2021 at 11:00 PM
So I was browsing ebay and did find some used 4x05 and 4x03's they're pretty cheap so I was wondering if that's okay to do or if it's not worth it to buy another outdated RS?

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