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2011 Ford Ranger, Viper 5706v

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Topic: 2011 Ford Ranger, Viper 5706v

Posted By: partridgebrad
Subject: 2011 Ford Ranger, Viper 5706v
Date Posted: September 21, 2021 at 9:46 PM

Door trigger wire color is purple and gray I am not seeing that wire to be working correctly. also the brake wire is supposed to be purple white and I'm not saying that either. any pictures or comments would be helpful

Brad Partridge


Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 21, 2021 at 9:53 PM
I have a couple questions on this. first off doors locked and unlock. parking lights work and alarm arms and unarms. the problems I'm having are when door is opened when armed alarm does not go off. also remote start does not work. the reason I think that is when I go to program the settings I open the door and push the control center button. nothing is happening except for going into garage menu. Any help would be appreciated

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: September 22, 2021 at 6:24 AM
The Brake wire is indeed Purple/White and can be found at the connector at the brake pedal switch. Look for a Tan 5 Pin plug with the Purple/White wire at Pin 2.

A few things about your Ford Ranger. Ford uses a (-) N.C. door pin system. This means that the Driver door pin wire will show a (-) when the door is closed and an open signal when the door is open. This is not the type of signal the Viper wants to see on its' Green (-) Door Trigger input wire. The Viper needs to see a (-) signal when the door is opened. This is causing your other two issues, Viper alarm not working properly and not being able to get into Viper Programming Mode.

The remote start not working could be from many problems.
What bypass module are you using to bypass the Rangers PATS3 system?
Do you have all the vehicles ignition wires connected properly?
Does the Ranger have a Manual Transmission or Automatic Trans?
Are you running in Tach Mode and did you do a Tach Learn?

Unless you want to get real fancy, you could try using the Dome Light as the Vipers Door
Trigger input. Info Below :
Dome Light     Green/Blue (+)      @ SJB in passenger kick, black 32 pin plug (C), pin 8
Connect the Vipers' VIOLET (+) DOOR INPUT wire and don't use the Green (-) Door Trigger input wire.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 22, 2021 at 6:40 AM
Yes I have an automatic transmission I have my ignition wires correctly. I am 99% sure and I'm using the key bypass module that wraps around the key cylinder and I Know It Works cuz I had it on a different remote start. I just need to know where to hook the blue wire which is supposed to be a latched negative appreciate your help thank you

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: September 22, 2021 at 7:33 AM
For the "Key-in-the-box" bypass module, its' GWR ( ground when running ) Blue wire input connects to the Vipers Blue (-) Status Output wire. Don't forget to program the Viper to Auto Trans, Menu 3, Feature 1 to Option 2. The Factory Default is Manual Trans and requires Tach Mode and the use of Reservation Mode for a R/S.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 22, 2021 at 11:02 PM
Tried the easy fix you suggested for the door trigger and checked all my connection. Now my truck has power but will not start. Undid the whole remote start and still won't start.

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: September 23, 2021 at 6:01 AM
The Vipers' (+) Door Trigger Input wire is a high impedance input wire and as such won't cause any issues even if it is connected to the wrong vehicle wire.

My suggestion is the standard rule of thumb - "If you did something and the symptoms changes, double check everything you touched and anything in the vicinity that could have been disturbed."

Often times a connector is not fully seated or a wire with exposed conductor touched ground and blew a fuse.

Are you testing/locating the vehicle wires with a Digital Multi Meter? Using an old style incandescent test light will damage the vehicle.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 23, 2021 at 6:43 AM
It was a relay. Now I'm at a loss I cannot find the door trigger wire and the brake wire is not white purple. It is orange/black

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: September 23, 2021 at 5:22 PM
Strange about the color of the Brake wire. Every source I have lists it as Purple/White.

As far as the Door Pin wires go, I'm pretty sure that you would not be able to use them directly connected to the Vipers' GREEN (-) DOOR INPUT wire. I mentioned before that these signals are (-) N.C. The Vipers' Green input wire needs a (-) N.O. signal. This type of door pin signal is the more common one that goes to a (-) when the door is open. If you want to go with individual door pin inputs for the Viper Alarm, obtain an Omega AU-NCT module. Here is a link to the install guide :
This module converts the vehicle door pin signals to a single output that the Viper can use.

