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SPDT relay As I continue working on this site, I'll draw more diagrams and create more charts and calculators as needed and list them on this page. Additional information can be found in our Vehicle Wiring Database, Members' Downloads Section, and our forum, the12volt's install bay. Please do not email requests for information.


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Cruise Controls
Door Locks & Window Modules
Light Flash & Illuminated Entry
Passive Crossovers
Starter Interrupts
Subwoofer Enclosures & Wiring
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Diodes, Diodes Across the Coil of Relays
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Resistor Color Code Calculator

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top of page Car Stereo, Power and Speaker Wiring
American Wire Gauge Sizes
Connect Additional Devices to Remote Turn On Wire Relay Diagram
Power and Ground Cable Sizes
Radio On Until Door Opened Relay Diagram
Stereo to Bridged Mono Switched Outputs Relay Diagram
Subwoofer Wiring Wizard
Switch Series to Parallel and Back Relay Diagram
Switch Stereo to Bridged Mono & Series to Parallel and Back Relay Diagram
Typical Head Unit Wire Harness
Also see: Relay Diagrams - Quick Reference

top of page Cruise Controls
Micro Cruise Switch Settings
Rostra's VSS & Tach Info

top of page Door Locks & Window Modules

top of page Light Flash & Illuminated Entry
Adding Light Flash with Siren Output Relay Diagram
Basic Light Flash Relay Diagram
Illuminated Entry for Vehicles with Negative Door Triggers Relay Diagram
Illuminated Entry for Vehicles with Positive Door Triggers Relay Diagram
Two Wire Light Flash Relay Diagram
Also see: Relay Diagrams - Quick Reference

top of page Passive Crossovers

top of page Starter Interrupts
Normally Closed Starter Kill Relay Diagram
Normally Open Starter Kill Relay Diagram
Passive Starter Kill Relay Diagrams 1, 2, & 3
Also see: Relay Diagrams - Quick Reference

top of page Subwoofer Enclosures and Wiring
Second Order / Infinite Baffle / Free Air
    Typical Rear Deck Installation/Infinite Baffle/Free
    Back Seat Installation
    Small Deck Installation
Second Order/Acoustic Suspension/Sealed Enclosures
    Isobaric - Sealed
    Isobaric - Sealed (Compound Loading)
    Isobaric - Sealed (Back to Back)
    Isobaric - Sealed (Planar Loading)
Fourth Order / Bass Reflex & Bandpass Enclosures
    Fourth Order / Bass Reflex
    Isobaric - Bass Reflex
    Isobaric - Bass Reflex (Compound Loading)
    Bass Reflex - Passive Radiator
    Isobaric Bass Reflex - Passive Radiator
    Single Reflex - Band Pass
    Isobaric Single Reflex Bandpass
    Three Chamber Single Reflex Bandpass
    Isobaric Three Chamber Single Reflex Bandpass

top of page Miscellaneous
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Additional information has been posted in our forums. To get the information not posted here, please post your request in our forums, the12volt's install bay. Please do not email your requests. We will not respond to any requests by email.

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