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I知 Finding Way Too Many Wiring Diagrams Online for 2000 Dodge Durango

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Topic: I知 Finding Way Too Many Wiring Diagrams Online for 2000 Dodge Durango

Posted By: kenwood_nut
Subject: I知 Finding Way Too Many Wiring Diagrams Online for 2000 Dodge Durango
Date Posted: December24, 2020 at 10:00 AM

Hey, all you 12 volt nuts! Ever try to look up a simple wiring diagram and find out there are like 25 different ones online for the same vehicle? Well that's what I'm finding out in the last few days! I tried the first one I found, which was a diagram showing the black and gray plugs from the back of the 2000 Durango I'm working on. FIRST thing I did before trying ANYTHING was to use my DMM to determine which wires were were actually constant 12v and switched 12v. The ground is easy because it's bolted to the back of the stock deck. Once I got the new Alpine all hooked up and slid it in, I had power and display and the memory held, so the 12v wires were the only ones correct! BUT NO SOUND!!! So, I pulled the Alpine back out, cut EVERY wire except the two power wires, and tested as many variations as I could with a AA battery to find a speaker, a trick I learned 30 years ago. When you find a speaker using a battery, you will hear a very slight click/pop from that speaker. I couldn't get ANY to make a noise!

So, later that night, I googled the issue and found it was VERY common, even on The12Volt forums, to find others who got no sound after they installed a new head unit on a Dodge. Seems the majority of the answers were that this was because they had a factory amp (located behind the passenger side kick panel), and all the speaker wires went to the amp before the speakers. Made a lot of sense to me! I wasn't sure if the guy I'm doing this for has a factory amp or not, but I'm now assuming he does. I'm going back in a few days to check.

Anyway, factory amp or no amp, I was overwhelmed by how darn many different stereo wiring diagrams I've been finding online for just this one same vehicle, a 2000 Dodge Durango. I copied pictures when I could, and copied others onto Word documents when they weren't in an image. So far I think I've come up with 5 to 7 different variations, all of which are drastically different! Different enough to spell trouble if connected that way! I've decided to list a few of the ones I've found, along with pictures of the actual plugs I'm working with on this vehicle in hopes that someone can maybe confirm which one is closest or even remotely correct. Any help is much appreciated.

THIS is the reason I told myself years ago that I would no longer install car stereos for other people (I only do them for friends, family and myself). I've installed more head units with and without amps in my own cars over the last 45 years than I could ever begin to count. I only started taking pictures of them in the mid 90's, so before that I lost count. And I have NEVER had even ONE deck not work fine the first time I connected it all. All the speakers worked, all the lights and displays and remote turn-ons and power antenna leads and everything. Same with amps. They have all worked fine when I put them in my own cars. BUT, it seems like more than half the stereos I go to install in other peoples' newer vehicles, like 90's cars and newer, always seem to have some kind of issue. I blame it on the wrong wiring diagrams I was provided. So, it became such a pain that I decided to not mess with other stereos, but made an exception this time for a friend.

Well, let me get to this. Here are just a handful of the several different color codes I've found online in different sites and forums, and it seems not one of them are close to the wires in my friend's 2000 Dodge Durango!

FROM ONE SITE that only listed speaker wires:


LF+ Green/Red
LF- Green/Black
RF+ Blue/Red
RF- Blue/Black
LR+ White/Red
LR- White/Black
RR+ Brown/Violet
RR- Brown/Green

LF+ Green
LF- Brown/Red
RF+ Violet
RF- Blue/Red
LR+ Brown/Yellow
LR- Blue/Brown
RR+ Blue/White
RR- Blue/Orange

From The12Volt's wiring diagram files:
Constant 12v          Red/Blue
Switched 12v          Red/White
Illumination          Black/Yellow
Dimmer                  Orange
Ground(to chassis)     Black/Orange
LF+               Dark Green
LF-               Brown/Red
RF+               Brown/Yellow
RF-               Brown/Light Blue
LR+               White
LR-               Dark Blue/Red     
RR+               Brown/White
RR-               Brown/Orange     

From a post in The12Volt:
Constant 12v          Pink     
Switched 12v          Black/Tan
Illumination          White
Dimmer                  Not Listed)
Ground(to chassis)     Black/Orange
LF+               Dark Green
LF-               Brown/Red
RF+               Purple
RF-               Dark Blue/Red
LR+               Brown/Yellow
LR-               Brown/Light Blue
RR+               Dark Blue/White
RR-               Dark Blue/Orange
Amp Turn-On             Dark Green/Red