Being as your vehicle does not appear to follow the normal wire colors, you will have to use a DMM to locate and test the door pin wires. Here is the wire color info for a "normal" 2011 Ford Ranger.
Left Front Door (-)....driver kick or SJB in passenger kick, black 32 pin plug (C), pin 6
Right Front Door Trigger......white (-)...........passenger kick or SJB in passenger kick, black 22 pin plug (D), pin 3
Left Rear Door (-)...........driver kick or SJB in passenger kick, black 22 pin plug (D), pin 4
Right Rear Door Trigger.......yellow (-)..........passenger kick or SJB in passenger kick, black 22 pin plug (D), pin 6

Here is the DMM test procedure :
DMM set to 20 V DC.
Red test lead to +12V constant.
Black test lead to suspect wire.
The meter should show +12V with the door closed ( (-) signal present ) and go to 0V (float) with the door open.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 24, 2021 at 12:11 AM
OK major issue now. My starter relay, is not bad. I have full power and engine will start. The only issue is if I want to start it I have to jump 2 pins on the starter relay 4 pin connection spot. That's the only way to start my truck. My uncle is a mechanic and he's saying I will need my ECU flashed due to it not getting a ground from the factory alarm as if someone were trying to steal your vehicle. Does not sound like the problem to me but I guess I will just keep checking things. I'm not going to pay tons of money to get ripped off by a Ford dealership. I know how corrupt mechanics can be. I will figure this out eventually. Thanks though and any extra info you might have would be appreciated

Brad Partridge

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 28, 2021 at 9:29 PM
Alright by any chance could I get a wire by wire connection template for my 2011 ford ranger sport with the viper 5906v. Automatic transmission, power doors and locks with Keyless Entry only. I think I fried the viper brain unit. It is constant blue on the LED all the time and yes it is not in valet mode. Doors lock, door trigger works, lights flash. And I can program. But no remote start and the LED is on constantly. I'd appreciate the help

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: September 29, 2021 at 6:45 PM
Considering the issues you've encountered, this is a big ask of questionable value.
If truck has any possible issues these should be cured before adding an aftermarket system.
You have also noted several discrepancies between the available wire listings from a couple of manufacturers and your particular vehicle.
I believe 2011 was the last year of production for that model so I doubt they spent any money to make changes or updates.

The below info is supplied using data from quality sources but as most installers will admit, each and every wire must be verified with a Digital Multi Meter.
This wire verification is even more important due to the discrepancies noted so far.

Main Harness, 6-pin connector
1 RED (+)12VDC CONSTANT INPUT................................Red (common 40A) (+).........@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 2
2 BLACK (-) CHASSIS GROUND...................................Chassis Ground
3 BROWN (+) SIREN OUTPUT.....................................Kit supplied Siren
5 WHITE PARKING LIGHT OUTPUT.....Set Jumper to +)............BLUE/WHITE (+)...............IN DRIVERS KICK or SJB, PLUG (A), PIN 11
6 ORANGE (-) 500mA GROUND WHEN ARMED OUTPUT..................not used

Door Lock, 3-pin connector

Remote Start, 10-pin heavy gauge connector
1 NC No Connection
2 RED/BLACK (+) FUSED 12V ACC/STARTER INPUT.............Red (x2) (common 40A) (+)......@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 7
4 PINK/WHITE (+) IGNITION 2 / FLEX RELAY OUTPUT.........Violet/Green (+)..Set to ACC2..@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 3
5 RED (+) FUSED 12V IGNITION 1 INPUT....................Red (x2) (common 40A) (+)......@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 9
6 GREEN (+) STARTER INPUT (KEY SIDE)....................Blue/White (+).....@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 5 \
7 VIOLET (+) STARTER OUTPUT (CAR SIDE)..................Blue/White (+).....@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 5 / cut wire
8 ORANGE (+) ACCESSORY OUTPUT...........................Brown/Yellow (+)...@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 8
9 RED/WHITE (+) FUSED 12V IGNITION 2 / Flex Relay.......Red (common 40A) (+).........@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 2
10 PINK (+) IGNITION 1 INPUT/OUTPUT.....................White/Orange (+)....@ Ignition Switch, gray 13 pin plug, pin 1

