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    Name/Description Added By       Date
31   1994 Toyota Supra   Download Now howie ll 4/26/2012 255 KB
32   1995 Camaro Firebird Door Trigger Relays
Tech tip: The OEM gray/black door switch wire will not always work on some alarm installs for a door trigger due to a factory diode. The attached file shows how to obtain a clean ground and +12V feed on a 1995 F-Body (Camaro/Firebird) using two 5-pin relays. In 1996+, the function was handled by a body control module so this would not apply. This should work on 1993-95 cars. ...(Door_trigger_Dual_SPDT.pdf)
  Download Now 039C3 1/19/2016 17 KB
33   1995 Chevrolet Tahoe Radio
1995 Chevrolet Tahoe radio wiring diagrams ...(1995_Chevy_Tahoe-Radio.pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 4/14/2010 117 KB
34   1995 Lexus GS300 Radio
Radio wiring diagram for 1995 Lexus GS300 ...(1995_Lexus_GS300-Radio.pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 4/28/2010 83 KB
35   1995 Lincoln Town Car Radio
Radio wiring diagram for 1995 Lincoln Town Car ...(radio(4).pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 4/27/2010 80 KB
36   1995 Subaru Legacy
DEI installation manual ...(1995SubaruLegacy.pdf)
  Download Now howie ll 11/2/2011 252 KB
37   1995 Volvo 850
Alarm, Remote Start wiring ...(95_Volvo_850.pdf)
  Download Now Big Dog 5/7/2009 918 KB
38   1995-1996 GM Trucks
Tech tip: Adding relay to Ignition 2 (-) output of remote start to Igniton 2 of vehicle. ...(ign9596GMtrucks.gif)
  Download Now wirewise 5/9/2002 6 KB
39   1995-2001 Audi A6
1995-2001 Audi A6 alarm/remote start wiring. ...(AUDI A6 1995-2001.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 1/5/2011 79 KB
40   1995-2003 Acura TL
1995-2003 Acura TL alarm/remote start wiring. ...(ACURA TL 1995-2003.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 1/5/2011 84 KB
41   1996 Honda Accord Turn Signals
Turn signal wiring diagram ...(1996 Honda Accord Turn Signals.pdf)
  Download Now Big Dog 1/30/2007 48 KB
42   1996 Mitsubishi Lancer
Non US version of this vehicle. ...(1996 MitsubishiLancer.pdf)
  Download Now howie ll 5/24/2011 223 KB
    Name/Description Added By       Date
43   1996-2000 Acura SLX
1996-2000 Acura SLX alarm/remote start wiring. ...(ACURA SLX 1996-2000.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 1/5/2011 61 KB
44   1996-2003 Acura RL
1996-2003 Acura RL alarm/remote start wiring. ...(ACURA RL 1996-2003.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 1/5/2011 79 KB
45   1996-2003 Audi A4
1996-2003 Audi A4 alarm/remote start wiring. ...(AUDI A4 1996-2003.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 1/5/2011 82 KB
46   1996-2003 BMW Z3
1996-2003 BMW Z3 alarm/remote start wiring. ...(BMW Z3 1996-2003.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 1/5/2011 69 KB
47   1997 Chevrolet C1500 Instrument Cluster Diagram   Download Now 91stt 8/4/2010 85 KB
48   1997 Ford Expedition Radio Wiring   Download Now Big Dog 4/3/2006 36 KB
49   1997 Ford F150   Download Now lilflippy 11/18/2012 264 KB
50   1997 GMC C/K3500 Reverse Lights   Download Now Big Dog 10/31/2006 410 KB
51   1997 Lexus LS 400   Download Now howie ll 9/11/2011 269 KB
52   1997 Nissan Pickup Radio
Radio wiring diagram for 1997 Nissan Pickup ...(Nissan_Pickup_97-Radio.pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 10/18/2013 1.2 MB
53   1997 Pontiac Grand Prix Body Control Module
1997 Pontiac Grand Prix BCM ...(gp.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 4/11/2014 82 KB
54   1997-2003 Acura CL
1997-2003 Acura CL alarm/remote start wiring. ...(ACURA CL 1997-2003.pdf)
  Download Now wirewise 1/5/2011 86 KB
55   1998 GMC Safari Heater Circuit
Electrical and vacuum diagrams ...(HeaterElectrical.pdf)
  Download Now Big Dog 1/19/2007 152 KB
56   1998 Grand Cherokee - 5706V 455T
connections with descriptions for installing a Viper 5806V (and similar) alarms into a 1998 Grand Cherokee, using a 455T module. has drivers priority unlock - must be enabled via programming. ...(ZJviper.xls)
  Download Now saleen4971 12/26/2014 24 KB
57   1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee / Viper 5301 / 455t
Wiring diagram for Jeep/Viper/455T ...(Georges_Jeep_Alarm.xls)
  Download Now littleg 8/15/2010 82 KB
58   1998 Outback Service Manual
Factory Door Lock Diagram On Page 37 ...(98 Outback Wiring Diagram.pdf)
  Download Now flobee4 1/4/2012 6.2 MB
59   1998 Toyota Avalon Radio Wiring Diagrams
Diagrams for 1998 Toyota Avalon (with and without amplifier) ...(Radio(3).pdf)
  Download Now 91stt 4/27/2010 120 KB
60   1999 - 2001 Ford F250
Tech tip: Ford Starting Circuit ...(2oooFordDiesel.pdf)
  Download Now moonliter 3/1/2010 44 KB
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