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Blower Time Delay Relay

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Topic: Blower Time Delay Relay

Posted By: zerorye
Subject: Blower Time Delay Relay
Date Posted: February 17, 2015 at 5:30 AM

So Ive been staring at my computer for abit now and think i need a fresh set of eyes on this challenge I am having :)
heres what I am trying to do.

Genset in boat has Remote battery switch from bluesea marine which uses magnetic latching. 12vdc pulse to turn on, 12vdc pulse to turn off.

what im trying to do is when the mometary switch is hit sending the pulse to turn RBS on, instead Id like the compartment blower to run for 4 minutes, after the 4 minutes then a pulse sent to the RBS to turn it on. preventing genset start until after blower has run.

Drawn it a few different ways finding it hard to get the result exactly right, any assistance would greatly be helpful!!
biggest problem i have is making the pulse to trigger the RBS after blower runs, as it cant be constant or the 'off' pulse wont do much good : /

**ALSO when the RBS is 'on' it gives an indicator wire a ground, but less than half amp.
PLEASE HELP before i pull my hair out trying to get it right.


Posted By: zerorye
Date Posted: February 17, 2015 at 5:31 AM
This is a custom boat so cant really put in a make and model :P
genset is a Kohler 7.5
Bluesea RBS switch pulses are fused @ 1amp
standard compartment blower around 7amps
any other info you might need just ask
Thanks :)

Posted By: oldspark
Date Posted: February 17, 2015 at 8:57 AM
Maybe a PAC TR7 pro tho I know nothing of its standby consumption etc.
DEI 528Ts uses a 555 timer and hence have a standby of at least ~10mA unless they use a CMOS7555 etc but they are limited to ~90 seconds, tho you could change the timing cap...

There are so many DIY methods...
EG - the "on" button latches a relay (SPST or SPDT; see f.ex here) to power the blower AND it triggers a 4 minute timer.
After 4 minutes the timer triggers an SPDT relay long enough to turn on the Bluesea RBS as well as break the above latched relay's feedback - ie timer-relay #87 goes to the blower; #30 gets +12V from the DIY latched relay output (87) whose 86 goes to timer-relay's #87a (that's the normally closed "open to turn off" feedback).   

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