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Recommended Tools & Equipment for the Shop & Installer: Hand Tools

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Combination Wrenches
  • Metric: 4mm thru 19mm
  • SAE: 7/32'' thru 1½''
  • Nut Drivers
  • Metric: 4mm thru 14mm
  • SAE: 1/8'' thru 5/8''
  • Sockets sockets
  • Metric: 4mm thru 19mm; standard and deep
  • SAE: 7/32'' thru 1¼'' standard and deep.
  • Impact SAE: 3/8'' thru 1 1/8''
  • Impact Metric: 10mm thru 19mm
  • Other Sockets: Three Wing #2; Torx set T8 thru T45; Phillips #'s 2, 3; Flat Tip ¼'' thru ½''
  • Drive Tools ¼'' thru ½'' including extensions, various ratchets, drivers, & accessories
  • Ratcheting Boxed End Wrenches
  • Metric: 8mm thru 19mm
  • SAE: 5/16'' thru 13/16''
  • Folding Wrench Sets
  • Torx T9 thru T40
  • U.S. Hex: 5/64'' thru 7/32''
  • Metric Hex 1.5mm thru 6mm
  • Adjustable Wrenches Various lengths up to 14''
    Torque Wrenches Ranges: 30 lb. in. thru 300 lb. in.
    Flat Tip Screwdrivers Mini set, electronics set, Mini, Stubby, various tip widths and overall lengths up to 24''
    Phillips Tip Screwdrivers Tip sizes #0 thru #3; Electronics set; Mini, Stubby, various lengths up to 24''
    Pozidriv Tip Screwdrivers Tip sizes #1 thru #3; Stubby to lengths up to 14''
    Torx Tip Screwdrivers Sizes T8 thru T30
    Ratcheting Screwdriver Magnetic ¼'' drive; Stubby & Standard
    Pro Skewdriver ® Set Stick with the "Pro" model.The driver detaches from the handle and can be used in your cordless drill. Includes a complete set of hex shank bits, extensions, and case.
    Screw Starter Combination Flat & Phillips tip; 9'' length
    Slip-Joint Pliers Various lengths up to 10''
    Lineman's Pliers 8'' to 10'' in length
    Adjustable Joint Pliers Lengths up to 16''
    Needle Nose Pliers Various sizes; lengths up to 8''
    Cutters (pliers) Various sizes; lengths up to 8''
    Vise-Grips ® Various jaw types and lengths
    Retaining Ring Pliers 1/8'' to 3 ½'' Shaft / Bore diameter; various tips
    Aviation Snips Set of Straight, Left, & Right.
    Terminal Crimpers Snap-on ® model PWC29 or equivalent
    Strippers Snap-on ® model PWC6 or equivalent
    Battery Terminal Crimper Snap-on ® model YA9484 or equivalent
    Cable Crimpers For Motorola and BNC connectors
    Hemostats Straight and Curved jaws
    Scissors Fiskars or equivalent; various sizes
    Knives Putty Knife, Utility & Mini w/blades; Folding Knife
    Files Set should include Flat, Round, Half Round, Joint, and more.
    Automatic Center Punch Snap-on ® model YA805A or equivalent
    Pry bars Wrecking Bar and 22'' Pinch Bar
    Miniature Pick Set Snap-on ® model ASA204A or equivalent
    Hacksaws 10'' or 12'', Mini, & Jab Saw
    Tapered Reamers Set of reamers tapered from 1/8'' to 1''
    Wire Brushes & Scrapers Hand Scratch Brush; ½'' & 1''Hand Scrapers
    Hammers Claw, Ball Peen, Dead Blow, Rubber Mallet
    Chisel Set Flat, Starter Punch, etc.
    Compass, Tape Measures, Squares, Steel Rules, Straight Edges, etc. Available from most art supply centers.
    Door Panel Removers Trim Pad, Window Clips, Door Handles; Snap-on ®, Mac ®, Matco ®, etc.
    Hook Tool Snap-on ® model CP3B or equivalent
    Battery Terminal Cleaners Top and Side Post Cleaners; Snap-on ® models BTC3 and BTC10 or equivalents
    Clamps C-clamps, Bar clamps, etc.; various lengths and sizes
    Other tools seldomly used may not be listed.
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