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2002 Toyota Sienna Wiring Info.

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Member - Posts: 23
Joined: November 06, 2002
Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: November 16, 2005 at 9:37 PM / IP Logged  
I am looking for connection information for a 2002 Toyota Sienna Mini Van to install a car starter.
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Posted: November 17, 2005 at 11:27 AM / IP Logged  
|       ITEM      |     WIRE COLOR     |POL|       WIRE LOCATION        |
|              12V|wht/red & wht/blue |+ |ignition harness            |
|          STARTER|red                 |+ |ignition harness            |
|        IGNITION|black/yellow        |+ |ignition harness            |
| SECOND IGNITION|black/red           |+ |ignition harness            |
|        ACCESSORY|blue               |+ |not required for r-start    |
|       POWER LOCK|blue/white          |- |passenger kick panel *1    |
|     POWER UNLOCK|blue/yellow        |- |passenger kick panel *1    |
|       LOCK MOTOR|blue/red            |   |integration relay *8        |
|     UNLOCK MOTOR|blue/black          |   |integration relay *8        |
|    DISARM DEFEAT|blue/red            |   |integration relay *8        |
| PARKING LIGHTS +|green               |   |bottom of fuse box          |
| PARKING LIGHTS -|green/orange        |   |combination switch harness |
|       HEADLIGHTS|red/green           |- |combination switch harness |
|     DOOR TRIGGER|red/white           |- |top right side of fuse box |
| DOME SUPERVISION|red/black           |- |right side of fuse box      |
| TRUNK/HATCH PIN|green/black        |- |top right side of fuse box |
|        HOOD PIN|black               |- |at light or theft ECU *2    |
|TRNK/HTCH RELEASE|green/yellow *9     |- |switch on dash below radio |
| FCTRY ALARM ARM|arms with lock      |   |                            |
|FCTRY ALRM DISARM|disarms with unlock |   |                            |
|       TACHOMETER|*3                  |   |*3                          |
|      SPEED SENSE|violet/yellow       |   |at ECM below glove box      |
|       BRAKE WIRE|green/white        |+ |brake switch or fuse box    |
|     HORN TRIGGER|green/black        |- |steering column             |
|           WIPERS|blue/blk, blue/org |+ |wiper switch *4             |
| LF WINDOW UP/DN|green   -    red    |A |in drivers door at switch   |
| RF WINDOW UP/DN|grn/wht - red/blue|A |in drivers door at switch   |
| LR WINDOW UP/DN|red   -   yellow *5|A |must go to motor (rear vent)|
| RR WINDOW UP/DN|red   -   yellow *5|A |must go to motor (rear vent)|
| SUN RF OPN/CLOSE|red   -   green     |A |at motor or sunroof relay *6|
|   SUN ROOF LIMIT|red/blue or grn/wht |- |at sunroof relay *6        |
|        RADIO 12V|blue/yellow        |+ |stereo or amp *7            |
|     RADIO GROUND|brown               |- |stereo or amp *7            |
|     RADIO SWITCH|gray               |+ |stereo or amp *7            |
| RADIO ILLUMINATE|white/green        |- |dimmer switch               |
|       LF SPEAKER|pink   -   violet   |non|stereo or amp *7            |
|       RF SPEAKER|lt. green -   blue |non|stereo or amp *7            |
|       LR SPEAKER|black -   yellow   |non|stereo or amp *7            |
|       RR SPEAKER|red   -   white     |non|stereo or amp *7            |
NOTE: Some models have an immobilizer system that needs to be bypassed during remote start. Use DEI module 555F or 555U to bypass. *1 they will test only by operating the key in the passenger door lock cylinder, not the rocker switch on the door itself. *2 door lock ECU and theft ECU are in the center console. *3 located at one of the coils on top of the valve cover, use the wire that is NOT black/white, white/black, or black *4 rear wiper pink/black(-) at wiper switch *5 rear open & close motors are common through the switch *6 sunroof relay located front center under headliner. *7 stereo amplifier in center console below doorlock and theft ECU. *8 the integration relay is at the bottom of the fusebox. *9 This is for the power sliding side door.
Be careful whose advice you buy, but be patient with those who supply it.posted_image
Member - Posts: 23
Joined: November 06, 2002
Location: Alberta, Canada
Posted: November 17, 2005 at 12:01 PM / IP Logged rock!!!!!!
Thank you
Member - Posts: 7
Joined: December 09, 2004
Posted: December 18, 2005 at 1:46 AM / IP Logged  
HOw would you know if it has immobilizer security? Do they all come with it? Becuase I understand hondas immobilizer security but toyotas i know nothing about and I plan to install one on my moms. It doesnt seem like it has it because I can use a regular key to start the car and drive it. I keep hearing that siennas have immobilizer but how does it work? Is it just like the hondas? I dunno, I really need to find out so I can prepare, since I will be getting my mom a remote starter for xmas.
Mike M2 
Platinum - Posts: 2,654
Joined: June 29, 2005
Location: United States
Posted: December 18, 2005 at 9:30 AM / IP Logged  

Some Toyotas do some don't. If the key is fat, it has it. Even the new Siennas, not all do. There are a lot of bypasses out there, i prefer the 556u which requires a key of it's own.

Mike M2
Tech Manager
CS Dealer Services

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