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Alarm Wiring, 2001 Honda Prelude

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Topic: Alarm Wiring, 2001 Honda Prelude

Posted By: sazaks
Subject: Alarm Wiring, 2001 Honda Prelude
Date Posted: July†22, 2002 at 9:08 AM

Would anyone have the wiring diagram for a 2001 Honda Prelude.




Posted By: mobiletoys2002
Date Posted: July†22, 2002 at 10:32 AM
alarm or stereo diagram?

Posted By: dan768
Date Posted: July†26, 2002 at 7:51 AM

Heres the alarm wiring.

Year(s): 97-01

Make(s): Honda

Model(s): Prelude


12 Volt (+)

12ga. White at Brown 2 pin connector left of steering column

Ignition 1

12ga. BLACK / YELLOW at ignition harness

Ignition 2


Ignition 3


Accessory 1

12ga. Yellow at ignition harness

Accessory 2



14ga. BLACK/ White at starter relay located left of steering next to Brown 2 pin connector


18ga. Lt. GREEN/ Blue (-) at Gray 3 pin connector left of steering column


18ga. Blue at 2 pin connector on top of right shock tower in engine compartment

Lights (+)

18ga. RED / Black at back of dimmer switch directly below left dash vent (vent is easily removed by lifting up on bottom edge and pulling back)

Lights (-)


Brake Lights

18ga. WHITE/ Black (+) or GREEN / WHITE at brake pedal switch

Door 1

18ga. Green (-) (driver door) below left dash vent (remove vent by lifting up on bottom edge and pulling back)

Door 2

18ga. GREEN/ Orange (-) (passenger door) at same

Door 3


Door 4


Interior Lights

18ga. WHITE/ Black (-) at steering column in harness leading to light ring around key cylinder


18ga. Orange (-) next to door triggers

Hood Pin


Trunk Release


Lock (switch)

18ga. BLACK/ White (-) at Gray 2 pin connector wrapped in Blue tape left of steering column

Unlock (switch)

18ga. Blue/Orange (-) at same (for later models if connector is not at driverís side go to passengerís kick panel and find wires there at MPX module)

Driver Unlock


Arm (key)

20ga. RED / White (-) at factory alarm harness located above foot pedals (should also lock doors)

Disarm (key)

20ga. GREEN/ Orange (-) at same (should also unlock doors)

Arm Input

16ga. WHITE/ Red (M) under left side of dash in White connector heavily taped to large harness

Disarm Input 1

16ga. Lt. GREEN/ Red (M) at bottom of fuse box behind driverís kick panel in 3 pin connector

Disarm Input 2

16ga. Lt. GREEN/ Red (M) under left side of dash in White connector

Remember (there are no hard cars,some just take longer to install on then others)

Posted By: sazaks
Date Posted: August†01, 2002 at 8:29 AM


Would you have anything for the Stereo? I'll be changing the HU tonight.

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