From a Dodge Wiring schematic:
Constant 12v          Orange
Switched 12v          Yellow
Illumination          Brown/White
Dimmer                  (Not Listed)     
Ground               Dark Green
LF+               Brown/White
LF-               Gray
RF+               Light Green
RF-               Dark Green/Yellow
LR+               Brown
LR-               Yellow
RR+               Dark Blue
RR-               Light Blue

Actual colors I believe we have in THIS 2000 Durango:



Seems I'm only able to upload 2 images, so I'll share the 2 pictures of the harness in this vehicle. That way, maybe someone with a better sense of colors might know what wire goes where. Oh, and I also found out that the white 2-wire plug on the back of the deck is for the steering wheel controls, but of course one site said for radio volume and another site said for CD changer controls.



I didn't even post the several images of various wiring schematics and diagrams found online because this is getting WAY too confusing! I told the guy I might just give up and let him take his Durango to a stereo installer who does this every day of the week and has a nice warm shop with archives full of schematics or has done many Durango stereos. But I haven't given lost all hope yet.

Sorry about another novel, but I wanted to be as specific as I could in hopes that someone would be able to confirm the REAL wiring schematic for this vehicle. Thanks in advance!


Posted By: kenwood_nut
Date Posted: December24, 2020 at 10:06 AM
I posted this on Christmas Eve, so I won't be back at my friend's house until Saturday to find out if his Durango does or doesn't have a factory amp. He's so un-mechanical-minded that he would never even be able to figure out how to remove a kick plate! LOL! But what was thinking I could do was IF there IS a factory amp, since it will never be used again (I'm installing an aftermarket amp in this same vehicle in the next few months), I would cut the wires that several schematics show are the ones to the speakers, then just add new speaker wire from the Alpine to those wires below the amp. THAT should work just fine. But for now, it would sure be much easier if this wiring harness was truly "plug & play"!


Posted By: i am an idiot
Date Posted: December24, 2020 at 12:39 PM
Metra 70-1817

Posted By: geepherder
Date Posted: December24, 2020 at 12:52 PM
If this has the Infinity system, I believe the factory speakers are 2 ohms, so if you are not replacing them also at this time, you'll want to use the factory amp. An adapter harness like a Metra 70-1817 should do the trick, just make sure to connect the amp turn-on lead.

I found some info to bypass the amp with a couple modified Subaru plugs:

Apparently Dodge is notorious for using random colors, so if you can locate a factory manual, you can find the correct wires by pin location:

*Edit: Ha, someone beat me to it.*

My ex once told me I have a perfect face for radio.

Posted By: kenwood_nut
Date Posted: February13, 2021 at 10:15 AM
Ironic as heck, but I was in such a hurry to get this install done before it got dark, that I never thought to look at the label on top of the factory deck! I know that most factory radios don't give wiring schematics like aftermarket ones do, so I never thought to look. Until I watched a YouTube video where a guy with the exact same vehicle was replacing his stock deck with an aftermarket one. He quickly showed the top of the stock one and you could see the sticker! I then called my friend and asked him to snap a picture of the label on his old deck and send it to me. To my surprise, there it was! SO... I compared the sticker on top of the factory deck to all the wiring charts and diagrams I found online and came up with ONE that matched exactly! (I've posted that one below)

Once I found the correct wiring codes, it was a simple hookup. I just had to bypass the factory amp. I watched a bunch of videos about how other people with Dodge vehicles got their amps to power up with an aftermarket head unit, but the pros suggested that was NOT a good idea, so I disconnected the stock amp and bypassed it. I was able to connect the input wires to the output wires for each speaker after verifying which outputs went to each speaker. It all worked out great in the end! The customer (a friend) was super happy with his new Alpine and 4 new Pioneer 4-way 6-1/2's (the sames ones I had in my car). He heard my stereo for about 15 seconds and wanted HIS to sound like MINE! LOL! I told him he would need a big 4-channel amp, a 7-band parametric equalizer, 5-way 6x9's in the back, a powered 10" sub and some tweeters! He chose to just go with a new deck and speakers. Good choice, because he's kind of a jerk sometimes and I didn't really WANT to upgrade all his stuff.

Thanks for the updated help! Unfortunately I didn't see your post until after I did the swap in the Durango.

These were on top of the factory stereo:

These were the ONLY diagram I found online that matched exactly, both from the same guy:


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