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Recommended Tools & Equipment for the Shop & Installer: Test Equipment

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Digital Multi Meter (DMM)
A must for today's vehicles. If you're still using a test light, throw it away! Although this cost much more than a test light, it is far less expensive than replacing a BCM or any other sensitive electronics in todays automobiles. These are necessary for readings a test light can't give you.
Real Time Analyzer (RTA) Audio Control ® SA-3052 or equivalent with Pink Noise Generator, 175 dB Microphone, SPL Meter, etc.
Speaker Phase Tester Your ears should be the ultimate phase testing tool, but a 1.5 volt battery with test wires can help you find those out of electrical phase.
Oscilloscope 2 Channel, Dual Trace, 20 Mhz or better; B&K Precision ®, Hewlett-Packard ®, Tek ®, etc.
Signal Generator Aids in tuning box ports and locating speakers out of acoustical phase.
Hydrometer Snap-on ® model THX117 or equivalent
Battery & Alternator Tester Snap-on ® model YA271 or equivalent
Power Supply 30 to 50 Amps Continuous or better; Test Bench should also include Speakers, an Amplifier, Head Unit and Various Cables & Connectors. Astron ® or equivalent
Other tools seldomly used may not be listed.
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