Auxiliary/Shutdown/Trigger Harness, 24-pin connector
1 PNK/WHITE (-) 200mA Ignition 2/Flex OUTPUT..................not used
3 RED/WHITE (-) 200mA TRUNK RELEASE OUTPUT....................not used
4 BLACK/YELLOW (-) 200mA DOME LIGHT OUTPUT....................not used
5 DARK BLUE (-) 200mA STATUS "key-in-the-box" Ground When Running Input
6 WHITE/BLACK (-) 200mA AUX 3 OUTPUT..........................not used
7 WHITE/VIOLET (-) 200mA AUX 1 OUTPUT.........................not used
8 ORANGE/BLACK (-) 200mA AUX 4 OUTPUT.........................not used
9 GRAY (-) HOOD PIN INPUT (NC OR NO) Kit supplied Hood Pin switch
11 WHITE/BLUE ACTIVATION INPUT................................not used
12 VIOLET/WHITE TACHOMETER INPUT..............................grn/blu, gry/yel, pur/gry, yel/org, brn, or grn/wh (AC)....@ any fuel injector, black 2 pin plug, pin 1
13 BLACK/WHITE (-) NEUTRAL SAFETY /PARKING BRAKE INPUT........Chassis Ground if vehicle has Auto Trans
14 GREEN/BLACK (-) 200mA FACTORY ALARM DISARM OUTPUT..........not used
15 GREEN* (-) DOOR INPUT......................................not used
16 BROWN/BLACK (-) 200mA HORN HONK OUTPUT.....................not used - Siren install
17 PINK (-) 200mA IGNITION 1 OUTPUT...........................not used
18 VIOLET (+) DOOR INPUT........Dome Light....................YELLOW\GRAY (+)......SJB BLACK 32 PIN CONN, PIN 8
19 VIOLET/BLACK (-) 200mA AUX 2 OUTPUT........................not used
20 BROWN (+) BRAKE SHUTDOWN INPUT.............................VIOLET\WHITE (+)....@ BRAKE SWITCH
21 VIOLET/YELLOW (-) 200mA STARTER OUTPUT.....................not used
22 GRAY/BLACK (-) DIESEL WAIT TO START INPUT..................not used
23 ORANGE (-) 200mA ACCESSORY OUTPUT..........................not used
24 GREEN/WHITE (-) 200mA FACTORY ALARM ARM OUTPUT.............not used

You can go directly to the battery for the four Viper +12V fused inputs.

As mentioned, the Viper will need some changes to work. These include setting the Transmission Mode, Engine Checking Mode and the Flex Relay Function. The Viper internal Parking Light Fuse/Jumper must be set to (+).
Additionally, you must successfully perform a Tach Learn. Running in Tach Mode is preferred in cold climates.

If you encounter a R/S problem, place a working ignition key into the ignition cylinder but do not turn it. This will allow the key to provide the transponder chip info if the "key-in-the-box" module is not working or installed properly.
Tests must be run to verify that the Viper alarm will trigger if any door or the hood is opened. Test to ensure the remote started engine will shut down if the hood is opened or the Brake pedal is depressed.

Mentioned in an earlier post was info on how to use the four individual door triggers as the Vipers (-) Door Trigger input. This requires a separate Omega AU-NCT module. The trucks (+) Dome Light signal should work.

