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2022 Ford XLT Wiring Diagram/Passenger Kick

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Topic: 2022 Ford XLT Wiring Diagram/Passenger Kick

Posted By: 2022-xlt
Subject: 2022 Ford XLT Wiring Diagram/Passenger Kick
Date Posted: May†21, 2022 at 2:15 AM

I've recently tried installing a light strip for the running boards on my new truck. I've routed the wire up and through to the passenger kick plate. The instructions that came with it were wrong. I've incorrectly tapped into one wire already. There were two that were gray/violet. One was thinner than the other (donít know what it goes to). The thicker one has the right turn signal working. I don't want to go any further without some assistance. Does anyone have a diagram that might help me complete this task?

I've got 4 wires on the strip just need to know what colors to tap into:

1. Door Assist (?)
2. Parking lights (?)
3. Turn signal (Gray/Violet seems to be right side turn signal?)
4. Ground (properly grounded)

I'll check back to see if I need to provide any follow-up info.



Posted By: audiokid1
Date Posted: May†21, 2022 at 9:55 PM
Scuff Plate Lights: Connector C2280C at BCM White/Green pin 26
Running Board Lights Left: C3084 on driver side frame rail Violet/Green pin 1
Running Board Lights Right: C3086 on passenger side frame rail Brown/Yellow pin 1

2. Parking Lights
Front: Connector C2280G at BCM Blue/White pin 3
Rear Left: Connector C2280E at BCM Violet/Green pin 26
Rear Right: Connector C2280E at BCM White/Orange pin 51

3. Turn Signals
Front Left: Connector C2280F at BCM Blue/Green pin 39
Front Right: Connector C2280F at BCM Yellow/Violet pin 38
Rear Left: Connector C2280E at BCM Yellow/Violet pin 26
Rear Right: Connector C2280E at BCM Green/Orange pin 52

4. Ground
Use G301 ground point next to SJB/BCM (between BCM and passenger door seal in passenger kick panel). Use 13mm to remove ground nut by hand.

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