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train horn wiring

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Topic: train horn wiring

Posted By: racer24
Subject: train horn wiring
Date Posted: July 30, 2009 at 10:39 AM

Hi everybody I just joined today. Now for my problem which for some reason I can't figure out. I bought a train horn and compressor. I got the compressor up and running but the trouble is with making the horns work. They are 2 wires from the horn solenoid the directions say to ground one wire it didn't matter which one and run the other one to a toggle switch. Check. Then run from the battery and a inline fuse with a 40 amp fuse and tap into the wire ran to the switch. Now my problem is when I install the fuse the horn blows which have my neighbors a little unnnerved. I ran a ground wire from the other terminal of the switch to a good ground and it still does the same thing I was thinking I didn;t need a ground since it was grounded in the back. Do I need to run the ground wire form the horn solenoid up to switch too??


Posted By: jeffwhiteman
Date Posted: July 30, 2009 at 2:20 PM
Ground one wire from the horn. hook the other horn wire to one side of the switch. Hook the other side of the switch to the battery with a fuse. Keep the fuse as close to the battery as possible. That should do it.

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