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Recommended Books and DVD's for Mobile Electronics Installer
(Last updated 5/6/2017. Book & DVD links open in a new window.)

Recommended books & DVD's related to acoustics, electronics, car stereo, fiberglass fabrication, and more.
Advanced Enclosure Design and Fabrication - DVD Advanced Enclosure Design and Fabrication - DVD
by Audio Publishers Group
"Advanced Enclosure Design and Fabrication focuses exclusively on designing and fabricating subwoofer boxes for car audio installations. This DVD is designed for the enthusiast who wants to be able to take any woofer and design and build the best box match for it and the vehicle it's going into. We took the easiest and lowest cost techniques to create a video that shows you how to design and fabricate your own enclosures like a real pro. You'll learn the same techniques, software (free) and materials the pros use to make top quality subwoofer enclosures. And all of our videos were created by an MECP certified Master Installer so you'll know you're learning to do it the right way."
Automotive Upholstery Handbook Automotive Upholstery Handbook
by Don Taylor
This book will show you how to: Make and install great interiors for any car, truck, van, RV, boat or airplane. Sew like an expert--on vinyl, leather or any fabric. Restore, recover and build bench and bucket seats. Upholster armrests and door panels. Make and install headliners and carpeting. Install convertible tops, vinyl roofs, sim-con and landau tops. Create street rod interiors. Build boat and motorcycle seats. Complete and detailed step-by-step instructions help you apply the right techniques to your own projects. Indispensable for anyone interested in upholstery.
Basic Digital Electronics Basic Digital Electronics
by Alvis J. Evans
Basic Digital Electronics will teach you the difference between analog and digital systems. The functions required to design digital systems, circuits used to make decisions, code conversions, and data selections are discussed.
Basic Electricity: Complete Course, Volumes 1-5 in 1 Basic Electricity: Complete Course, Volumes 1-5 in 1
by Nooger Van Valkenburgh
Considered to be one of the best electricity books on the market, the authors have provided a clear understanding of how electricity is produced, measured, controlled and used. A minimum of mathematics is used for direct explanations of primary cells, magnetism, Ohm's Law, capacitance, transformers, DC generators, and AC motors. Other essential topics covered include conductance, current flow, electromagnetism and meters.
Beginner's Guide to Reading Schematics Beginner's Guide to Reading Schematics
by Robert J. Traister, Anna L. Lisk, Anna I. Lisk (Contributor)
Understanding schematics can save you time and money and make any electronics task easier to accomplish. Unfortunately, many people mistakenly view reading schematic diagrams as complex and difficult. But as Traister and Lisk explain in this practical guide, learning to interpret the symbols, component designations and interconnections, found on most schematic diagrams can actually be quite simple.
Car Audio Fiberglass Fabrication I - DVD Car Audio Fiberglass Fabrication I - DVD
by Audio Publishers Group
Fiberglass Fabrication I focuses exclusively on custom fiberglass projects for car audio installations (also available with Fiberglass Fabrication II at a special price). This DVD covers basic fiberglass fabrication designed for those without any fiberglass experience and is made to take the intimidation factor out of fiberglass work. If you like to create and want something more interesting than a basic installation fiberglass fabrication is definitely something you'll want to try. It's the first step towards becoming a great installer capable of world class installations.

