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Ohm's Law Calculators and Formulas

Before clicking in each Ohm's Law calculator for the answer, enter numbers into the equation you wish to use to calculate for Current, Power, Resistance, or Voltage. *Updated January 8, 2011 to accept/change commas to periods for those that use commas as decimal separators.

Ohm's Law Calculators

Current (I) Calculators
Power (P) Calculators
Resistance (R) Calculators
Voltage (E) Calculators
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Current Calculators

top of page Calculate for Current (I)
I = P / E
Power Voltage Current
Watts Volts Amps
I = Square Root of (P / R)
Power Resistance Current
Watts Ohms Amps
I = E / R
Voltage Resistance Current
Volts Ohms Amps

Power Calculators

top of page Calculate for Power (P)
P = I 2 x R
Current Resistance Power
Amps Ohms Watts
P = E x I
Voltage Current Power
P = E 2 / R
Voltage Resistance Power

Resistance Calculators

top of page Calculate for Resistance (R)
R = P / I 2
PowerCurrent Resistance
R = E / I
VoltageCurrent Resistance
R = E 2 / P
VoltagePower Resistance

Voltage Calculators

top of page Calculate for Voltage (E)
E = I x R
CurrentResistance Voltage
E = P / I
PowerCurrent Voltage
E = Square Root of (P x R)
PowerResistance Voltage
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Ohm's Law
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