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Car Audio / Passive Crossovers, High Pass/Low Pass Capacitor & Coil Calculator

Use these formulas to calculate for first, second, and third order low pass, high pass, and band pass filters. Do not use these for narrow band pass filter calculations.

Before clicking for the crossover component values, enter the impedance level and the desired crossover frequency. Values should be rounded off to the nearest hundredth.

If you need a 16 mHy coil, you can series a 12.8 mHy coil and a 3.2 mHy coil. If you need a 70 fd capacitor, you can parallel two 35 fd capacitors.When the exact value of a coil or capacitor is not available, you can substitute values of ± 5%.

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Passive Crossover Capacitor and Coil Calculator

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Impedance Frequency    

Ohms Hertz (Hz)    
1st Order (6 dB per Octave) (diagrams)
L1 (mHy) = (1000 x Impedance) / (6.283 x Crossover Frequency) Coil - L1 Millihenries (mHy)
C1 (fd) = 1,000,000 / (6.283 x Impedance x Crossover Frequency) Capacitor - C1 Microfarads (fd)
2nd Order (12 dB per Octave) (diagrams)
L2 = L1 x 1.414 Coil - L2 Millihenries (mHy)
C2 = C1 x .707 Capacitor - C2 Microfarads (fd)
3rd Order (18 dB per Octave) (diagrams)
L3 = L1 x 1.5 Coil - L3 Millihenries (mHy)
C3 = C1 x .1.33 Capacitor - C3 Microfarads (fd)
L4 = L1 x .5 Coil - L4 Millihenries (mHy)
C4 = C1 x .667 Capacitor - C4 Microfarads (fd)
L5 = L1 x .75 Coil - L5 Millihenries (mHy)
C5 = C1 x 2 Capacitor - C5 Microfarads (fd)
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