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Wiring Schematic, Service Manual for Alpine MRV-F357

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Topic: Wiring Schematic, Service Manual for Alpine MRV-F357

Posted By: hjt77
Subject: Wiring Schematic, Service Manual for Alpine MRV-F357
Date Posted: May 16, 2021 at 6:27 PM


So i am in process of upgrading my audio system power supply wiring from 4awg to 0awg. I am also upgrading speaker wiring, adding in a pair of tweets, changing out subwoofer and upsizing from a 10 to 12. And doing some rearranging of placement of system hardware.

Pretty much a full redo/revamp, rebuild, etc.

Why am i prefacing with all this.
So its understood how i arrived here

So about a year ago. I happened to be scrolling through the marketplace on fb just window shopping.
I come across a person who had earlier that day listed this:
ALPINE v12 series amplifier
Model MRV-F357
For a dirt cheap price of $35.00
described that itsa bit ugly in appeareance but operates like it should.
Figuring 35 dollars was a safe gamble. I contacted the person and met up with them and came home with it.

Hoojed it up and its worked( to my knowledge or from what ive observed its worked flawlessly. For a year

Since i had the systwm completely removed i thought it wise to open and inspect the amps ive used and eill be using. To ensure they are in 100% operational condition etc.

So i take the bottom cover plate of the alpine mrvf357 and despite it being now almost 22 years old. I got surpised by a couple things.
4 dead (ill assume from basic descriptions ive heard) brown recluse spiders. Some tiny few strands of cob web, and. The other surpise was it appeared really clean except for some dirt dust accumulated on the fire retardant and electronic insulating schmear that physically resembles marshmallow fluff or cream cheeese lol.

The only thing that caught my eye as bad was this spot of burnt board
By the position on the board marked "LUG 3" and that appears to also go under the board below the transformer.

I posted a pic of it. In an electronics hobby group. And a comment was made that the or both transformers was toast orbad,
Which if its bad or toast or whatever. I know tbat to mean that you source and then install a new fully operational one.

Except i really dont know how to identify what type brand etc transformer it is. Or then even where to source one to replace it.

Pacparts doesnt list it on their site.
And havent been succesful in sourcing the alpine factory service repair manual and then the wiring diagram/schematic for it either.

Which is why im herw and posting a request for that documentation.

So if anyone reading this has them itd be really appreciated if you cpuld share them with me.

Factory repair/Service manual and wiring schematic for an ALPINE V12 MRV-F357 4CH + SUBWOIFER MULTI MODE AMPLIFIER

thanks in advance


Posted By: i am an idiot
Date Posted: May 16, 2021 at 7:58 PM

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