Here is a link to the Fortin EVO-One install guide for your truck.
Page 3 shows the vehicle connectors and wire colors for most of the needed wires. Nothing is shown for the Alarm needs of your Viper system, like door pins, etc.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 30, 2021 at 6:39 PM
Well I have no one to blame but myself. I followed your instructions to the T. The main thing I had to switch was the negative- door trigger wire which I had connected. It knew when the drivers door was ajar. If armed it would tell me if I had it left open and if I armed the vehicle and opened the door it triggered the alarm. I connected the positive dome light wire to the grey/yellow. Now I have no domelight only on the driver's door ajar. The rest work fine. The system does not know when a door is ajar. Remote start attempts with an error message and the blue led is constantly and it IS NOT IN VALET MODE. I think its fried. I have a PYTHON remote start alarm on the way so Ill try it again. I installed an AVITAL about 8 years ago and had no problems ever. It just recently gave out and that's why I purchased this VIPER. My trucks electrical system is fine. Starts. Everything works so I'm happy for now. This install has been a pain in the butt. I appreciate your help though. Take care.

Brad Partridge

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: September 30, 2021 at 6:41 PM
Oh and I forgot. Due to the door trigger programming is impossible due to you need the door ajar to due any programming

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: September 30, 2021 at 7:14 PM
"I connected the positive dome light wire to the grey/yellow."
I'm thinking this is a typo and should be Yellow/Grey. One listing* shows the wire at Pin 8 as Green/Blue. Either way it should be very easy to test as it should go to +12V only when the Dome Light is ON.

Well, you could try this for the door trigger input so you can get into programming mode.

Disconnect both (+) and (-) Door Trigger wires. Strip off 1/4" of the (-) Door Trigger wire. Use a jumper wire with alligator clips on both ends. Connect one end to the (-) Door Trigger wire.
To get into Viper Programming Mode, connect the other end of the jumper wire to solid vehicle chassis ground as the first step, then turn the IGN ON then OFF, etc, etc.

In the Viper programming, you can set Menu 1, Feature 13 to Option 2** and connect the (-) Door Trigger wire to just one of the four vehicle N.C. door trigger wires. This will allow the Viper Alarm to work and get you into Programming Mode but only alarm/monitor that one door. You can't do this to more than one door at a time.

*Dome (+)........@ SJB in passenger kick, black 32 pin plug (C), pin 8
**This tells the Viper that the vehicles' door trigger wire is a N.C. signal.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: October 03, 2021 at 7:36 AM
My dome light will not come on my 2011 Ford ranger with my drivers door only I installed the viper 5906v and have this problem along with everytime I arm the system I get the warning door open. Any answers?

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: October 03, 2021 at 8:26 AM
What do you have connected on the Viper as far as the two Door Trigger wires and the Dome Light supervision wire?
Used? Not Used? Where connected to in the truck?

Also noticed your other post about the Python 5706 system. Do you have the Python system yet? Did you compare the Python Install guide to the Viper 5706 Install Guide?
I'm not a big DEI user but I believe that the only difference between those two systems are the remotes and the antenna. The connectors, wires and programming should be the same.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: October 03, 2021 at 9:02 AM
I was told not to use the black/yellow(-) dome light output or the green(-) door input wire. Instead use violet(+)door input and connect to yellow/gray(+) sjb black 32 pin connector pin 8.then it was switched to green/blue(+) from same source.

Brad Partridge

Posted By: kreg357
Date Posted: October 03, 2021 at 11:47 AM
So which wire at the SJB actually tested as a (+) Dome Light wire? There was some conflicting info from the various sources.

Nothing is connected to any of the trucks four actual door trigger wires, correct?.

Think at this point I would disconnect the Viper (+) Door trigger input wire and see if the the trucks dome light and Driver door works OK. If not then troubleshoot that issue.

As mentioned previously, you can get the Viper into Programming Mode by using the (-) Door Trigger Input wire going to chassis ground to simulate a N.O. door open status. Then change Menu 1, Feature 13 to Option 2. Next locate, test and verify the passenger front door trigger and connect the Vioer (-) Door trigger input wire to that. You will only be monitoring that one door with the Viper Alarm but at least you can test it and get into Programming Mode.

Soldering is fun!

Posted By: partridgebrad
Date Posted: October 03, 2021 at 4:59 PM
Well I pulled everything out considering the Python will be here soon. My only issue is the dome light does not come on with the drivers door on all other 3. I will have to tackle this before I install anything. What a headache. Thanks for your help though. Much appreciated ***** Admin Edit: Topic closed. See new topic.

Brad Partridge

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