Fiberglass Fabrication I will teach you the basics of fiberglass fabrication with popular but simple to create projects. The DVD begins with an in depth overview of the materials and tools needed for the projects demonstrated. A description of each item is given along with the approximate cost of purchase (so you don't get ripped off). If you've never worked with fiberglass than this information is absolutely essential. Once this important background information is complete the fun begins.
Car Audio Fiberglass Fabrication II - DVD Car Audio Fiberglass Fabrication II - DVD
by Audio Publishers Group
Fiberglass Fabrication II is the follow up video to Fiberglass Fabrication I. This DVD covers more advanced fiberglass projects and is designed to take those with basic fiberglass experience to the next level of fabrication. Recommended for professional installers and those wanting professional results from their own vehicles.
Car Stereo Cookbook Car Stereo Cookbook
by Mark Rumreich
The first edition of this book was written six years ago. Since then, there have been some significant developments in the area of car audio (and video). In addition, many of the products featured in the first edition are now obsolete. While the first edition of the book continues to sell, we have seen a bit of a slow-down at major accounts. This edition promises to be even more successful than the last. Car Stereo Cookbook, 2e is a completely revamped edition of a hugely successful title that continues to sell. This revised book will include new information on mobile video, satellite radio, MP3,WMA, digital broadcast radio, and will eliminate the out-of-date products that are no longer pertinent.
Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System with Projects Designing, Building, and Testing Your Own Speaker System with Projects
by David B. Weems
Inside, you get full details on a valuable new computer program that helps you create top-flight speaker systems while avoiding complicated mathematical equations and errors. Also new to this edition are improved speaker tests, expanded information on crossover networks, practical dimension charts, techniques for designing double-chamber reflex enclosures, and more. The book provides you with concise, step-by-step instructions for building speakers, and teaches you how to choose speakers that are best suited for various specific uses, set up a home system that will give you optimal performance, and critically evaluate speakers by ear if you lack test equipment. The included list of driver and system components suppliers helps you get started right away.
Electronics: A Self-Teaching Guide Electronics: A Self-Teaching Guide
by Harry Kybett
It’s never been easier to teach yourself basic electronics. Electronics 2nd Edition A Self-Teaching Guide The first edition of Electronics sold over 50,000 copies—and made learning principles and practices easier for thousands of vocational students, job trainees and home hobbyists. This updated edition has been fully revised to keep pace with rapidly changing technology. Electronics teaches you the basics of electricity and electronic components—transistors, capacitors, diodes, resistors, and circuits—in a self-paced, self-instructional format. And you don’t need any previous electronics experience to use and understand this learn-by-doing guide. Working at your own pace, you’ll master the simplest concepts and move on to more advanced analog circuits. You’ll learn the basics of converting AC to DC…how to effectively use a transformer…how to design a simple working amplifier circuit…and how the transistor operates as a switch. Plus, you’ll get an easy-to-follow introduction to voltage dividers, Ohm’s law, current flow, semi-conductor diodes, pp and rms voltage levels, tuned circuits, simple BJT and JFET switching circuit design and many other important subjects. Each chapter starts you off with an overview of learning objectives and introduces new concepts gradually, with lots of examples, reviews, and self-quizzes. End-of-chapter exercises let you put what you’ve learned to work right away. And there are dozens of experiments with step-by-step instructions, so learning is easy and fun. Electronics, 2nd Edition, together with its companion volume Digital Electronics, provides a complete review and reference guide for students, technicians, and do-it-yourselfers.
Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics
by Arthur H. Benade
Fundamentals of Musical Acoustics is a landmark book in its field, hailed for its astonishingly clear, delightfully readable statement of everything of acoustical importance to music-making. Though directed primarily to the music student who is taking an acoustics course, it is essential reading for all musicians, music lovers, and audiophiles eager to expand their musical horizons. The book deals extensively with the fundamental modes of sound production and with the special sound-producing properties of the musical instruments in common use today — keyboard, string, brass, woodwind, and percussion — as well as the human voice. It further explores the critical roles played by the room and by the hearer's auditory apparatus. The basis of scales and harmony and the craft of instrument makers are also discussed in this masterly text, which includes numerous illustrations, bibliographical information, and a stimulating section of "Examples, Experiments, and Questions" at the end of each chapter. After the original publication of this book, Dr. Benade maintained a detailed set of corrections and revisions that have been incorporated into this second, revised edition.
Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual Great Sound Stereo Speaker Manual
by David B. Weems, G. R. Koonce
Design and build customized, professional-quality speakers. From drivers to crossovers and custom enclosures, the possibilities for designing speakers that will provide the best possible performance are endless. Great Sound Stereo Speakers Manual, Second Edition, by David Weems and G.R. Koonce, eliminates much of the guesswork--not to mention the ripping out of parts and trying of alternative values--associated with proper design. More than a normal revision, this edition is virtually a new book, with a solution to an old problem, crossover design. This reader-friendly guide puts equipment-enhancing, computer-aided design techniques at your disposal. You get six complete projects, with lucid illustrated instructions for modifying and testing designs, along with 24 proposed projects. The CD-ROM packaged with the book gives you system design software, crossover network design applications, and files for all project drivers, allowing you to alter a project to fit a different physical arrangement of the drivers, explore driver substitution, perform driver tests, simulate box and network design, or customize the included projects.
High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual High-Power Audio Amplifier Construction Manual
by G. Randy Slone, Randy Slone
Design and build awesome audio amps. Amateur and professional audiophiles alike can now design and construct superior quality amplifiers at a fraction of comparable retail prices with step-by-step instruction from the High-Power audio Amplifier Construction Manual. Randy Slone, professional audio writer and electronics supply marketer, delivers the nuts-and-bolts know-how you need to optimize performance for any audio system--from home entertainment to musical instrument to sound stage. Build a few simple projects or delve into the physics of audio amplifier operation and design. This easy to understand guide walks you through: Building the optimum audio power supply; Audio amplifier power supplies and construction: Amplifier and loudspeaker protection methods; Stability, distortion, and performance; Audio amplifier cookbook designs; Construction techniques; Diagnostic equipment and testing procedures; Output stage configurations, classes, and device types; Crossover distortion physics; Mirror-image input stage topologies.
How Electronic Things Work. . .And What to Do When They Don't How Electronic Things Work. . .And What to Do When They Don't
by Robert Goodman
Is your CD player skipping tracks? PC keyboard locking up? Cordless phone full of static? Get those electronic babies up and running perfectly with this handy do-it-yourself introduction to basic home-and-office electronics repair. From audio/video equipment to cameras, cordless and cellular phones, personal computers, and peripherals, it helps everyone (even those with no prior electronics experience) troubleshoot and find solutions. Includes safety tips, easy-to-read schematics, block diagrams, and time-saving information on the most common problems and fixes.
How to Design and Install High Performance Car Stereo: A Beginners Guide to High Tech Auto Sound Systems (S-A Design) How to Design and Install High Performance Car Stereo: A Beginners Guide to High Tech Auto Sound Systems (S-A Design)
by Joe Pettitt (2nd Edition, 2004)
If you want to take your car stereo to the next level, How To Design and Install High-Performance Car Stereo shows you what it takes to put together a quality system without wasting time and money on the wrong gear. It also guides you through installing and tuning everything correctly, so you can finally enjoy the high-performance sound you crave. Author Joe Pettitt gives you the how, where, and why for all the head units, amps, crossovers, speakers, subwoofers, and enclosures that work together to form a high-fidelity mobile audio system. You will also learn how to install and tune each of those components to maximize its performance with your particular system. And if you've ever wanted to try custom fabbing your own kick panels, door panels, amp racks, or sub boxes, this book shows you how to do that too
How to Install Your Own Car Stereo System - DVD How to Install Your Own Car Stereo System - DVD
by Audio Publishers Group
How to Install Your Own Car Stereo System will show you how to install your own car audio system. This DVD shows a complete installation done using basic hand and power tools that almost anyone has access to. We took the easiest and lowest cost techniques to create a video that shows you how to install your own system, the right way. This is the only video created for the installer with a limited tool chest. Everything is covered, head unit/radio, CD changer, amplifier, front and rear speakers and even a simple sealed subwoofer enclosure! And all of our videos were created by an MECP certified Master Installer so you'll know you're learning to do it the right way.
Introduction to Loudspeaker Design Introduction to Loudspeaker Design
by John L. Murphy
From inside the flap...

