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Backup Camera Issue, 2008 Ram 1500

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Topic: Backup Camera Issue, 2008 Ram 1500

Posted By: asensibaugh87
Subject: Backup Camera Issue, 2008 Ram 1500
Date Posted: November 16, 2020 at 11:48 PM

I just installed a mirror style dash cam and backup cam system. I have the included harness kit ran to the rear of my truck that includes a 4 pin harness and a single red trigger wire. I have the trigger wire hooked into my backup light correctly for sure as I know very well how to do this as I have done many.

Here's the problem when my headlight switch is turned on only and the screen in the cab is off if I hit the brakes the backup screen comes on for just a split second turning the screen back on and is obnoxious being a screen on my mirror with a camera. When the headlight switch is off it doesn't do this. How do I fix this. It didnt ever do this with my old backup cam system in my old stereo

2008 dodge ram 1500

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