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Dome Light Source for Triggering LED Courtesy Light Feature

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Topic: Dome Light Source for Triggering LED Courtesy Light Feature

Posted By: wayland1313
Subject: Dome Light Source for Triggering LED Courtesy Light Feature
Date Posted: December18, 2020 at 3:57 AM

Good day everyone,

I'm having a hard time understanding if this will work or not so I want some input and assistance if possible. I recently purchased a LED setup with a control box that has an auxiliary wiring coming out of it. This aux wire is a positive trigger wire that can activate the curtsey light feature along with the dome light. This feature is setup so when the door is opened, the LED strips will automatically switch/override to white lights as part of the cabin/curtsey light. When the ever the dome light goes out and power gets cut to this aux wire, the box will switch bad to original LED color. The problem I'm having is that this aux is one single positive wire... my car's dome light setup is a constant 12V wiring that goes into the dome light but the door switch activates the ground whenever it's engaged. so I can't tap this aux wire into the dome power source because it will be activated constantly.

I saw the pinned post of "Illuminated Entry for Vehicles with Negative Door Triggers Relay Wiring Diagram", will this set up work for my situation? If not, what other relay setup can I look into to set up this properly?

I'm sorry if this has already been addressed previously but I tried searching through all the forms and did not come across anything similar. Any help and assistance is greatly appreciated.


Posted By: the12volt
Date Posted: December18, 2020 at 10:31 AM
Use a relay with your negative door trigger to provide a positive output to your LED control box.

posted_image the12volt Support

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