This work was begun in 1989 as part of the user's manual for my loudspeaker design software products. As I began talking with the users of these products I realized how difficult it was to locate introductory information on loudspeaker design. So I proceeded to expand my software manual to teach basic principles of audio and loudspeaker design. The work has now grown to the point where it can serve as an introduction to loudspeaker technology for hobbyists and engineers alike.

The design methods taught here follow the work of Neville Thiele and Dick Small. Ever since loudspeakers were first developed earlier this century to support the budding film industry the engineering analysis of loudspeaker enclosures was less than satisfactory until the publication of Neville Thiele's revolutionary work on loudspeakers in vented boxes in the 1970's. After Thiele's work was expanded and clarified by Dick Small the Thiele-Small Model for loudspeaker systems analysis finally emerged as a useful engineering design tool.

With the Thiele-Small method, the acoustic analysis of a loudspeaker enclosure was transformed and moved from the mysterious world of acoustics to the well-developed domain of electrical circuit analysis. Now, for the first time, we could create electrical circuit models that could predict the acoustic performance that would result when a given driver was mounted in a known enclosure. The implementation of Thiele-Small analysis on mainframe computers and hand-held calculators in the 1970's marked the beginning of the practice of loudspeaker design via simulation.

Today most loudspeaker design tasks are performed with the aid of a personal computer using a loudspeaker simulator such as my WinSpeakerz or MacSpeakerz applications. Therefore it should not come as a surprise that much of the discussion here will center on computer aided design methods.
Loudspeaker Design Cookbook Loudspeaker Design Cookbook
by Vance Dickason
The 7th edition is now expanded! The LDC includes Klippel analysis of drivers, a new chapter on loudspeaker voicing which details how to tweak a completed loudspeaker design. This edition includes advice on testing and crossover changes, and an updated chapter on loudspeaker CAD software.
Master Handbook of Acoustics Master Handbook of Acoustics
by F. Alton Everest
The goal of this book is to apply the principles of acoustics to the audio arts. This involves serving as an interpreter of major trends and the literature for students and practitioners in the audio field. Along with covering the more theoretical aspects of acoustics, the book applies the theory to the design of specialized audio spaces such as the home listening room, the control room, and the multi-track-recording studio.
Mobile Security and Remote Start Installation - DVD Mobile Security and Remote Start Installation - DVD
by Audio Publishers Group
Mobile Security and Remote Start Installation focuses exclusively on car alarm and remote starter installation. Perfect for this time of year because no one likes to get into an uncomfortable car. You'll wonder why you waited so long!

This DVD begins with an overview of mobile security systems and discusses the different features and options available in a car alarm installation so you'll know what features you want. Then it covers pre-wiring for the car alarm installation outside of the vehicle to save time later. And two of the most misunderstood items, relays and diodes, are explained in simple terms so you'll understand these important components. From there it moves into the vehicle to verify the wires needed and the actual connection of the system. The video concludes with the proper testing procedures and troubleshooting tips to make sure your installation is working properly without annoying false alarms. No one wants to be that neighbor!

The system shown being installed is a top of the line unit that integrates mobile security and remote starter / keyless entry systems with 2-way paging capability. This will allow you to see how the most advanced alarms are installed so that you can install a similar system or the more basic models with fewer features.

Car alarm installation can be very frustrating for the beginner which is why this video was designed to walk you step by step through each part of the process. Using these techniques in the order shown will eliminate mistakes and rework while increasing reliability and speed. And all of our videos were created by an MECP certified Master Installer so you'll know you're learning to do it the right way.
Practical Electronics for Inventors Practical Electronics for Inventors
by Paul Scherz
An intuitive, applications-driven guide to electronics for engineers, hobbyists, and students--one that doesn’t overload readers with technical detail. Chock-full of illustrations--over 750 hand-drawn images provide clear, detailed instructions on how to turn theoretical ideas into real-life gadgets. Covers integrated circuits (ICs), digital electronics, and various input/output devices; includes a complete chapter on the latest microcontrollers.
Robot Builder's Bonanza Robot Builder's Bonanza
by Gordon McComb
A major revision of the bestselling "bible" of amateur robotics building--packed with the latest in servo motor technology, microcontrolled robots, remote control, Lego Mindstorms Kits, and other commercial kits.

Gives electronics hobbyists fully illustrated plans for 11 complete Robots, as well as all-new coverage of Robotix-based Robots, Lego Technic-based Robots, Functionoids with Lego Mindstorms, and Location and Motorized Systems with Servo Motors.

