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viper 5000,glass sensor,remote start

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Topic: viper 5000,glass sensor,remote start

Posted By: hshark
Subject: viper 5000,glass sensor,remote start
Date Posted: September 09, 2007 at 4:27 PM

ok so my 2006 hyundai tiburon has the viper 5000 remote start and glass sensor somtimes when i remote start my car my alarm goes off because i left my ac to high or because i left the radio turned on and my subs set of the shock sensor off. my question is i have seen the pulse timer relay but it is only adjustable up to 90 seconds of delay is there some other method of making the glass and shock sensor trun off for 5-10 minutes while my car heats or colds up. maybe like a relay or somthing that will shut the glass and shock sensor off?? i need instructions on how to do this..thanks!

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Posted By: eurobink
Date Posted: September 09, 2007 at 6:56 PM

on your remote start will be an output that is negative when remote start is running

use that wire with a relay

remote start wire to pin 85

12v constant to pin 86

cut the power on your glass sensor and one wire goes to pin 30 and the other to pin 87a 

pin 87 does  nothing

or at your ignition harness, disconnect the accessory wire for your radio from the remote start..

Posted By: hshark
Date Posted: September 09, 2007 at 7:35 PM

thanks! tha was fast but just to be sure will this take care of he shock sensor too?

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Posted By: captainzab
Date Posted: September 09, 2007 at 7:57 PM
for the 5000 units, using channel 3 as your remote start (change setting to remote start report) will shunt the sensors during remote start.
Dont forget to connect the status output from the starter to the blue wire (aka zone 1) (must diode isolate status and blue wire)

This option is designed to reduce the installation time for add-on remote starters.
Note: Only channel 3 has this capability and the zone 1sensor shunt connection must be made for this
feature to work correctly.

Remote start ON report: When programmed on and channel 3 is transmitted the system will:
1. Bypass the zone 1 input and monitor for ground.
2. Bypass zone 2, 4, & 7 inputs as long as zone 1 is grounded.
3. Send the factory alarm disarm output.
4. Activate the starter kill as an anti-grind circuit.
5. Monitor and bypass the zone 3 door switch input in the same way as door trigger error bypass.
6. Transmit the remote start ON notification to the HHU.

Your installer should have done this during the install so that it will tell your LCD remote that your car is on.
Print this out and go back to him to fix it.
(i didnt know about this when it first came out, but the unit is a few years old, so he has no excuse)

You know, its hard finding people that want the 5000 with a remote start add on, usually people just go for the unit with alarm & remote start.
What made you go the other route?

Note: You Always Dont Get What You Pay For.

Posted By: hshark
Date Posted: September 10, 2007 at 4:08 AM
the dealers son is my friend from high school the installers are all my friends he gave me the alarm and remote start and lifetime warrany on labor and parts for 300 bucks. Well the installer is really good he has done lots of work for me but he has never done the 5000 on a tiburon. I dont know if it is different on a tiburon but he has never done one. thanks for your help..

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