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2003 Jeep Liberty wiring diagram

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Posted: March 24, 2003 at 9:08 PM / IP Logged  
I'm looking for a wiring diagram for a 2003 Jeep Liberty; full schematic preferably. Specifically I'm looking for information on the door lock/interior light trigger circuit. Without disassembling the driver's door I have found 4 wires that go to the lock mechanism. Tan - Door trigger , GREEN/ Black - ? , ORANGE / Black - lock motor and Pink/Black - Unlock Motor. I need to know what the GREEN/ Black wire is. I purchased Mopar's IT-s theft sensor and my dealer doesn't have a clue nor does Mopar aparently as I have had it two months now and they can't make it work. The best they have been able to accomplish is getting the alarm system to disarm when hooking up to the door trigger. I have seen where they have attempted to make it work by going to the driver and passenger door triggers as well as the rear hatch trigger. Since so much stuff has to be pulled to ground through a specific resistance value I wonder if I need to pull the door trigger (Tan wire) through a resister. If anyone has a clue the information would be appreciated, otherwise information on the GREEN/ black wire will get me started. Thanks
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|       ITEM      |     WIRE COLOR     |POL|       WIRE LOCATION        |

|              12V|red & pink/black    |+  |ignition harness            |
|          STARTER|yellow              |+  |ignition harness            |
|         IGNITION|RED / blue            |+  |ignition harness            |
|        ACCESSORY|BLACK/ orange        |+  |ignition harness            |
| SECOND ACCESSORY|BLACK/ white         |+  |ignition harness            |
|       POWER LOCK|pink/purple *1      |-  |back of fusebox *2          |
|     POWER UNLOCK|same wire           |   |                            |
|       LOCK MOTOR|ORANGE / black        |   |back of fusebox *2          |
|     UNLOCK MOTOR|pink/black          |   |back of fusebox *2          |
|    DISARM DEFEAT|ORANGE / purple       |   |back of fusebox *2          |
| PARKING LIGHTS +|DO NOT USE          |   |                            |
| PARKING LIGHTS -|lt. GREEN/ orange *3 |   |headlight switch            |
|       HEADLIGHTS|same wire *3        |   |                            |
|     DOOR TRIGGER|*4                  |-  |right of st column,blue plug|
| DOME SUPERVISION|use door trigger    |   |                            |
|  TRUNK/HATCH PIN|tan/black *7        |-  |conn. 1, pin 7 @ BCM *6     |
|         HOOD PIN|BROWN / tan           |-  |conn. 1, pin 6 @ BCM *6     |
|TRNK/HTCH RELEASE|ORANGE / pink         |-  |conn. 1, pin 17 @ BCM *6    |
|  FCTRY ALARM ARM|                    |   |                            |
|FCTRY ALRM DISARM|lt. GREEN/ orange *5 |-  |conn. 2, pin 9 @ BCM *6     |
|       TACHOMETER|NOT grn/or or or/grn|   |ign coil, coil pac, injector|
|      SPEED SENSE|lt GREEN/ YELLOW     |   |conn. 1, pin 20 @ BCM *6    |
|       BRAKE WIRE|WHITE/ tan           |+  |brake pedal switch          |
|     HORN TRIGGER|BLACK/ red           |-  |steering column             |
|           WIPERS|brn/wht(L),rd/yel(H)|+  |wiper motor                 |
|  LF WINDOW UP/DN|lt blue - white     |A  |center console window switch|
|  RF WINDOW UP/DN|brown - pur/wht     |A  |center console window switch|
|  LR WINDOW UP/DN|RED / blk - blu/wht   |A  |center console window switch|
|  RR WINDOW UP/DN|grn/wht - gry/blk   |A  |center console window switch|
| SUN RF OPN/CLOSE|not recommended     |   |                            |
|        RADIO 12V|pink                |+  |radio                       |
|     RADIO GROUND|black               |-  |radio                       |
|     RADIO SWITCH|ORANGE / red          |+  |radio                       |
| RADIO ILLUMINATE|orange   (dimmer)   |+  |radio                       |
|       LF SPEAKER|green - brn/red     |   |radio *8                    |
|       RF SPEAKER|purple - blu/red    |   |radio *8                    |
|       LR SPEAKER|brn/yel - brn/lt blu|   |radio *8                    |
|       RR SPEAKER|blu/wht - blu/org   |   |radio *8                    |


NOTE:  Jeep vehicles that use a gray ignition key have an immobilizer system that needs to be bypassed when remote starting.  Use DEI part number 555C or 555U.  *1 Lock is negative trigger thru a 1.4K ohm resistor and unlock is negative trigger thru a 426 ohm resistor. MUST use relays.  *2 In the top left corner in a black plug.  *3 Parking lights is negative trigger thru a 910 ohm resistor. Headlights is negative trigger thru a 349 ohm resistor. MUST use relays.  *4 The driver door trigger is tan and the passenger door trigger is tan/white, use both wires and diode isolate each.  *5 The factory alarm disarm is negative trigger thru a 473 ohm resistor. MUST use relay.  *6 The BCM (Body Control Module) is attached to the left of the fusebox. Connector 1 is a gray 26 pin plug, and connector 2 is a gray 22 pin plug.  *7 The flip up glass pin switch is yellow/white in conn. 1, pin 9 of the BCM.  *8 On vehicles with the premium sound system, each speaker is individually amplified.

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Posted: May 09, 2003 at 7:38 AM / IP Logged  

Could you tell me the polartiy on the speaker wires of the 2003 Jeep Liberty.


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