Features a pictures and parts list that accompany all projects, and material on using the BASIC Stamp and other microcontrollers
Security Systems Simplified : Protecting Your Home, Business, And Car With State-Of-The-Art Burglar Alarms Security Systems Simplified : Protecting Your Home, Business, And Car With State-Of-The-Art Burglar Alarms
by Steven Hampton
Learn the best ways to protect your valuables and loved ones with this professional analysis of the pros and cons of modern intruder alarms. Perimeter systems, infrared detectors, microwave alarms, ultrasonic devices, proximity detectors and more are discussed.
Sound Reinforcement Handbook Sound Reinforcement Handbook
by Gary Davis, Ralph Jones (Contributor)
(Yamaha Products). Sound reinforcement is the use of audio amplification systems. This book is the first and only book of its kind to cover all aspects of designing and using such systems for public address and musical performance. The book features information on both the audio theory involved and the practical applications of that theory, explaining everything from microphones to loudspeakers. This revised edition features almost 40 new pages and is even easier to follow with the addition of an index and a simplified page and chapter numbering system. New topics covered include: MIDI, Synchronization, and an Appendix on Logarithms. 416 Pages.
Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics
by Stan Gibilisco
The quickest way to learn the hows and whys behind computing, communications, robotics, entertainment devices, and the force that makes them work Great for preparing for licensing exams, previous editions of this guide have been prized by thousands of students and professionals for the book's uniquely thorough coverage, ranging from dc and ac concepts and circuits to semiconductors and integrated circuits. Packed with more than 500 learning-enhanced illustrations, practical examples, and self-quizzes and tests, this matchless reference:

* Helps you solve current-voltage-resistance-impedance problems and make power calculations
* Teaches simple circuit design and optimization of circuit efficiency
* Explains the theory behind advanced audio systems and amplifiers for live music
* Features practical new information on wireless technologies, computers, the Internet, and more
The Audiophile's Project Sourcebook: 80 High-Performance Audio Electronics Projects The Audiophile's Project Sourcebook: 80 High-Performance Audio Electronics Projects
by G. Randy Slone
Build audio projects that produce great sound for far less than they cost in the store, with audio hobbyists’ favorite writer Randy Slone. In The Audiophile’s Project Sourcebook, Slone gives you―

• Clear, illustrated schematics and instructions for high-quality, high-power electronic audio components that you can build at home
• Carefully constructed designs for virtually all standard high-end audio projects, backed by an author who answers his email
• 8 power-amp designs that suit virtually any need
• Instructions for making your own inexpensive testing equipment
• Comprehensible explanations of the electronics at work in the projects you want to construct, spiced with humor and insight into the electronics hobbyist’s process
• Complete parts lists

"The Audiophile's Project Sourcebook" is devoid of the hype, superstition, myths, and expensive fanaticism often associated with 'high-end' audio systems. It provides straightforward help in building and understanding top quality audio electronic projects that are based on solid science and produce fantastic sound!
The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics
by Stan Gibilisco
Continuing in the tradition of its best-selling predecessors, this updated dictionary of electronics terms covers a broader range of subjects in an easier-to-use format than any other source of its kind. No comparable reference offers such a vast range of definitions, abbreviations, acronyms, illustrations, schematics, diagrams, and conversion tables. More than 28,000 definitions--plus over 1,000 clear and functional illustrations--make the Eighth Edition the ultimate reference for technicians, hobbyists, and students. Many new terms and illustrations from robotics, artificial intelligence, and personal computing as they relate to electronics are included. Definitions spelled out in plain English with minimal technical jargon make the Dictionary accessible to beginning, intermediate, and advanced electronics professionals. You'll find coverage of the latest terminology in: Wireless technology; Lasers; Digital Television; Radio; IC Technology; Digital and Analog Electronics; Audio and Video Power Supplies; Fiber Optic Communications. Existing definitions have been updated, obsolete material has been deleted, and all entries have been reviewed by an editorial review board to assure their accuracy. You can look for a better source of definitions in electronics...but you won't find one!
The Physics of Musical Instruments The Physics of Musical Instruments
by Neville H. Fletcher, Thomas D. Rossing
While the history of musical instruments is nearly as old as civilisation itself, the science of acoustics is quite recent. By understanding the physical basis of how instruments are used to make music, one hopes ultimately to be able to give physical criteria to distinguish a fine instrument from a mediocre one. At that point science may be able to come to the aid of art in improving the design and performance of musical instruments. As yet, many of the subtleties in musical sounds of which instrument makers and musicians are aware remain beyond the reach of modern acoustic measurements. This book describes the results of such acoustical investigations - fascinating intellectual and practical exercises. Addressed to readers with a reasonable grasp of physics who are not put off by a little mathematics, this book discusses most of the traditional instruments currently in use in Western music. A guide for all who have an interest in music and how it is produced, as well as serving as a comprehensive reference for those undertaking research in the field.
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