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2004 Kia Spectra remote start

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Topic: 2004 Kia Spectra remote start

Posted By: Clay Smith
Subject: 2004 Kia Spectra remote start
Date Posted: December12, 2004 at 3:17 PM

I would like the wiring diagram to install a remote starter for a 2004 Kia Spectra.  Where can I find this info. 

Thanks     Clay


Posted By: tommy...
Date Posted: December12, 2004 at 8:26 PM
white (30A), pink (30A)
ignition harness

Starterred + ignition harness
Second StarterN/A
Ignitionorange + ignition harness
Second IgnitionN/A
Third IgnitionN/A
Accessoryyellow + ignition harness
Second Accessoryblue + ignition harness
Keysenseorange or ORANGE / black + ignition harness
Power Lockyellow/orange - driver kick, door harness
Power Unlockyellow/black - driver kick, door harness
Lock Motorgreen 5widriver kick, door harness
Unlock Motorpink 5widriver kick, door harness
Parking Lights+pink (L), RED / orange (R) + driver kick, harness to rear
Parking Lights-green - headlight switch
Hazardsyellow - hazard switch
Turn Signal(L)gray + turn signal switch
Turn Signal(R)BLACK/ orange + turn signal switch
Reverse LightRED / orange + driver kick, harness to rear
Door Triggerblue/black - driver kick, 8 pin plug
Dome Supervisionuse door trigger wire
Trunk/Hatch Pingreen - driver kick, harness to rear
Hood Pingreen - pin switch under hood
Trunk/Hatch Releasebrown - release switch on dash
Power Sliding DoorN/A
Factory Alarm Armfactory remote only
Factory Alarm Disarmfactory remote only
Disarm No Unlock
Tachometeryellow or yellow/orange ac ignition coil
Wait to startN/A
Brake WireRED / black + brake pedal switch
Parking Brakewhite - driver kick, 16 pin plug
Horn Triggerblue/black - horn switch
Memory Seat 1N/A
Memory Seat 2N/A
Memory Seat 3N/A

Immobilizer Bypass Module
MAKE : KIA | MODEL : SPECTRA (2.0L) | YEAR : 2004
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